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Five seconds to monitor your WeChat wallet and mobile phone chats, apple is also doomed.

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This article comes from the WeChat public number:A black (darkinsider)Author: East East

At the end of the month, a black published an article"Your mobile phone is being quietly monitored, and people can see all the content on the screen."The article.

This paper introduces a monitoring software, as long as the software installed on the other mobile phone, you can monitor other people's mobile phone, mobile phone QQ on WeChat and others, calls and SMS records can be perceived, even at the current position of the other party, will be able to monitor.


This software is originally designed to prevent the elderly children cheated or lost, in specific circumstances can play a certain help, but because of its powerful features, but many people used to control others, completely become a tool to meet their desire to spy.

However, the software has not been able to use normally, but the human heart is not enough to swallow the elephant. After the failure of this software, we found two other malicious software for monitoring others.

Compared with the former, the latter two functions are more powerful. Can you imagine that if people touch your cell phone for 5 seconds, can you monitor your WeChat chat records?

Not only WeChat chat records, even your WeChat address book, friend circle, even the wallet, transfer records can be easily controlled by others.

An instruction can monitor your mobile phone

As I said in the previous article, man is really a curious animal, not to mention this one.

Some curious people may think every day, your other half will carry do y'all own thing, whether it is working overtime to socialize or travel abroad, want to know where in each other, so it appears to monitor each other mobile phone.

There will be a market where there is demand, and in view of this desire to spy on, someone has made some monitoring software to solve the needs of such people.

After readers broke the news, we contacted a seller, who claimed that they had two monitoring software in their hands, and they would push different software to customers for different phones.


Then, we first got to sell that calls the first software, this software is only for Android mobile phone, that can only monitor the Android mobile phone, as long as the installation of the software in the monitored person mobile phone, will be able to monitor its implementation.

The software sells for 588 yuan. After payment, the seller sends the download address of the software and the teaching video of the software, as well as the authorization code needed for the software.


Like the software that had been published before, this software is also divided into the monitoring terminal and the monitored terminal. The operator only needs to get the Android mobile phone installed on the other side to install the software, and make some simple settings in the software to complete the monitoring effect.

To our surprise, the monitoring terminal is actually Sina's mailbox. According to the instructional videos sent by the seller, after installing the monitoring software in the monitored person's cell phone, we need to register a Sina mailbox to receive the cell phone information of the monitored person.

Then the mailbox and monitoring software are bound to monitor the monitor's mobile phone. The terrible thing is that this software can also be hidden. After installation is completed, as long as the hidden mode is set up, the trace of the software can't be found on the installed mobile desktop.

Through trial, we found that as long as the monitored phone installed the software, the monitor's mail box immediately received the call records, SMS records, QQ, WeChat chat records of the monitored phones.


If you think only these functions, you are too naive. This software can also send the specified instructions to the other cell phone, so as to control the mobile phone of the monitored person and get the current information of the other party's cell phone.

After sending the specified instruction, you can open the monitored person's mobile data arbitrarily, get the current position, upload the address book, the album and so on.


To obtain the current position as an example, we use mobile phone to monitor monitoring mobile phone sends a command, then in the mailbox receive the current location of the monitored mobile phone, click on the location you can jump to the map interface, the map can be seen by the people in the street to monitor the road clear.


That technology is a double-edged sword, it guides people to explore the new world at the same time, there may be malicious use, like mobile phone monitoring software we mentioned this, should be in the right place to produce useful value for people or for snooping, is ultimately a heart problem.

Five seconds to monitor the apple mobile phone, WeChat wallet at a glance

Remember what we said in our last article, is it that this monitoring software can only control the mobile phone of the Android system at present? I don't know whether technology is developing too fast or too little black know, now there's a software that can monitor Apple handsets.

Android mobile phone monitoring software and can only be compared to the apple mobile phone monitoring software only to monitor WeChat, but the former is different, this software can real-time synchronization of your WeChat chat, more than WeChat chat, even your WeChat mail list, circle of friends, or even a wallet, transfer records can be easily controlled.

In order to find out, we once again turned to the seller

Purchase? Buying is impossible to buy, this life is impossible to buy, there is a teacher in need to buy?

The software sold for 888 yuan, but the teacher skillfully bypassed the threshold of the authorization code with the computer basis, which saved us a sum of money (but finally asked the instructor to have dinner).

The seller said that this software does not need to be installed on the phone of the other party, so long as it is installed on its own cell phone, because this software is for Apple phone, so to monitor the Apple phone, the monitoring terminal will also be Apple mobile phone.

According to the steps of teaching videos sent by the seller, we installed this apple WeChat monitoring software. After installing it, there was more than one suspended button in the software, which is actually a plug-in.

The plugin has a feature called a [two], while landing equipment, as long as the options open, the software will generate a two-dimensional code, by taking the monitored person WeChat code sweep the two-dimensional code, the other side of WeChat will quietly landing in the mobile phone monitoring, and monitoring of WeChat there won't be any notice.

The process of scanning the two-dimensional code to the WeChat is not more than 5 seconds.

After logging into the monitored person's WeChat, we can not only clearly see the monitored person's chat record, but also see the contact list of friends, the status of the circle of friends, and even how much money there is in our wallet, with several bank cards tied together.The record of transfer transactions can be seen clearly.

Just like operating its own WeChat, any function on WeChat can be viewed. The teacher explains, this is like a micro signal that can be landed on a cell phone at the same time, and it can be a reason to land on a computer.

Now most people either live or work cannot do without WeChat, WeChat has become a social tool indispensable, if you are the person using WeChat harbour evil designs, all the information you WeChat may have been monitoring, the most terrible is you in WeChat money is also very likely to be others turn away.

In addition, WeChat has a wallet lock for its wallet function. It is suggested that you can lock your WeChat wallet and set up the payment security in the payment center.

How do you break this monitoring tool? Through experiments, we find that as long as the monitored people switch off the WeChat account, the monitor will also quit. But the chicken's side is that others can still monitor you through the way of scanning the two-dimensional code.

We seem to be somewhat helpless about this kind of software that monitors apple WeChat. However, every program is bound to have loopholes. On the one hand, we should avoid others' access to their cell phones to the maximum extent, and guard against others monitoring themselves in this way. In addition, we can often switch out of the account and log out, to a certain extent, to avoid being monitored.

Someone said on the bean paste that the company's boss is going to install WeChat's software for its employees, and netizens have expressed their opinions.

Although the company bosses are to supervise the work of employees, in fact, such behavior has infringed the privacy of employees, and employees have the right to sue the company for such behavior.


For the complex problem of emotion, many people are buying this software to monitor their neighbors, for fear that the other side is going off the trail of themselves. A black is not good at discussing emotional problems, and it is not saying much here.


Perhaps the world is a stage of human nature, and the good or bad of things must be defined by the people.

For company employees or people around them, controlling each other's actions through monitoring means that this is an undesirable way of overriding each other's trust.

The old saying is good, people do not doubt that people do not need, they do not trust each other, what the staff can give you to beat the world.

In general, whether to trust others or not is really nothing to do with the society and others, but only to ourselves.

A black, restore the fact, specially grilled black production, WeChat ID:darkinsider, author: Dongdong, this article is a black and good base friend differential review release.

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