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Shenzhen Stock Exchange sent a letter to LeTV

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Tencent Technology News. On April 13, LeTV.com further received an inquiry letter from the Shenzhen Stock Exchange requesting that the valuation of Xin Le Zhi Zhijia be cut sharply, the reasonableness of the account exchanges, and the guarantees of Rui Chi Smart Car and Jia Yueting guarantee. Instructions.

According to the contents of the letter, the valuation of New Le Zhizhijia has been adjusted to RMB 9 billion in March 2018, with a valuation of RMB 30 billion in early 2017 and a valuation of more than RMB 12 billion in January 2018. All three valuations are Negotiating pricing for both parties to the transaction, without evaluation.

In the letter from Shenzhen Stock Exchange, LeTV was asked to analyze quantitatively the reasons for the drastic decline of the valuation of the new Le Zhi zhijia, combined with the development of the new LeTV zhijia industry, the new LeTV Zhijia TV production and sales, market share, and financial indicators. The rationality of this valuation.

The following is the full text of the inquiry letter from Shenzhen Stock Exchange

Inquiry letter on LeTV Information Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

GEM Inquiry Letter [2018] No. 167

LeTV Information Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Board of Directors:

Recently, our ministry issued multiple inquiries to your company on related issues. We would like to ask your company to further verify the following issues in light of previous letter of reply and relevant media reports.

1. The Announcement on Clarification and Resumption issued by your company on March 28 showed that as of November 30, 2017, the amount owed by your company's related parties amounted to 753,141,800 yuan. Your company’s reply to my inquiry letter on April 3 showed that the carrying amount of the related party’s accounts receivable was RMB 4,725,581,100 (excluding other receivables, prepayments, loans and advances from related parties).

(1) Please add the details of other receivables, prepayments, loans and advances made by your company and related parties as of the end of 2017, together with the terms of the contract and trading practices, to explain whether the above-mentioned transactions are reasonable and whether they have fulfilled Corresponding deliberation procedures, whether it constitutes the use of funds by related parties.

(2) Please list the details of receivables (including accounts receivable, other receivables, prepayments, loans and advances, etc.) of related parties based on the type of arrears and arrears, including Names of related parties, amount of arrears, age of accounts, proportion of bad debts, etc.

2. Your company wrote back on April 11 that Ruichi Smart Motors (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Smart Motors”) is an affiliate of Faraday Future (hereinafter referred to as “United States FF”), and its land The auction proceeds are all from the investment of FF strategic investors. Please continue to verify the specific relationship between Jia Yueting and its affiliates and the United States FF, the United States FF and SMART MOBILITY, Jia Yueting and their affiliates and Rui Chi Auto, including equity, agreement control, or other relationships; US FF strategic investors and Jia Yueting and Whether the related parties of the related parties have affiliated relationships, including equity, agreement control, or other relationships, etc.; whether the sources of investment funds of FF strategic investors in the United States are related to Jia Yueting and its related parties, and whether there is a relationship with the receivables of related parties of your company.

3. According to the announcement, your company pledged 34.94% equity of New Lezhi Wisdom House to Tianjin Jiarui and Sunac Real Estate in November 2017, but your company has not yet performed the shareholders' meeting deliberation procedures. Please add that as of now Present the specific reasons for the deliberation of the shareholders meeting, the follow-up work arrangements, and the expected time required; ask the company’s directors, supervisors, and senior executives to supplement the countermeasures taken after the occurrence of the above matters, and whether they have fulfilled their obligations of fidelity and diligence; The current status of the audit evaluation work and follow-up arrangements to make a clear statement.

4. According to the announcement, the valuation of Xin Le Zhi Zhi Zhi in March 2018 has been adjusted to RMB 9 billion, and the valuation of Xin Le Zhi Zhi Jia in early 2017 was RMB 30 billion. In January 2018, the valuation was RMB 12 billion. The above three valuations are negotiated by the two parties and have not been evaluated. Please quantify the reasons for the significant decline in the valuation of the new Le Chi Wisdom and the rationality of this valuation in light of the industry development situation of the new LeTV Sensei, the production and sales volume of the new LeTV Wisdom TV, market share, and financial indicators. .

5. Please verify whether your company has provided guarantees for controlling shareholder Jia Yueting and its affiliates, other companies or natural persons. If so, please state the details of related guarantees, including the object of guarantee, amount of guarantee, time of guarantee, etc. Whether the guaranteed party has debt repayment risks, whether the guarantee issues have fulfilled necessary review procedures and information disclosure obligations. Please ask the sponsors to express their opinions on this.

6. Your company wrote back on April 3 that the shares of 15 companies, including Chongqing Leshi Microfinance Co., Ltd., Leshi Cloud Computing Co., Ltd., and New Lezhi Zhijia Electronic Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., were held by the company. Freeze, please verify whether the company has other assets frozen by the judicial situation, the related lawsuits and progress, the impact of related lawsuits or freezing on the company, and make adequate risk warnings.

7. Your company has established Shenzhen Levision Xingen M&A Fund Investment Management Enterprise (Limited Partnership) (hereinafter abbreviated as “Music and M&A Funds”), and has associated Levvision Holdings (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and its actual controller Jia Yueting as LeTV. The first phase of M&A fund raising proceeds and expected earnings provide repurchase joint guarantees. Please add the details of the fund raising, redemption and foreign investment projects of the Levision M&A Fund, including the name of the investment target, main business, investment proportion, investment amount, current profit and loss status, etc.; verify that the company provides specific guarantees for the repurchase of the joint guarantee. The time limit, the amount involved, whether the compensation obligation has been triggered, and its effect on the company's performance, and give sufficient risk warnings.

Ask your company to give a written explanation on the above issue and say it by April 18

Ming materials were submitted to our department.

Notice is hereby given.

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