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Baidu PPC ranks medical advertising to mobile phone

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In 2016, the "Wei Zexi Incident" took place, allowing the long-standing Internet medical advertisement to uncover "lid". Subsequently, the National Cyber ​​Information Office joined a number of ministries and commissions to investigate in Baidu and asked for effective rectification. Baidu also announced that it will adjust medical services. However, illegal medical advertisements did not leave the Internet. In the increasingly mature mobile end of the day, a survey of Southern Metropolis reporters found that the Internet medical advertisements that appeared on the PC side have appeared more on mobile phones. Many disease keywords do not have any advertisements on search sites such as Baidu. However, on mobile applications, the top few search results are medical advertisements.




Southern reporter used Baidu mobile search in Xi'an, "kidney", immediately popped up near a hospital.


In the "Baidu Business Bridge" background, the visitor's click path has been recorded.


A private medical institution in Guiyang modified the patient's psychological test results (see red circle).

◎ Starting bid price ranking

Baidu Mobile and "Double Standard"

In 2016, the "Wei Weixi Incident" made public search for medical advertisements of search engines. For the first time, many people realized that their usual trusted search engine is actually an advertising information distribution platform, and it is distributed through "browsing" this rough mode.

Regulators also focused on illegal medical advertisements on the Internet. That is, Baidu also issued advertisements for uncensored Xupu Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, Anping Hospital, Chuansha Tiens Clinic and other medical institutions, and related search terms. The point was that the above-mentioned medical institutions did not have the qualifications for medical services. The parties were fined a total of 28, 000 yuan according to law. The relevant medical institutions were also fined a total of 46,000 yuan according to law for illegal medical advertisements.

The past two years have passed. If a user logs in to a search engine such as Baidu using a browser, he or she will find that the name of the disease has been imported. All of them appear to be "Encyclopedia," "Experience," "Experience", "Hidden Medical Treatment". Public information and other advertisements have no trace.

However, it is not.

The Southern Metropolis Daily survey found that the medical advertisement information that appeared in search results in the past has basically changed to a mobile search engine similar to Baidu. The same keyword is actually a completely different search result at the web page end and the mobile end.

On April 9th, reporters from the Southern Capital University respectively used “kidney”, “gastritis”, “losing weight”, “muscular atrophy”, and “ldquo; to search on Baidu’s webpage and found results in the first screen. There is no advertisement in the advertisement, only some web page information and encyclopedic knowledge.

However, in the "Baidu" mobile is another search results.

The same keyword, the keywords of these diseases, the top few of the search results are all medical institutions advertising. Similar "headache" of this keyword, the link goes in is "** male hospital", after clicking in, the male hospital known as "specialty specialist special treatment", several expert's head in the column , Phone, QQ, WeChat are all available, and the customer service has been online to ask "What can help you?".

Subsequently, the Southern Metropolis Daily reporter consulted customer service as a patient, found that in the "Baidu" mobile side can talk directly with customer service, but you can leave phone and other related information in order to facilitate further contact.

In fact, Baidu and other search companies, the main income still comes from the PPC advertising. Medical advertisements were transferred from the PC (computer) side to the mobile (mobile phone) side. This was confirmed by Baidu’s financial report. The unaudited financial report for the fourth quarter and full year of 2017 announced by Baidu in February this year showed that in the fourth quarter of 2017, Baidu’s revenue was RMB 23.6 billion, an increase of 29% year-on-year, of which mobile revenue accounted for 76%.

Mobile auctioning is a mature industry

"Bid ranking", this kind of effect-based payment network promotion method, in fact, has long been a mature industry, is the "Search Location" auction bid, for a keyword, after the auction to sell. “The Wei Zexi incident” is exactly what advertisers use to place advertisements on Baidu and other search engines, which in turn empties the wallet of patients and delays the timing of treatment.

The Southern Metropolitan Survey found that after the occurrence of the Wei Zexi Incident, the bidding model did experience a period of low tide. Baidu and other companies continued to adjust their operating strategies, and a large number of third-party employees engaged in bidding lost their jobs.

Subsequent adjustments have given this industry new vitality. With the help of big data, mobile search is more likely to reach users with precision, and it can communicate directly with clients and achieve better customer outcomes.

After downloading the "Baidu" client, opening the application will prompt "getting the user's geographical position" so that when the user searches for a certain disease name, the search result is directly to the local medical institution. After clicking on the page, you can directly communicate with the customer service staff in the application.

A staff member who had done three years of bid work told reporters from the Southern Capital Bureau that in the past the main reason for staying on the website was to stay on the phone. Later, there was an online communication tool for the website. However, because of the threshold of using computers, some of them were still not quite so. Convenience.

When the user is converted to the mobile side, the interaction becomes easier.

The Southern Reporter clicked on a search result and entered a website of a medical institution and found that apart from being able to directly make calls, he could also input via voice. Even if he could not type, he could directly chat with customer service.

