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A Meizu 15 can't save the current Meizu

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Sohu Technology / Lu Linxuan

The Meizu fans spontaneously sang “The Brightest Star in the Night Sky” at the conference site. The scene was touching, but who would really guide Meizu to go forward?

"See chapter" Meizu 15 is old-fashioned

Huang Zhang made every effort to build the 15th anniversary commemoration and became the biggest selling point in Meizu's 15 release cycle.

Charm Lan Li Nan emphasized that the product created by Huang Zhang will be more offensive; Mei Ye Senior Vice President Yang Hao publicly stated that 90% of Meizu 15's components are customized. It is a “very yellow chapter” mobile phone; Spoiler "feel like Niubi, crush everything".

Meizu parties continue to rally, pushing new products, but rather Huang Zhang loosened his speech before the conference: "Meishon 15 is only a small test chopper, 16 is fully polished." And the new 16 series will be launched in August.

(Meizu Forum yellow chapter reply screenshot)

In other words, if Huang Shizhang says that new products in August are based on numbers,Meizu will face the embarrassment of iterating a single series of products within three months.

In fact, from the point of view of Meizu in the conference, the Meizu 15 is a product that is "more than enough, more than enough." Huang Zhang's considerations when he polishes products will be difficult to amplify in the eyes of consumers. Product details such as the horizontal linear motor mEngine will undoubtedly hardly be transformed into effective selling points of the products and will be recognized by the market.

Even many product selling points appear too "old-fashioned" in the present. In the almost full screen of the current, adhere to the 16:9 screen ratio and non-comprehensive screen design makes this phone's design looks quite "classic"; while the metal body will let Meizu 15 in the current glass gradient competition Completely left behind.In other words, the Meizu brand has not introduced any full-screen products so far, and the full-screen mobile phones of the same price and friendliness have mostly undergone the second iteration.

The adjustment of products requires the product people to have a keen grasp of the market. This is an unbeatable war. ObviouslyThis Meizu 15, which has been started, designed, and polished since the first half of last year, has no accidentally missed all the air from the second half of last year.

The stubbornness of persisting opinions sometimes does not necessarily wait until it is understood and approved.Meizu has already suffered from the design of the Meizu Pro 7. On the Meizu 15, we even saw the thunderbolt design of electronic products far away from this era. We saw the traditional style of the fuselage and saw more ancient things such as narrow Border product selling point.

Despite the "small test chopper", butHuang Zhang's comeback shows that Meizu's product concept is out of line with the development of the current market, and the Meizu Dream Machine seems to be awake.

Brand change, Meizu is abandoning "young old users"

At the end of the conference, they met two “charm friends” who were dressed in Meizu t-shirts during the night supper. However, they held a one-plus-one plus millet in their hands, which was quite a bit of a sneak peek at the Meizu conference. Coincidentally, a Meizu "dead pink" around Meizu 15 before the release, will replace the Meizu Pro 6Plus in the hands of the millet MIX 2S. This Meizu Pro 6Plus was purchased at the end of 2016 and is the flagship model of Meizu’s last non-Mediatek chip before Meizu 15.

The "Zhong Zhongfen" is 27 years old this year. Before the phone was purchased Meizu mobile phone generation, he said: "The Flyme system can't be accommodated, but there is no Xiaolong 845 without NFC. I can't wait. It's up."

He represents a group that Meizu is losing. This group is the first generation of Chinese Internet mobile phone brands. They even contacted millet, Meizu and other brands during the university period.Many of them are digital enthusiasts, have their own needs and understanding of the parameters, but also have their own judgment on the product. And now they are still young, are rising in their careers, and like fresh stimuli like adventure.

They faced the Meizu inorganic option in 2017, and nowThey face the Meizu brand for their abandonment.At the beginning of 2018, Meizu formally established a brand-new brand concept of “exclusive but uniqueness” in an effort to move toward high-end and create a business image. However, the rather esoteric and difficult-to-transmit brand philosophy makes Meizu’s internal and Charm friends difficult to adapt.

Meizu 15 fully demonstrated the embarrassing situation of this adjustment.Meizu 15 2499 price and positioning still can not be high-end, it faces the core of the sales crowd is still the charm of young people, but from the promotional materials to product details are completely out of touch with the target market, no longer cater to young people Like, but it also lost a clear focus.

Even the “sole only” has caused confrontation within the Meizu company. Its climax node has removed the Meizu logo from Meizu Zhuhai’s headquarters and replaced it with “sperm only”. There is an employee in the internal working group of the Meizu directly."I would like to bluntly say that it is like Uniqlo.".

As for the evil spirits, the resistance is more direct. Directly reflected in the confrontation between the Friends of the Charm on the Internet and Yang Hao. Charm Friend questioned Yang Hao’s propaganda “Do not understand Meizu”. It was a huge expense but had no practical effect. Yang Hao closed the comment before playing Pro 7 last year and played a stand-alone Weibo, but Weibo’s Weibo forwarding would still be easy. In addition, Meizu’s propaganda slogan “pursuit of love” was added.

Prior to this, it was hard to seeFans and employees of a brand openly tear up to the point with new professional managers.The director issued a micro-blog question late at night and questioned Yang Hao’s ability. The fan community was even more of an attack. The Meizu brand's big adjustment undoubtedly made it a chill for the fans who had accompanied it for 15 years, and they attributed all of this to Yang Hao’s attribution. The head of the outsider.

Personnel adjustment, Meizu is changing blood

In addition to the disappointment of the product, the charmer is more worried about the distraction of the old Meizu people.

From the beginning of 2017, Huang Zhang’s high-profile comeback is responsible for the definition of all products of Meizu Charm Blue, and a large framework adjustment has already begun. In addition to the spiritual figure Huang Zhang, Bai Yongxiang, who had previously known Meizu's well-known upper class and was one of the founders of Meizu, known as “Old Bai,” has now turned to Li Lan of Charm Blue and Yang Yan, the head of Flyme.

At the press conference, Charity’s cheering on Yang Yan’s appearance was obviously more enthusiastic. However, apart from the fact that Flyme Yang Yan still stood on stage to explain the accessories and systems, many of Lao Bai’s authorities had been handed over to Yang Lan, and Li Nan had lost including accessories. The definition of the product's authority can only be part of the Blue Charm business management marketing.

Through a series of personnel adjustments, currently Yang Wei’s position is the CMO and senior vice president of the Meizu Marketing Department, which is responsible for the marketing of Meizu. The senior directors of its four functional departments come from his previous team at TCL. Meizu's original department directors have left.

Meizu at this time has undergone regular layoffs for three consecutive years, although externally claimed that the end of elimination involves no more than 10%, but some news points Meizu annual layoffs are in the range of 20% -30%, involved a wide range.

Whether it is the management or the fundamentals of the company, Meizu is undergoing a major shake-up. For a company with a strong brand name, the departure or loss of a large number of old employees is causing panic among the “charm”.

The opening theme of the conference was Charm, and the slogan “No Charm is not Meizu” took turns. The Meizu fans who paid for the products had publicly expressed their memories and love for the Meizu brand under Weibo and the line. This love even Has been generalized to the Meizu employees. In the conflict between Gavin Zhang and Yang Lan, the Charity Friends almost completely favored the Meizu elderly.

This is the most worrying Meizu people in the long run. Although Meizu 15 uses the slogan “remodeling the classics,” Meizu is moving away from its original heart and its charmers in terms of staffing and brand philosophy.

The brand actively abandoned the users who followed it for 15 years and even went further and further along the road. How Meizu now may be a Meizu 15 saved.

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