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Yu Chengdong: Huawei's P20 Pro Has Nearly 20 Points to Beat iPhone X

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It should be noted that in the introduction of Huawei's P20 series mobile phones, about one hour and 10 minutes, Apple was compared with Yu Chengdong by about 20 times, equivalent to every 3.5 minutes, not including advertisements and demonstrations.videoThe time of the link can be saidiPhoneX runs through Huawei's P20 conference. The key point is that as long as there are apples, the iPhone X is almost completely defeated, and none of them can beat the Huawei P20 Pro.

Let's take a look at each of us. What did Apple's iPhone X mentioned in Yu Chengdong's mouth many times be defeated by Huawei's P20 Pro?

1, P20 Pro display area larger than iPhone X. Yu Chengdong said that although the same 5.8 inches with the iPhone X, but the P20 Pro display area of ​​8468 square millimeters, the display area is larger, while the iPhone X is only 8047 square millimeters. At the same time, the P20 Pro has a narrower border, only 3.35 mm, and is more compact.

2, P20 screen brightness is 23% higher than iPhone X. Because P20 is an RGBW screen, "W" is a white backlight that pushes the maximum brightness to 770 nits. Yu Chengdong said: What are the benefits of the newly added "W"? Brightness is higher, not only higher brightness, but also more power, especially in outdoor use, when the camera, its power consumption is very low. Even when used indoors, all white backgrounds show that whether you are using WeChat or email, many times the content is displayed in a white background. “W” makes the phone more power efficient, and the screen achieves longer battery life. Good resolution.

3, P20 Pro Liu Hai is narrower than iPhone X. Yu Chengdong said that after Liu Haiping was big, he was more ugly. Not only was he ugly, but he also used the effective display space. P20 Pro's bangs are smaller, and the smaller bangs do not occupy the entire notification bar. The area can still display notifications in its entirety without affecting the use of the message notification bar. He went on to say that the ultra-narrow bangs have two characteristics. First, the display space of the screen is larger. Second, because the P20 Pro is a symmetrical design, the front groove of the bangs and the fingerprint keys below are of equal width. The design is the most beautiful. Third, some people feel that the design does not like, Huawei also provides a free choice, you can set the display column to set the fill to turn off. But even if there is a point of view, there is still a large display area, and the notification message will still be visually perfect at the top.

4, P20 Pro in the ultra-thin body into a larger battery than the iPhone X. Yu Chengdong said that the P20 series contained a larger battery in a very thin body, the P20 was a 3400 mAh battery, and the P20 Pro was a 4000 mAh large-capacity battery, and it also achieved a thickness of only 7.65 mm, and the body was very thin. The fuselage, but stuffed into a larger capacity battery than the iPhone X.

5, P20 front self-timer backlight, darker than the iPhone X better. Yu Chengdong said that because of Huawei's leading camera technology, the most advanced 24 million front camera, in the self-timer shooting against the light, P20 provides better skin color and better background, and the background of the iPhone X photos have been exposed Now. At the same time, the self-timer of the dark light in the room, P20 performance is even better, because Huawei is more advanced, self-portrait camera technology brings the best results.

6, P20 Pro camera sensor is bigger than iPhone X. Yu Chengdong said that the P20 Pro is the most advanced camera system. Many professional SLR technologies are applied to smart phones. The most important is the use of large sensors. The P20 Pro's sensors are 190% larger than the iPhone X. He said that all photographers know that there is a saying that says: Bottom is big enough to kill people; the size of the camera's three-color bottom, the maximum degree from the core determines the camera's imaging quality, although the ISP image signal processing The device can also improve the effect, but there is still a gap with this ratio and cannot be compared with the big bottom.

7, P20 Pro sensor single pixel size than iPhone X. Yu Chengdong said, P20 has reached 1.55 m, iPhone X has only 1.22 m, and P20 Pro single pixel size is equivalent to 2 m, which should be very very large, 61% larger than iPhone X, and larger sensor has larger pixels.

For the greater advantage of a single pixel size, Yu Chengdong put some proofs. He said that the first picture was taken in Italy last night at 8 o'clock in the evening. At eight o'clock on the mountain, the light in Italy was very dark, but the P20 Po can be photographed in dim and bright places.

The second proof, Yu Chengdong, said that zooming in can also see the details, and there is a clear difference in the details of the presentation with the iPhone X.

