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The "second-rate" ZTE that was sent by his own lawyer to "gun"

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Text / London Trader

Source: London Trader (ID: Otrend)

The incident was caused by "Iran", but neither the melons nor the witnesses are talking about "Iran".

- On the importance of the protagonist's aura.

Iran 2009

* All Iranian official information

On June 12, Iran’s upcoming election. Ahmadinejad backed by Islamic religious leaders. Western-backed reformist leader Moussavi.

Since May, the Iranian government has continued to block Facebook. Of the 70 million people in Iran, about 60% are under the age of 30. The reformists are mostly young people. They account for the vast majority of Internet users and are also the major mobile phone users.

On the voting day on June 12, the Iranian people showed great enthusiasm. The voting rate exploded in the Brexit, and the voter turnout in 50 cities exceeded 100%.

On June 13th, Ahmadinejad gained an overwhelming victory in every province in the country. Perhaps he was inspired by Allah and his vote was even less.


On the same day, some unsatisfied and dissatisfied people, driven by Western media, set off a so-called "green revolution" in the streets of Tehran.

After hard to quell the biggest riot since the Islamic revolution in 1979, the Iranian authorities have become more aware of the importance of the communications network in safeguarding national security and unity.

“F7” Huawei

In August 2009, Huawei, a communications hardware manufacturer, and Creativity Software jointly defeated ZTE and won the largest single list of MTN Irancell, the second largest telecommunications company in Iran.

Creativity Software is a well-known communications software service provider in the UK. Its core business is positioning and monitoring services based on mobile networks.

Due to the highly sensitive technology, Creativity Software has been under great pressure to disclose its Iranian business. Of course, Western countries are not happy with what they see as "evil" and the country has as powerful a monitoring system as itself.


In the context of the West’s economic and technical sanctions against Iran, the global telecommunications giants withdrew from Iran, including Ericsson and Nokia, which once provided Iran with surveillance capabilities. (A key figure below will follow the withdrawal of these giants from Tehran.) .

In the two years from 2009 to 2011 when Western companies withdrew, wolfish Huawei has almost monopolized the entire Iranian communications industry and has approximately 1,000 employees in this rapidly growing mobile business.

However, with the deepening of the full sanctions against Iran and the U.S. authorities’ suspicion of Huawei’s security, Huawei stated in 2011 that it would “actively reduce its Iranian operations” and gradually withdraw from this $9.1 billion revenue market.

“26” ZTE

The Iranian authorities just need to be here, but companies in developed countries want to do it but they dare not do it. Third-world companies want to do it but they can't do it. Huawei, who is the leader in China's communications, has another ambition and is not willing to Iran's hot market is sinking too deeply.

Thus, the protagonist of this issue - ZTE debut.

ZTE is not the only company in the world that originates from ZTE's "Pig-mate" and Telecommunications Infrastructure Co. (TIC). The TIC is controlled by the Iranian authorities and it is said that the Islamic Revolutionary Guard also has shares.

In 2011, Mahmoud Khosravi, Managing Director of Iran Telecom (TIC), spoke in an interview with British Reuters: "Western sanctions have absolutely no effect on Iran's communications industry, and we are still able to obtain the world's latest communications technology."

Coming out, bragging X to be thunder.

Only the Iranian cows were blown out by ZTE.

Reuters reporters known for their business investigation are not vegetarian.

The core question is: Since Western companies have already withdrawn, China’s leading telecommunications company Huawei has also stated that it will stop developing new businesses. Then, who else can supply Iran with official supplies?

In March 2012, Reuters finally released a report and announced a 907-page internal freight bill issued by ZTE to Iran.

The date of shipment of this freight bill is dated July 24, 2011, showing that ZTE provided Iranian Telecommunications Corporation (TIC) with US technology products including Cisco, HP, Microsoft, Oracle, Juniper, and Symantec.


In the report, Iranian engineer Mahmoud Tadjallimehr (pictured below for his Linkedin page) who had previously worked at Ericsson, Nokia, and Huawei provided testimony to Reuters and showed his country’s national surveillance capabilities “thumbs” to ZTE’s equipment. ”:

"The Iranian purchase of the communications system through ZTE is our first ever." The system can intercept voice calls, SMS, email and web chat, as well as locate users. “


FBI is coming

The United States has long sought to find the embarrassment of the Chinese communications industry, but it has been unable to start.

The U.S. authorities have repeatedly questioned Huawei, but so far it has not been able to implement any "controls" and can only restrict Huawei's business operations in the U.S..

