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Peng Lei stepped down: How did she counterattack with Alipay over the past eight years?

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Earlier this morning, Ma Yun sent an internal letter to the staff to announce that Peng Lei will step down as Chairman of Ant Financial Services and Ant Financial CEO Jack Ieong will serve as Chairman of the Board.

Prior to this, Peng Lei fought for the ant gold suit for eight years. During this period, Ant Financial obeyed the Alipay "always dead" Alipay to grow into a $ 75 billion unicorn.


Dead Alipay at any time

On January 23, 2010, when more than 1,000 Alipay employees rushed to participate in the annual meeting, they did not usher in a joyous dance. However, in a dark period, they silently listened to paragraphs full of user complaints and criticism. The customer's telephone recording … & hellip; & quot; rotten, too bad, rotten to the extreme. "Ma Yun's reprimand is even when he was appointed Alipay president Shao Xiaofeng crying on the spot.

It was at this time that Peng Lei, who was appointed as "Technical White Paper," was appointed Alipay CEO and picked up on the important task of creating a "payment artifact." Before taking over Alipay, Peng Lei was the chief talent officer in Alibaba's human resources, affairs, administration, and market. He was the employee of Ali who was "kind family member" and guarded the Holy City. ; Athena & rdquo;. However, after accepting Alipay, the guardian goddess must wear armor and expand territory.

Alipay went online in the second half of 2003. The main purpose was to solve the trust problem of online shopping payment. At the beginning, the Alipay team configuration was relatively simple and the customer service only had two outside calls.

But Alipay is on time. In 2004, the Chinese banking industry began to engage in online banking and suffered from no application. Alipay stepped in step with the major banks, staggered and tossed for 7 years, and had a brilliant achievement of 270 million users and a daily transaction volume of 1.2 billion. In addition, as an online shopping's "essential goods", with the Ali shopping platform, Taobao's growth, Alipay development is also a by-product.

With the development of this application, the problem is more and more. Online payment is a promising industry, but the business involving finance is both sensitive and absolutely secure. The bigger Alipay, the Ma Yun and the team more and more on the thin ice. Ma Yun also volunteered to say that Alipay can be dedicated to the country at any time. This gesture is helpless and mysterious, but it inevitably kills people who attempted to kill Alipay, and won the time for development.

Even so, when Peng Lei took over, Alipay was already "" internal and external problems ".

In addition to the technical issues to be solved internally, Alipay has also been a “destination”. Telecom operators, Internet giants, and financial institutions have all seen the prospects of the payment market and have come to share.

Of course, Alipay has Taobao, Alibaba, these impregnable "mohes", keep up the stability, but it is extremely difficult to forge ahead. Especially in 2010, the central bank released the second generation of online banking, "The national team" is a plus. Some people think that Alipay's good days are over.


Japanese arch

Unexpectedly, for these, Peng Lei expressed warm approval and resolute support.

Then, she turned to start a two-pronged approach and worked hard on the technology to constantly improve Alipay's online shopping function. Once again, he expanded the territory and quietly took the team to expand the business to the public utility payment.

Peng Lei's move is very grounded, even more users.

At that time, the stronger the financial institutions were, the more reluctant they were to do this “dirty livelihood”. All the payment systems of all cities and all infrastructures were fully connected: water supply, power supply, gas supply, communications, and networks. Wait. It's not that they have no money, no technology, no ability, but it's a thankless task.

Ke Penglei no matter how much, guiding the team to this matter to the extreme. Each city, each management department, and one family talk about cooperation, change systems one by one, and connect with Alipay, test, run ……

After the Japanese arch was over, Alipay continued to do this huge "little thing" until today. Because the payment is "little money," so there is no profit at all. Peng Lei took this matter to the bottom. No one in this solid work was surpassed. Coupled with the turnover of Taobao's shopping platform, it has been rising year after year. Alipay has already conquered the hearts of hundreds of millions of people.