The third film is backlit with a rear-facing camera. Yu Chengdong said that when you look at the backlight, the P20 Pro performs best. The face and the back of the cloud can be seen and photographed well.

In the fourth indoor proofs, Yu Chengdong said that indoor backlighting is a more difficult shooting scene because the outside background is easy to overexpose and the face is easy to shoot black. It can be seen that the P20 Pro can capture human faces very clearly. The outside scenery can also be seen.

8, P20 Pro camera sensitivity is much higher than iPhone X. Yu Chengdong said that the high sensibility and high dynamic range brought by Huawei's P20 Pro's leading camera technology have made the imaging capability very good. So what is the P20 Pro's photosensitivity? Yu Chengdong stated that the P20 Pro provided a very astonishing figure, with ISO reaching 102,400. Some common other flagships can only reach 6400. More than 100,000 are professional SLR cameras. Like Canon's latest full-frame SLR 5D Mark IV, it has just reached 102400. Huawei has achieved 102,400 for the first time on the P20 Pro. Sensitivity. With such high sensitivity, it should be said that in some scenes, the recognition ability of the human eye in the darkness is exceeded.

9, P20 Pro in the dark environment to take pictures over the iPhone X. Yu Chengdong said that in the almost dark environment, the carrot below the iPhone X is not visible at all, but the P20 Pro's shooting capability is beyond the human eye, especially when the flash is not used.

10, P20 Pro camera zoom performance is more powerful than the iPhone X.Yu Chengdong said that the P20 Pro is the first to achieve a three-fold optical zoom and a five-times hybrid zoom on smartphones, taking the zoom capability to a new level. In a five-fold hybrid zoom, bird feathers can also be seen. And we zoomed in and out of the tiger in the zoo with a 5x zoom. With a HD resolution screen, we can see that the tiger's hair is not only accurate in color, but also the hair details are very clear.

Yu Chengdong also demonstrated the P20 Pro's ability to zoom in under 10x digital zoom. He said that with a ten-fold zoom effect, the text on the far wall is not visible to the normal human eyes, but with a ten-fold zoom, the iPhone X can't see it and can't read the text, and the P20 Pro has a small print. Can read it.

11, P20 Pro camera focus ability faster and accurate than iPhone X. Yu Chengdong said that the P20 Pro's laser focus has undergone a new upgrade from the previous 1.2 meters to 2.4 meters, while also supporting four-in-one hybrid focus, including laser, depth, phase focus, and contrast focus. Therefore, it is very good for 4D to predict the ability to focus on the focus. Shooting a small flower in the wind, you can see that the iPhone X mobile phone is easily out of focus in the sports, but the Huawei P20 Pro can quickly and closely track the small flowers, which is very Strong ability.

12. The P20 Pro camera's motion capture is stronger than the iPhone X.Yu Chengdong said that the P20 Pro can use intelligent motion scene detection + zero-delay shutter technology to capture dynamic girls' hair swings. With three mobile phones at the same time, the P20 Pro has already been captured at the beginning of the hair swing. The iPhone X can only be caught in the back stage. It can be seen that the P20 Pro's shutter-released hair is very clear and the hair of the iPhone X is very clear. Both are pasted, and the P20 Pro's sport capture is unbeatable.

13, P20 Pro video stabilization is better than iPhone X.Yu Chengdong said that in the AI ​​era, Huawei brought AIS artificial intelligence image stabilization technology, from this image stabilization into the AI ​​era. With AIS anti-shake shooting video, for example, riding a video on the bike ride, you can see Huawei P20 Pro is very stable, iPhone X jitter, Huawei because of AI anti-shake took a very good video effect.

14, P20 Pro handheld night is much better than iPhone X.Yu Chengdong said that AIS can achieve hand-held anti-shake within 6 seconds, and the long exposure effect is clear and unclear, allowing the mobile phone to bid farewell to the tripod. In the following group of hand-held shootings, with only the P20 handheld night mode, handhelds achieved a 5.4 second exposure time. The lights, walls, and river banks in the photo were very clear. The iPhone X was overexposed. The dark areas were already can not see clearly. Huawei's mobile phone is capable of highlighting but not bursting, and the darkness can be seen clearly. This is also a very big advantage for Huawei mobile phones.