Reuters’s investigation report on ZTE’s possible violation of the embargo against North Korea and Iran immediately triggered an uproar in the United States.

The high efficiency of the British media made the US security department sit still, and the FBI began to replace the former House Intelligence Committee (HPSCI), trying to seize ZTE's handle according to the clues in the Reuters report.

Reuters released a report on March 22, and the FBI filed its case on March 23.


Jewish lawyer

The FBI has not yet begun its full investigation, and even more incisive ZTE internal materials have been delivered to the door.


At the age of 39, Ashley Kyle Yablon served as an internal consultant for Huawei, and since October 2011 has been General Counsel of ZTE USA.

As an insider, he is very clear about the gray means of ZTE.

According to the American White-Left Standard, ZTE seems to be very "politically correct" in its use of human rights. It does not mind that Iran's illegal behavior will be committed by Iranian Jews - Jews.

However, the Jewish Yablon seems reluctant to help the Iranian president who "will wipe out Israel from the earth."

In order to facilitate the work of the commander of the light pole Yablon, ZTE dispatched three Chinese lawyers to help (two of them were later sold by Yablon).

Initially, Yablon was responsible for preparing the administrative investigation of the U.S. Department of Commerce for ZTE, mainly on the huge transaction between ZTE and Iran for US$130 million.

However, after the Reuters report in March 2012, Yablon felt that the pressure was increasing. The number of investigation units that needed to respond was suddenly increased to three, and one family was more fierce: the US Department of Commerce, the House Intelligence Committee, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

In April 2012, Yablon came to Shenzhen to prepare for the on-site visit of the US House of Representatives to ZTE. However, during this time, the conflict between Yablon and ZTE broke out.

On May 2nd, Yablon met FBI agent Carwile and provided a report that shocked the FBI (FBI agent's words were: "Startling").

At the Motivation Level: The documents provided by Yablon demonstrate that ZTE’s top management actively designs evasive strategies to sell communications equipment to countries that are sanctioned by the United States:


Organizational behavior: At the same time, it also proves that this is not a personal action but a systemic act led by the company's top management.


"Crime & rdquo; Implementation: It proves that ZTE has formulated a detailed operational plan. Yablon also described various details of his talks with senior ZTE leaders in Shenzhen, including a series of anti-reconnaissance plans prepared by ZTE.

(ZTE still called Iran & hellip on behalf of YL in the front of the document; it immediately became Iran & hellip on the back; such a straightforward confession made Iran's Allah helpless and helipid;)



ZTE internally proposed two solutions: the full partition (the following two figures) and the half partition:



According to the plan, the key node in China lies in the trading company codenamed "8S":



However, due to insiders' "changes", 8S companies that play a key role in China have also been exposed. According to Reuters and Yablon's designation, 8S is Beijing 8-Star International Co registered in Beijing. , Chinese name Beijing Eight Star International Trade Co., Ltd.


“Law to know the law ”: At the same time, according to the documents provided by Yablon for the FBI, it also proved that ZTE's senior executives are fully aware of its potential consequences.



On April 26, ZTE felt that Yablon was no longer worthy of trust and instructed Yablon to immediately delete all related documents.

On May 7th, before ZTE tried to delete Yablon's information, Yablon handed over its computer to the FBI for "Credit evidence preservation."

Yablon, ZTE’s general counsel for the United States, failed to provide employers with disaster relief, but he also professionally presented the FBI with a complete chain of evidence including criminal intentions, enforcement evidence, and information law violations. Its ”Professionalism & ldquo; proof it & hellip;. . .

For more details of the investigation, please refer to the testimony of FBI agent Agent Zachary Carwile. Since the testimony is not a public document and involves a large number of Chinese personnel details, due to personal emotions and national conditions, this is not elaborated here. If you need a friend, please do so in London. WeChat public number (ID: Otrend) Reply keyword & ldquo; ZTE & rdquo; Independent download.

Enjoy Trump

The US investigation was five years old. From Obama's first term of office, he dragged Trump into power.


Although the political systems of China and the United States are different, the bureaucracy is actually the same: what the leaders care about is the headline.

In March 2017, "Trade Strongman" was less than three months after Trump took office. The US Department of Commerce finally announced a thin investigation report and determined that ZTE illegally purchased US parts and software and installed it. Ship to ZTE to Iran.

ZTE’s act is a direct violation of the United States’ export ban and the total fine is nearly US$1.2 billion. However, as one of the conditions for guilty pleas, ZTE also received a seven-year hold-up period.