Has been passed on

In 2012, Peng Lei took over Alipay's 3rd year and several major events occurred:

In May, Alipay received a third-party payment license from the fund (in preparation for the launch of the balance loan);

In June, completed the privatization of listed companies in Hong Kong;

In September, China Development Bank and China Investment Corporation were introduced to complete the $7.6 billion share repurchase held by Yahoo (to pave the way for re-listing in the United States).

Repeatedly making great contributions, Peng Lei took great advantage of it, becoming the assist of Ma Yun in completing the epic strategic goal.

In January 2013, when Ma Yun announced that he would resign from his CEO and appoint successors, the workshop was still hot. Peng Lei would be the only candidate for succession. However, after the answer was revealed, Ma Zhaojiao Lu Zhaozhao, Peng Lei as the CEO of Ali Small Financial Services Group, to undertake the responsibility of recreating Ali, continue to attack the city, open up a new frontier.

Alipay's catastrophe

People are also looking forward to "Ma Yun" and create a new miracle. But suddenly, the "head-to-head" hit the door. In March 2014, China’s four largest banks (China Agricultural Engineering) announced that it had cut down its quick payment lines in order to “protect the safety of user funds”.

But everyone knows that this is a catastrophe for Alipay. Sure enough, shortly thereafter, ICBC shut down all Alipay payment interfaces (except Zhejiang Branch).

The cause and effect of this catastrophe will be from 2008 when Ali plans to do the balance treasure.

At the time of the financial crisis in the world, Ma Yun said, "If the bank does not change, then we change the bank!" & rdquo; The change of the cut is Yu Bao.

Alipay was founded for many years. The oldest complaint by users is: Why does the money have no interest in Alipay? In fact, Ali was a bit paralyzed. Alipay was not a bank. Of course, there was no interest. But in reality, the bank will give Alipay interest. So Peng Lei felt unfair and not authentic. He pondered to put "interest" to the user. Just afterwards, Ali had a third-party payment license for the fund, so he rushed out of Yu Bao.

In June 2013, Alipay found the Tianhong Fund, which was losing money year after year and determined to innovate, and launched a balance loan. The balance fund investment target is a money fund, and its earnings are slightly higher than savings. The previous investment threshold was more than 1,000 yuan. Yuen Bo lowered it to 1 cent.

This is not much innovation, but it quickly swept the financial market.

Peng Lei's luck is good to explode. The balance of treasure was just on the line, to catch up with the rare "hundred years of wilderness". In the same month, financial institutions were expecting liquidity to be released, and they knew that "the mother's temperament" has changed greatly and they have learned a lesson from the commercial bank's "stress test." The money market is hungry, interest rates are soaring, and interest rates are rising. The rate exceeded 6%. The people ran away and told each other that bank deposits flocked to Yuen Po and they entered the money market again from Yun Bao. The result was borrowed by the bank at a higher interest rate.

The bank wants to cry without tears. Originally, the money was not enough. These deposits originally belonged to the bank's deposits, after being circulated in the currency market, and returned to the bank with higher interest rates, so that banks that used to get a good day were extremely misfiring.

Of course, the above-mentioned ordinary people do not care whether they can use the balance treasure to make more change. Just over a year ago, the Tianhong Fund salted up and users broke 100 million, making it the largest fund industry player in China.


The balance of the eruption of the balance treasure shocked the financial community. The regulatory authorities quickly broke through Alipay's threshold. The central bank, the China Securities Regulatory Commission, the Auditing Administration and other departments rallied through and returned once a week.

Financial business is very sensitive and absolutely safe. Therefore, supervision does not like outbreaks and accidents because it means that risks are uncontrollable and the crisis is unknowable. However, the regulatory Party has conducted more than 40 times and has not had any major problems. The supervisory authority has also fully understood the balance of Bao Dai.

As a result, if someone bombarded Yu Bao with "Vampire," then the Central Bank Governor Zhou Xiaochuan made it clear: "The central bank will not ban Qian Bao." ”

There is no problem with balance treasure. Commercial banks are more worried.

