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Nintendo Labo: the story of the birth of Nintendo toys cardboard really is not it

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2 days before the formal sale of Nintendo Labo, before fanRelated reportsIt also gives us a general idea of the Switch peripherals, which almost everyone who has seen the demo video sends out.

Before the sale, Nintendo was also released on the Labo official websiteTwoDevelopers interview articles, in-depth interviews with Kawamoto Koichi, Nintendo Labo producer, Sakaguchi Tsubasa (Nintendo Labo software leader), Ogasawara Katai (Nintendo Labo hardware leader) three people.


In the latest issue of the interview,

Inspiration: the first try, it is

In fact, the three core members of Nintendo Labo have not come together at the beginning, and there is no precedent for mutual cooperation. At the beginning of the team, only one of the sakakin wings was conceiving the prototype, and then four people began to decide to try to do something.

Sakaguchi Tsubasa said, when the team is determined to do Switch and related products, initially came up with many

In fact, these ideas and ideas are valuable in the early days, and some of the designs are applied to the present products. For example, the Labo team has tried to let Joy-Con move by its own vibration mechanism, which is actually a remote control of the car now.


Nintendo Switch has a very special hardware structure.

And from NintendoIntroduction of videoYou can also see clearly that the handle on the right is equipped with IR infrared camera, which can catch and track the moving track or thermal signal of the object, such as the real hand.

Although these features are also common in a variety of smartphone products, the team did not initially find a good breakthrough in how to combine them perfectly, according to Hanokoui


On the one hand, the initial product accessories of the team are made by 3D printers. If the final choice is made of plastic materials, the cost of the product will become very high. On the other hand, there are certain requirements for the scene to be judged by the IR camera.Too much light or too much distance can lead to unstable recognition.If you just use gyroscopes and don't use IR cameras, it's not the same.

This is unacceptable to Nintendo, who wants to do the best.

Therefore, after he joined the Labo team, he proposed


In addition, in order to make full use of the IR camera, the team decided to find another way to put it in a sealed environment.

Finally, the first prototype came out.


It's like, "made in Valeo."


Another prototype is made of cardboard or the like

All of which further convinced the Labo team,

Material: why do you choose to use cardboard?

When the Labo team expanded to 10 people, the development members began to face up to the problem of mold materials.

Although plastics are already cheaper than metals, the basic costs are always unavoidable, considering the production cycle and the price of raw materials.


Hanakoui and Hashimoto also said in an interview:

According to the article we can see that Nintendo Labo used cardboard material in the design phase has been considering the durability problem, basically the same action will be thousands of experiments to confirm, and obtain a cardboard material, even if it is bad also can be the purchase of replacement components; as for the safety of the corresponding different security Europe and Japan do standard area adaptation, so that children can rest assured that use.


However, the cardboard material itself is still very fragile, made of the kind of foot that just stepped on

This is the Labo team's first relatively mature prototype product, and eventually evolved into the current


Of course, there are many ways to get pleasure from products. Taking this robot as an example, the controller with hands and feet can be very rare in the current game environment, and it is unique in family parent child environment.

Another layer of fun in Labo comes from

In an interview, Sakaguchi Tsubasa showed something similar to a music box. The cylinder was covered with stickers. When turning the handle on the side, the IR camera of Joy-Con will be recognized according to the rotating black and white ribbon, and the sound will ring.


But is the music box fun? If you sell it to the finished product is obviously very ordinary, but if the user to start from zero production of the products, and explore the principle, so it might be interesting; game player can also use the stickers and color tape etc., of decoration and repair of Labo, this process will be bring another experience.

Product itself


This core idea has also built the official logo of Labo, which is actually a notched carton, though it is only a cheap material, but Nintendo has found another possibility of game enjoyment.

The team from their own business to hit it off

As the head of the Nintendo Labo hardware, Ogasawara Katai was primarily responsible for studying the application of the IR camera components on Joy-Con. When the Osaka wing and Kawamoto Koichi are still developing Labo prototype products, his team is also thinking about what can be done with the IR camera.

One of the derivatives is


The interior of this gadget uses anti-reflective material to capture action by reflecting infrared rays.At first, Ogasawara's team built a prototype product that looked a lot like what it is now.



And he also made a project called

So, as I said earlier, although several people didn't cross each other before, but when Hanokoui and Hashimoto were still doing it,

Since the goal is consistent, the final two teams have been able to cooperate perfectly, which is probably a subtle coincidence.


He said:

It's now Nintendo Labo.

Once the direction is determined, the subsequent development is unusually smooth. The first Labo game prototype only spent 3 weeks in the software team. When most people were dealing with electronic technology, the Labo team began to focus on dealing with paperboard.


Labo's team members are also rich in history, originally in charge of the Joy-Con IR camera Ogasawara Kaitai, nicknamed by team members as

In addition, members who were previously responsible for the Switch ontology structure also ran to design the

The team and design team from the original Switch Pro handle, including members from "Zelda" and "Animal Crossing" team.

Although it looks like a



Three months ago, Nintendo Labo suddenly appeared maxed out of micro-blog, a lot of people also refresh circle of friends. This was probably the case.

  • Game media commented on Nintendo's creativity, with a black SONY black technology and a Microsoft TV box to bring the rhythm.
  • Analysts have raised Switch's annual sales figures and investigated paper suppliers related to Labo.
  • Fans kept chanting

Three months later, the excitement began to calm down, and more people were waiting for the day to come on the sale day.

In the three months before Nintendo Labo was officially launched, Nintendo has also held several timesFirst experience meetingInvite players of all ages to try.

The development team wants to absorb the new experience by observing the child's trial and balance the difficulty of making it.

Sakaguchi Tsubasa said that if individual differences were excluded, 8-9 - year - old children were probably the most appropriate age to experience Labo. But obviously, children are not able to consume, so Labo has to catch the heart of the big people.


Nintendo did, many people first saw Labo commercials were impressed by these cardboard toys. It's just a child's toy without leading technology and realistic picture, which brings up countless adult's childhood time and wants to participate in it.

The children can have fun, people can also get a fresh surprise from Nintendo Labo, we were given their own feelings, just like the old days we will be for each one of the soldiers, cars and bear doll given name and vitality, this is a toy home, is our home.


In that case, what Nintendo Labo hopes to convey is perhaps more like a continuation. Nintendo believes that even if the years take away our childhood toys, we still remember the most important things in our life. And this kind of memory, in a few years, will be surged out by an export.

I hope Nintendo Labo can give all love toys adult new hope, also let all be on the electronic screen brightly coloured attracted move to open the eyes of children, will be able to see the new world.

Image and video sources:Nintendo Labo

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