Bidding Specialist is responsible for improving “conversion rate”

Although users use their mobile phones every day, they have been subdivided in the "Internet advertising" category, "Flow of Information," "Bid," "Contract", "Brand", "By" & "" ; and other categories, different channels are completely different ways of operation.

According to Nandu reporters, the implementation of search engine ranking ads has been completely specialized companies, and several companies have even been listed, among which there are also several companies specialized in promoting private medical institutions.

Searching keywords on the Internet by "bidding specialists" shows that many companies are hiring this position. The Southern Metropolitan reporter asked as an applicant. The other party said that if they had done, they could enter the job immediately after the interview. “Yes, after a great amount of work, you can directly apply for posts after the interview. & rdquo; The other said.

Subsequently, the company sent a "training tutorial" full set of information, let reporters understand how to operate, and promised that if done related work, 5,000 yuan guaranteed.

"The main task is to place advertisements, statistical fees, data analysis, keyword optimization, etc. on the accounts of various search engines, reduce the cost of the bid ranking, and increase the conversion rate. According to the heat, each keyword The price is also different. Baidu is the largest and Sogou. The company’s recruitment chief told the Southern Reporter.

According to the person in charge of the company, the key words in the account are adjusted every day. According to the consumption analysis provided in the background, the key keywords can be monitored. If the report statistics show that there is a "mutation", you need to analyze the reason. The status of the website should be open, and creativity and copywriting should be adjusted.

On the official website of the Baidu Marketing Center, new products are launched on a regular basis.

January 3, 2018, Baidu officially launched the "medical industry new style full flow", the official description of this product wrote: "In order to better meet the habits of Internet users advice, improve advertiser conversion. Leading the way to introduce a new style of the medical industry, through the introduction of ‘                  hospital&quo; Return on investment). ”

After downloading the "Baidu Business Bridge" software background, you can also see "Common Phrases", "Auto Answer", "Automatic End", "Robot" and other settings.

A "competitor" with three years of work experience said to Southern Reporter: "When patients search for medical information, they naturally enter the visitor interface of the medical institution. They think they are talking to the doctor. In fact, these employees are behind them." In operation. ”

Leave visitors directly on the mobile

With the application of big data and AI (artificial intelligence) in the search field, most of the traffic as a traffic portal search engine comes from the mobile terminal.

The difference from the PC is that the mobile phone is carried around, and a large amount of personal data is collected. Therefore, keyword search advertisements put on the mobile terminal show greater power.

On the website of Baidu Marketing Center, there is a page that describes "Crowd Delivery", which says: "The crowd delivery is a new advertising method. Customers can customize the target audience and set bids and target audiences." Designate ideas to help customers find people of different values. From the multiple dimensions of gender, age, historical search terms, history browsing U R L, interest tags, device IDs, etc., to lock in the high conversion crowd of customers; at the same time, support the writing of personalized ideas for different groups of people. ”

This kind of accuracy, at the medical advertising level, is a higher “conversion rate”.

A local private hospital’s “bidding specialist” said to the Southern Reporter: “In addition to geographical location, mobile applications can also record the keywords you have searched, then identify you as a potential customer, and then increase the number of keywords. The amount of advertising is also shown in the background. Some patients only use the mobile application, the phone number is taken in the chat, and then the customer service will continue to call and consult, many patients even if not convinced in the mobile application, will reach an appointment on the phone. ”

Medical advertisements are very important to search engines such as Baidu. Baidu Marketing's client software "Baidu Business Bridge" even launched a "medical version" and wrote in the user manual: "Baidu Business Bridge will acquire The visitors' IP information came from and analyzed the source regions of visitors, such as Beijing Haidian and Shijiazhuang, Hebei. The visitor message contains the visitor's access trajectory, basic attributes (such as device, system, IP, browser, etc.), chat history, visitor card, and so on. ”

Southern Reporter saw that Baidu was on the line in January this year. "New styles for the medical industry", this update was introduced through the introduction of "Adopting Time", "Organization Category", "Hospital Information," and other content. User conversions increase medical-style click-through rates to increase customer RO I (return on investment).

“Medical care is a very special industry. How do you always emphasize ‘return on investment& rsquo;, “ transformation ”? Shouldn't it be for the purpose of treating illness and saving people? "This" "bidding specialist" sighed at the Southern Reporter.

◎ Industry Chain Exposure

“At the moment of the search, you have been eyeing ”

For hospitals, the high cost of paying the clicks is eventually passed on to customers.

The mobile phone terminal has become the most important information exporter. After a variety of precise positioning of medical advertisements, many patients have chosen to “check online”. What patients do not know is that if they choose to search for medical information on the Internet, they may unknowingly become the bottom line of the Internet health care industry: visitors.