Yu Chengdong also invited the engineers to demonstrate on the spot, claiming that Huawei's P20 series' shooting ability under the strong low-light environment, especially the night scene mode mentioned above, uses hand-held long-exposure shooting. This effect is particularly striking. The engineer said that in this obscure box, the simulation is the night scene most frequently encountered by consumers, there are dark places, there are billboards, there are streetscapes, there are street lights effect. The left side of the screen of iPhone X is dark and there is a large area of ​​overexposed on the right. However, after shooting with the Huawei P20 Pro, metering in the night view mode yielded a 6-second exposure shot, but the picture quality was very good, and the highlights did not overflow. The overall picture was very clear.

15, P20 Pro camera long exposure ability spike iPhone X.Yu Chengdong also showed a P20 Pro night shooting capability under a 58-second long exposure time on a tripod. Yu Chengdong said that iPhone X does not support long exposures, so in the Italian Alpine photography comparison, the basic colors of the iPhone X photos have been lost, and the detailed colors of the P20 Pro, the sky, the snow-capped mountains and the cedar can be seen. Photos are beyond the human eye and reflect the capabilities of the P20 Pro.

In another group of night scenes, still photographs of the Alps, Yu Cheng-tung said, P20 Pro can see everything, iPhone X is all black:

Yu Chengdong thinks that it is not enough and contrasts a set of photos of the stars. He said that this group of photos in Qinghai was shot at around 11 o'clock in the night. The stars of the P20 Pro sky and the stars reflected in the water could be photographed. It really surpassed the human eye and saw nothing. The starry sky in the eyes of the iPhone X, all black, can not see anything.

16. The P20 Pro camera third-party authority has a higher score than the iPhone X.DxOMark's scores have now been incorporated into every conference session. Yu Chengdong said that in the world’s most authoritative DxOMark data, iPhone X and Huawei’s Mate 10 pro received the highest score of the industry last year with 97 points, and was later led by Google’s Pixel 2. In February of this year, the three were again Scored one point by Samsung S9 Plus. However, today Huawei can be very proud to say that Huawei's P20 surpassed all opponents with a three-point lead, and the P20 Pro surpassed even more with a very good lead. He went on to say that leading one point is very difficult. Leading three points and four points is beyond. Basically, it is equal to the leading generation. The P20 Pro leads the game a hundred times. It should be said that it has taken the lead two generations and changed the game rules of the industry.

17. The NPU performance of the P20 Pro chip is far ahead of the iPhone X's A11.Yu Chengdong said that the NPU artificial intelligence processor built into the Kirin 970 chip has a processing power that is still far ahead of Apple’s latest A11.

For comparison, Yu Chengdong released a comparison chart. Yu Chengdong said that Huawei's P20 series phones based on Android 8.1 have greatly improved AI. Compared to the speed of image processing, Huawei P20 completed in 3.2 seconds, while iPhone X used 9.6 seconds, and Huawei P20 ratio. iPhone X is twice as fast as it is three times.

18, P20 Pro battery charging faster than iPhone X.Yu Chengdong said that Huawei has introduced Super Fast Charge since Mate 9. The current generation of the P20 Pro is four times faster than the iPhone X. In addition, Huawei's mobile phone is fast and very safe. Huawei is the world's first manufacturer to pass the German TUV fast charge safety certification.

19, P20 Pro call noise reduction than iPhone X better.Yu Chengdong said that Huawei's AI call is very good at noise reduction. Calls are made outdoors to wear headphones. There are wind noises and whistling sounds. Sometimes it is very noisy when you open a conference call. iPhone X can't hear clearly. The AI ​​call noise reduction can be heard clearly.

20. Huawei Matebook X Pro than AppleMacBookPro is thinner.Even if it is not a mobile phone, Apple is also brought out. Yu Chengdong said that the thickest place in Matebook X Pro is only 14.6 mm, and the thinnest place is 4.9 mm. When everyone saw this computer, they thought it was a light and thin, and thought it was low performance, but it was actually a high-performance computer and it was very powerful. The general performance of this is relatively thick, including Apple's MacBook Pro, but Huawei Matebook X Pro looks like thin and light.

21. The Huawei M5 series tablet screen has a higher density than the iPad.Although this is not a mobile phone, Yu Chengdong compares apples. Yu Chengdong said that the pixel density of Huawei's M5 tablet 10.8-inch block is 280ppi higher than that of iPad Pro 10.5, and the pixel density of the 8.4-inch M5 tablet 359PPI is also lower than that of Huawei Pro 10.5.iPad mini326ppi higher.

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