Peng Lei knows that bankers are really worried. She quickly explained the positioning of Yu-Yun Bao: Yu-Qiang is not Ali's strategic-level product, and it is never born to subvert or defeat anyone. The bank is the aorta of the financial system. Internet finance is just a capillary. Controversial, rational communication can completely solve.

On the surface, Peng Lei gave enough money to the bank bosses; in communication, Peng Lei used data to speak. The total amount of Yuchaobao looked great, but the deposits that came out accounted for only 1% of the total deposits, which was a drizzle for the banks; Yuchao invested only RMB 5,000 per capita. This shows that those who ran out of money were simply too lazy to pay attention. .

The bank gradually learned that too late, Alipay and the bank robbed, is not a bowl of rice. Last year, Ant Financial also exposed its shareholder lineup, including Social Security Fund, China Investment Overseas, CCB Trust, China Life Insurance, China Post Group Corporation, China National Development Banking Corporation, and a series of “National Prefix” agencies.

This world is not afraid of calm people, not afraid of crazy people, afraid of calm and crazy people. In the crazy and chaotic situation, Peng Lei softened his cool power, resolved a sudden crisis, and paved the way.

The valuation is comparable to the unicorns of giants such as Baidu

On September 19, 2014, when Alibaba was successfully listed on the New York Stock Exchange, the most imaginative and most mysterious asset, which was remembered by many investors, had been stripped from the listed company and handed over to Peng Lei. Hands.

A month later, this financial group that was established for 19 months was formally established and people called it Ant Financial. As of that time, it includes: Alipay, Yu Bao, Zhao Cai Bao, Ant Small Loan, Internet Business Bank and so on.

The real power is erupting in the unmatched cloud computing and big data platform: connecting more than 200 financial institutions, supporting 1 billion days of volume payments each day, and capable of sustaining 85,900 peak transactions per second, becoming the world’s The strongest platform for payment.

However, this is still the tip of the iceberg.

In the dark corner, the ant gold suit also bears the world’s most terrible Internet attacks. Statistics show that ant gold suits are subject to hundreds of millions of hackers and malicious programs every day.

Faced with these problems, Peng Lei, who is a "technical advocate", can only be tough.

It is said that the team of extremely skilled and logical technical men often talk about Peng Lei's speechless, but she still has to follow the intuition. If you are wrong, you will put it right. If you are right, you will go down according to the goal and resolutely go to the end.

Prior to this, Peng Lei strongly promoted Ant Financial's "IOE" transformation (ie, removing IBM's minicomputers, Oracle databases, EMC storage devices, and replacing them with systems developed on an open source software basis). But for technicians, this is not a nonsense? It is the world's top database software and hardware collocation. Do it yourself and how?

Peng Lei naturally do not know how to engage in, she knew that this matter must be done, find a big cow to engage in, and persistently engage in …… And in the end, the technical team really came up with.

With strong technical support, the financial business is more secure, and Peng Lei says again that "the essence of finance is data" and people are convinced. Of course, Peng Lei is more concerned with the user experience. Is it convenient to pay a small amount of money and there is no risk of deposit balance. In order to ensure a good experience, she has been brushing all kinds of experience posts all year round, and she will have to change if she feels bad. What she wants is a sense of well-being brought about by small innovations.

Today, Alipay, who once had internal and external troubles, has developed into a user with hundreds of millions of dollars. The valuation is comparable to the unicorns of giants such as Baidu. Beginning last year, there are even more market rumors that Ant Financial is already preparing for a separate listing. Although there are no specific and clear plans so far, today's major personnel changes are seen by many as its pre-listing preparations.

According to an internal letter, in the future, this female god of war who was once shocked in the industry will participate in the globalization business through Lazada while continuing to work on the protection of the rights of women and children.

I wonder if Peng Lei will create a miracle.

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