After becoming a visitor, the hospital's customer service consultation will make every effort to get a phone call. Wechat, text messaging, and phone calls will then allow patients to visit the hospital as much as possible to complete the visitor's first and only "". To become a patient, the next step is to develop a different treatment plan based on the patient's economic status, but the purpose is only one: squeeze every penny of the patient as much as possible.

Behind the ad

"I learned the logistics, the other said it does not matter" & rdquo;

Search on Baidu and other mobile phone applications, search for a disease keyword, the top few are often hospital advertising, click into the chat interface will appear directly after, writes such as "click" & rdquo;, & ldquo; want Ask, oh, come on ”, & ldquo; consult doctor ” and so on.

Because there is a disease in itself, it is easy to conduct "advice" in the advertising induction. Nandu reporter used different keywords to click on the name of the patient. In the consultation session, despite repeated emphasis on no symptoms, “inquiry doctors” continued to ask reporters to provide telephone calls, and stressed that patients were waiting for treatment before they could call. speak clearly.

An employee of a private hospital who once had done a “consultation” revealed the workflow to the South Reporter: “The salary of customer service and consulting mainly depends on the conversion rate of visitors. After online advertising is launched, the visitor can convert after the click. For the patient as a customer service performance, as long as the door becomes a patient, customer service will take the commission. Therefore, the customer service will try to get your phone, and then will continue to contact the visitor through WeChat phone. It cares about the physical condition of the visitor and even takes advantage of the patient's concerns and fears of the disease. It persuades the visitor to go to the hospital within the shortest time. Visit. ”

As for the "customer service" of disease and "demonstration", although the portrait is a variety of old experts, but in fact, the computer may be sitting behind a completely without any medical knowledge, "Liaohan Han."

A customer service representative who had asked for anonymity at a private hospital in Nanjing told reporters in Nandu about his interview: “Although it is a medical institution, there is no relevant medical qualification requirement. I learned the logistics, and the other party said that it does not matter. The interview mainly asked about the background, account structure optimization, keywords, advertising ideas and so on. ”

After joining the company, the company also provided a set of "talks" to him, which listed possible consultations, and then detailed response measures, but the core is to use the patient's understanding of the disease and fear, get Patient contact information and name.

"As long as there is a contact, there are always ways to get patients to the hospital. "The customer service said to the Southern Capital Reporter."

A mobile terminal that aggregates a large amount of personal information may be recorded every time a mobile phone clicks, including "geographical location, device model, request source".

On January 30 this year, Baidu’s customer service system “Baidu Business Bridge” went live “Intelligent Portraits” function, and its official introduction read: “Based on Baidu AI/BI (Business Intelligence) capabilities, based on Baidu Big Data. In-depth analysis and output. Through the intelligent portrait function, visitors' interest points are extracted to help the company portray the user's portraits, predict the user's intentions, and the customer service reception staff can make personalized adjustments based on the visitor's points of interest to enhance the sense of substitution and pertinence. ”

A doctor at a private hospital once sighed: "The moment you search, you are actually eyeing. ”

Internal exposure

"This is not a hospital at all, it is a place to make money" & rdquo;

Former employee tells about bad hospital scam

Sun Chao (a pseudonym), who worked in a private hospital in Guizhou province, told reporters from Nandu about Baidu's bid rankings and how hospitals in this industry chain have been deceived.

In May 2017, when he saw a job advertisement, he applied for a private hospital in Guiyang and declared that he was attending mental illnesses, including mental disorders, depression, anxiety disorders, and personality splits. His university specialty is psychology.

But at the time of his interview, he did not mention the psychology profession at all. The interviewer simply asked a few questions to get him into service, and the colleagues around him rarely graduated from medical majors. Some doctors even used to be Truck driver, which caused his suspicions.

What made him doubtful was still the work behind. He is mainly responsible for the psychological measurement table, mainly for the psychological measurement of patients with suspected mental illness, and then based on scores to judge whether there is a mental illness, and then develop a targeted treatment program.

Working on the first day let him "stunned" & ldquo; A patient who had no problem reported that he was re-read by the doctor: "This changed to severe depression." ”

Sun Chao was paralyzed. The psychological scale was filled in by the patient. How could the test report be changed casually? But this is only the beginning. In the subsequent work, every day's work is to write a measurement report according to the doctor's request. What the doctor wants to achieve is what must be done. If there is no depression, it should be written as severe depression. There should be no anxiety. Written anxiety.

"I didn't want to change the report at the beginning, but if the report is not changed, the hospital will be ridiculously deducting money, and I will not change it. Other colleagues have also changed. The doctor will always get the report he wants." According to my estimation, more than 90% of patients here come to have no illness, that is, work is blocked and interpersonal relationships are not very good. As a result, in this hospital, all of them become severe depression, anxiety disorders, affective disorders, etc. The long course of treatment began. "Sun Chao told reporters from the Southern Capital.

