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Is it okay to use 460 WeChat public numbers to make a black PR?

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As the public relations circle may be the most famous professional black, I often get misunderstood.

For example, a few days ago, I pretended to be a public relations manuscript written by PR PR. It contained a lot of tweets about today’s headlines. Some people really think that I’m a fast-paced PR.

So, in order to explain these misunderstandings, occasionally I will also make a special trip to communicate with the parties in the article.

Then I found the PR of today's headline.

People said that they didn’t pay attention to my writing, because the headline PR was already busy frying.

Oh & hellip;…

To be honest, I feel quite complicated ……

Out of curiosity, I specifically asked why the headline PR exploded. Although I know that the headline was recently slammed by the regulators, it is reasonable to say that the public relations pressure at this level has nothing to do with the busyness of the public relations department. As long as we do a good job of party building, government agencies communicate, and then adjust the product, basically There is nothing wrong with it. Of course, if this isn’t done yet, then this is not a public-private solution.……

What was the embarrassment of the headline?

It is said that the short video of Shakespeare, under the headline, was blackmailed by unidentified agencies. A manuscript entitled "Vibrato, please let go of the children" was reprinted by more than 460 WeChat public account numbers. The single-reading quantity was from single digits to 100K+, full coverage of education, parent-child type public number.

So the headline's public relations as a saver went to work and deleted the post.……

What did you write about this manuscript?

According to the subtitles in the article, there are probably a few things:

1. Have harm to your child's body, because there is always a video of a dumb parent making a child.

2, leaving a psychological shadow to children for the same reason.

3, mislead the child's three views, the children will learn to fool the parents to make up smoking swearing to install sissy and photographed.

4, will make children addicted, because the vibrate sound can meet the children's interest points, let the children eat and sleep.

5, will undermine the child's learning and attention, for the same reason.

At the end of the article weeping blood shouting: vibrato, please let go of children! Parents, please don't play with children!

Honestly speaking, this article is really alarming, thought provoking ……

Because we can see from this article, "Electronic heroin" that set of ideas, after experiencing the Internet for more than 20 years of development, there are still people using it.

This has to be said to be a shame in the field of black PR, and it is also a shame for social development.

Do not think, but useful.

Although this black manuscript is written without logic and tactics, it is enough for those parents who are always scared to get out of control of their children.

Just like Yang Yang, who was armed with electric batons, he is still fighting for the first line of anti-Internet addiction today. There will still be parents, sending their own children from all over the country to Linyi.

They want their children to return to the "normal life", but they never know what "normal life" is.

However, such a black draft is useful, but the actual effect is difficult to measure. Because this kind of black draft can produce actual behavioral guidance, it is very different from person to person. For example, 20 years ago, we talked about the Internet and online games, but we can also say with a big wave. “Flood and beasts”, I believe my generation of people may believe. Now that you've got this set out, for people who spend a lot of time every day picking up mobile phones, there's no guarantee that there will be good people going to know about the topic.

The headline's public relations also understand the influence of this black draft, so now all of their public relations are working hard to deal with these black copies. It is precisely because it is difficult to assess the guiding power, it is the most troublesome for public relations.

The so-called "handling of such black papers" is actually a simple complaint removal, and there is no technical content. However, the difficulty lies in the fact that this 460-plus public complaints have been dealt with one by one. It is a real physical work. Moreover, if the headline's negative public sentiment monitoring is not in place, it is very likely that it has been deleted and another one has been removed.

This is also the state in which the vast majority of public-private dogs feel the most powerless in the face of the public relations crisis. Don't delete it, look sick. To delete it, it takes time and effort, and I don't know if it can be deleted.

It was another thing that really puzzled me.

What kind of organization is it willing to use more than 460 public numbers to push for such a half-paper?

460 public numbers.

According to the current price, the minimum budget is 5 million. This is several times or even tens of times higher than the budget for any active negative PR that I have seen or implemented. And having such a level of public relations budget is still using this simplest and crude public relations means, which is the most puzzling place for me.

5 million budget, to do a negative initiative, the option is too much.


If you do it to me, or any reliable PR dog, first analyze the various voice relationships of the voice, and then do a whole for the investment market, for the channel, for the content, for the supervision, for the user, and so on. Stereoscopic attack scheme. Combining the severe supervision currently faced by government agencies at the short video platform such as current headlines and fast-moving hands, it is not enough to destroy the industry and let the industry fall back more than 3 years. Not only that, I can even scuffle the rabbits and the live broadcast industry that is currently at the forefront. The already half-lived Weibo and WeChat all go hand in hand, letting them understand that "a wealthy public relations department" really means nothing.

However, behind the scenes the owner did not do this.

He chose one of the stupidest, most expensive, but most direct blows. A clear target for vibrato ——may have a handful of quick hands ——initiating a wave of human tactics.

Because there are other black papers on the market that may be used for the number of parent-child education public, there is another article of "XX People" with the flavor of "Xinxiejun". Children! 》 The local public number covers most of the small cities on the 23, 56 line.

Look at the title of the article. You can probably imagine that the kind of simple and crude marketing number is full of overflowing your mobile phone screen, as if you are returning to the family of your old family and friends.


(This image is from today's headline official WeChat public account. The headline official WeChat public account indicates that the article is inaccurate, with multiple video sources coming from other short video APPs, not dubbing content.)

The only reason I can think of is "emergency".

Because it is easiest to publish negative information through the use of a large number of WeChat public accounts, the most efficient medium of communication is implemented. The effect is comparable to the brush wall.

However, what can be worried about?

Both quick hands and chatter have become a thing of the past. The number of public figures that can be reached through this simple and brutal manuscript attack will not exceed a million. An optimistic estimate of the conversion rate of information, and effective reach is only 100,000. Assume that 100,000 young users are lost because of fast hand and chatter, and the impact on these two companies can only be described as negligible.

What's more, this generation of "parents" is precisely the first generation of young people who have been shocked by Prof. Yang's "Internet addiction youth". This kind of black paper which is very vague on emotional logic can really reach such a high level. What is the conversion effect?

The only reason I can find out from the means of operation and the selection of time nodes is that the behind-the-scenes lords are probably trying to use the general trend of government supervision to make an illusion of “people’s hearts and minds” through the bottom line. For the regulatory agencies to provide more punishment for vibrato, fast hand and even headline further "mass foundation".

But with a clear response to the shudder, it seems that the backers don't want to destroy the industry altogether, but only target the two companies in the head.You know, in the short video industry, in addition to quick hands and shakes, there are headlines.

Can it be impossible for gold owners to allow regulators to impose penalties on the two head companies and release other short video products?

And if you have the ability to do so high energy, why do you choose to use such a LOW black draft to make the paving? Take these 500 million to do more effect to public relations is not better?

So, in my judgment, it was a bad public relations blow. The effect of execution is difficult to measure, the impact of joint and several is not clear, and the injury to the target has not been expected to be high.

After this campaign, I felt that Kim didn't achieve the goal of public relations. Instead, he added several hands to the public relations department of the headline and strengthened its public relations ability.

The most important thing is that the chicken is too expensive. 500 flowers in the useless WeChat public number, I have for the gold master love.

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