Trump’s Ministry of Commerce, which won the victory, even wrote down the case to “Materials,” and triumphantly summed up five lessons for ZTE and used a cold and humorous form to mock ZTE:

For example, relying on a confidential agreement with a value of 1 million yuan to conceal the illegal behavior of US$1.3 billion.


For another example, if the investigation has not yet ended, it will start illegal activities again.

Even the parallel smuggling party in Shenzhen knows that it is necessary to avoid the situation when the weather is tight. . . The ZTE high-level executives in Shenzhen could not think this way. . .


The funniest one is to write their own criminal motives, implementation plans, participation in the same party, the consequences of the incident, and make up strategies in official documents, with a very low degree of secrecy. . .


Requires a friend of the original PPT of the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Industry and Security. Please reply to the keyword “Illand” and “ZTE”, a London trader.

Once again perjury

After admitting 380 violations and reaching an out of court settlement with the US Department of Commerce, ZTE thought it was okay.


In the U.S. judicial system, the efficiency of out-of-court settlement is higher than that of the court. Since the US Department of Commerce has reached a compromise and out of court settlement, ZTE should abide by the signed agreement and communicate with the US in a timely manner, reflecting ZTE's positive attitude.

It should be noted that the agreement is only implemented as a deferral of fines for administrative sanctions. If the agreement is not fulfilled or perjured during the observation period, the refusal order (the so-called "blocking") will be activated.


There was the identification of the Jewish lawyer surrendered to the FBI, and the black and white letters of ZTE's leaked documents. The US knew the staff of ZTE.

In the settlement agreement, ZTE promised to immediately dismiss 4 senior executives and penalize the other 35 middle-level employees, including reducing bonuses and issuing warnings.

In fact? ZTE simply fired four senior executives. The remaining 35 employees involved received bonuses in addition to one.

In addition, ZTE claimed to issue letters of enlightenment to related personnel in November of 16th, but it was not really issued under the urging of the US until March 18th.

Let these "small" problems become serious, ZTE continues to perjury, trying to make up for the last lie with a new lie.


Although the settlement agreement signed in 2017 implies a political game between China and the United States.

However, the United States, as a Christian society with a legal nature, has been guilty of denouncing the law enforcement agencies as a felony. This has also become the main reason why the US Department of Commerce has determined that ZTE failed to perform the agreement.

It is these mistakes that appear to be not wrong in the eyes of ZTE. In the sensitive moment of the trade war, they sent themselves to the "Muzzle" between the two superpowers.

"Discipline and Punishment"

The US Department of Commerce’s series of penalties for ZTE are in compliance with its relevant laws. However, in the context of globalization, the internal law of the United States is actually a set of absolute international hegemony rules.

Unless they completely circumvent the sanctions imposed by the United States, even if they only sell one mobile phone, the relevant ban will be triggered.

Because, the main chip of the mobile phone is American high pass, the operating system is on the world two kinds, all come from USA. If a server is involved, IBM is a step that can't be overcome.

In fact, as long as the sales of products that meet the habits of the global mainstream market, it will inevitably involve the United States' chips, memory and software.

The US-led international system is like the relationship between knowledge and power described by Foucault in the book Philosophy: Discipline and Punishment: The Birth of Prisons:

Through the use of discourse powers and discipline methods, power is infiltrated into the capillaries of the society and subconsciously forms disciplines that surpass the surface forces of the law and become dominant social control methods.


The postmodern philosophy of the West is still useful and the effect is immediate:


The rule of law is the sublimation of the legal system.

“F7” and “26”

Remember the two subheadings before the article? F7 Huawei and 26 ZTE.

Many people do not know why Huawei F7, ZTE 26, is explained here.

First of all, Huawei's English is Hua Wei, so the initial letter H W is the abbreviation of English Husband & Wife. Chinese is the husband and wife, and F7 is the homophonic sound of the husband and wife.

Second, Huawei's head is Ren Zhengfei, and the second figure is Sun Yafang. They are like husband and wife, so they agree with F7.

Therefore, Huawei is called by the insiders as F7.

The F7 nickname was not only used in daily ridicule but was also written in ZTE's official report.

When Yablon, the United States general counsel of ZTE, headed FBI’s own surrender, the evidence submitted included “F7”’s similar plans.


It can be seen that F7 Huawei seems to be a learning model for ZTE.

But why Huawei has long been under intense investigation by the US authorities (even in

Insiders say the reason for ZTE 26 is simple.

Considering ZTE's current true position in the industry,

A multinational company with annual revenues of over 100 billion, because of the lack of some core technology, others are choking their necks, and instantly die.

All the materials quoted in this article are from the official sources.

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