The consequences of doing so in hospitals are very serious. They have no illness and long-term use of psychotropic drugs can have serious side effects.

Sun Chao’s chat records and recordings provided to the Southern Metropolis reporter showed that the doctors of the hospital randomly asked him to tamper with the test report, which was originally a normal measurement result. The request was revised to “moderate depression” and there was a patient who had been taking medication for a period of time. , was modified to "turned better" to show that the treatment is effective, in fact, there is no data to confirm.

High-cost promotion of "development of patients"

“Our hospital has a term for patients called ‘development ’, and each doctor must ‘develop patients’, in fact, is to let the patient save money, to do those medical equipment which may not be turned on, to make some completely The falsified test report, and then do some "acupuncture treatment" with no effect, etc., in short, is a variety of ways to make the patient pay more money, so that the patient spent money before they let go. ” Sun Chao said.

The consequence of hospitals doing this is that patients who are otherwise not sick spend a lot of money and may also be harmed by side effects of the drugs, while the real patients are unable to receive effective treatment and delay the disease.

What makes Sun Chao hate this hospital is the treatment of children.

Many left-behind children from the mountainous areas of Guizhou, because their parents work outside the year, many children like to watch mobile phones, resulting in inattention or hyperactivity, parents search for symptoms on the phone, it was "Fudge" came to this hospital for treatment.

“Some children who have no problems at all are the result of inattention. As a result, the doctor asked me to change the report and write it as ‘intelligence” & ldquo; autism ”. This practice has had a profound effect on children. Those disappointed parents spent money to intervene without any effect. They also punched and kicked their children and believed that they had a mentally handicapped child. The normal child was guilty of being in the hospital and the relationship between husband and wife was still in turmoil. "Sun Chao said with great sadness.

A grandmother from the countryside, with two grandchildren, had no problem at all. As a result, the doctor requested one to be diagnosed with autism, one was diagnosed with ADHD and required immediate hospitalization. The old grandmother paid for the hospital, and all the money was bought into buns. The daily remorse did not take care of the grandson. , but also blamed by children.

After eating the buns, the money was spent, and with two grandchildren fled home, the hospital also called the grandmother to ask the children for money to cure the two normal grandchildren.

Sun Chao saw this and could not wait any longer and proposed to leave the hospital.

How did these patients come to the hospital? The hospital's ads to Baidu are the key entrances.

Sun Chao's hospital has only 40 doctors and nurses, but the customer service, planning, and market add up to more than 80, twice the number of medical staff. He consults visitors on the Internet every day, and then conducts "conversions." " Because the keywords are bids, high prices can be found, and every day it takes tens of thousands of dollars to maintain exposure.

Sun Chao recalls that when the directors of the company mentioned the meeting once, because many peers clicked maliciously, the cost of each click was more than 1,000 yuan. Where did the money come from? Can only come from the patient, so the hospital is talking about how to "develop patients" every day.

The planning department of the hospital is "magical presence". They daily plan to shoot some activities such as "World Sleep Day". The activities are claimed to be held in Beijing and written articles are posted on the Internet, but they are actually only at the hospital's meeting. room.

"I don't understand why the Wei Zexi incident happened two years ago. This kind of hospital can still be found in Baidu." I was condemned by my conscience every day and felt that the hospital had insulted my profession. It was not a hospital at all, it was a place where money was scammed. "Sun Chao told reporters from the Southern Capital.

Fraudulent escalation of community advertising or into new positions ”

Li Qingguo is currently an operations manager at Pearl River Huiren Hospital Management Co., Ltd. He has been engaged in the Internet medical industry for more than 10 years. In his view, patients blindly believing in Internet search results are mostly people with limited knowledge of the Internet and relative income. High, it highlights the harmfulness of medical search ads. Such ads often extract the value of vulnerable groups.

In Li Qingguo's view, Baidu and other search portal's "bid" is already a "traditional" advertising model, the current medical advertising has invested more funds to "information flow", "" the community "" rdquo; In such carriers, such advertisements have the largest number of categories such as plastic surgery, beauty treatment, and weight loss.

Unlike "bid", these medical advertisements do not appear in the form of "Keywords" but in the form of posts, recording a woman's decision to start shaping, to select the hospital, and then the entire beauty process. Finally, the radiant glow became like a person.

Of course, all this was planned by the planning department of the medical institutions, but the number of post views was as high as tens of thousands.

“According to hospital feedback, this kind of community advertising is more effective and forms are more hidden. However, the content of these advertisements is fabricated, but it is in the form of users, which is highly deceptive. In the end how to define these new medical advertisements, the regulatory authorities should pay attention. "" Li Qingguo suggested.

Produced: Nandu Internet Advertising Compliance Research Center

Written: Southern Reporter Shen Peng

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