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You are in the WeChat group, but others are making money with WeChat.

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Text / Understand notes

"There is no way, I want to get a newspaper advertisement." ”

& ldquo; Too OUT, Internet age, it should be doing community marketing. ”

Searching the major book buying platforms for the phrase "Community Marketing" can find a large number of related tool books. "Learn to do community marketing, earning millions every month is not a dream," "and" three days of detonating community traffic." ;, & ldquo;4G era of marketing iron laws ” dazzling slogans and other slogans. So what is community marketing? How does it help in product promotion and brand promotion?

“ To put it plainly is to enter a group, mass advertising, to high-end called social marketing. "Associated with this marketing approach, Ahchen told me to understand the notes. The word "community" originally meant that through a common topic and hobby, a group of users with strong relationships gathered on the Internet social platform. “ Marketing & rdquo; is to interact with the specific social groups to promote targeted products, brands, services.

"However, there are many dimensions involved in operations, and it also requires a lot of effort. Therefore, few organizations can seriously do a good job in community marketing, and eventually become mass advertising." ”

Achen is the person who provides the group with compensation for these advertising agencies. So, what kind of interests can he excavate in the hands of various groups that seem to be used for social chat? So "" disturbing people's behavior, whether reasonable and compliant?

蹭 & ldquo; Group ” change the existing difficulty, but it is even harder to raise one

"The five dollars (plus) a group, this price is already very cheap. ”

In the face of customer bargaining, Achen seemed helpless. He took out three mobile phones from his pocket, showed a number of WeChat groups to understand notes, and a bubble icon that couldn't display the number of new messages. He said that this is his "business" tool, in the three mobile phones, there are at least more than 300 WeChat group, and this is just the tip of the iceberg of his existing group. Small memory mobile phones simply cannot control such a huge amount of information. Therefore, he only buys high-end models with more than 6G of memory.

"It is recommended to enter the group business, has not been before the popular" "Archenchen told me to understand the notes, since the WeChat group began, he began to engage in such businesses as paid group. However, at the beginning, the management of WeChat Group was not so strict. Therefore, as long as he “mixed” a group with a large number of members, he could continue to pay for new recruits, “because the cost is low,” he said. So if you first pull one person (into a group), you only need one or two dollars. ”

He said that a group worthy of being valued has at least 200 or more members and is active. Every day, several people speak. Initially, after entering such a group, he could pull in more than 200-300 people and the group would have 500 full. According to each entry's quota, he can earn at least RMB 200-300.

"Groups are zero-cost, so they are all earned." However, with the WeChat official and some group managers (owners), they realized that there are management loopholes and drawbacks in the operation of the group. Therefore, under the support of the new regulations, the group owners have also set up group verification to limit the group advertisements and the likes of the group to use the group to gain profits. "The group has to rely on Mongolia, but it is not easy to pull people, and even some owners have discovered that people will kick (out of the group). ”

"Business" as before, Asan also began to consider another way. In order to have a large number of WeChat groups in his own hands, he took the brothers who just graduated from college and the brothers decided to raise their own. As a result, the business of pulling people into groups is no longer limited by the rules of owners and officials.

"But at the beginning, we always run into the wall. "He told me to understand the notes. After deciding to raise her own group, I found that it was not easy to pull a WeChat group with one or two hundred people. Although there are many red envelopes, they are limited by the fact that the brothers do not have a wide range of social interactions. The number of their own friends is limited, and there are not many bases for fission.

Therefore, most of the groups they established at the beginning did not exceed 50. There were a large number of repeated faces among the group's group friends. “The number is difficult to scale, the value cannot be reflected, and therefore it is not worth the money. ”

Today's traffic is king, and all walks of life on the Internet are inseparable from the support of traffic and user base. The WeChat group has provided a good traffic basis for these projects. This is why so many Internet entrepreneurs and public account operators are willing to pay for Achenson and pull themselves into the group.Into the group means the increase in the number of users, the possibility of increased reading.

In order to improve this "possibility", the two brothers, after failing to find a new path, seem to be aiming at others' traffic "".

Create your own "boat" too much trouble? Then "leasing out to sea" & rdquo;

"Hello, we have the business to run the WeChat community. You don't have to pay for it. You just have to hand it over to us." ”

This is not the first time that I understand the note and received such a message at the WeChat public account. Asan said, this is his "peer".

For them, the best way to "own" is to "influence" the influential individuals, organizations, institutions and "wool" (flow). Whether it is a well-known brand, a popular online store, or a media player, they will take the initiative to ask: Do you need an operating group? FREE!

FREE! How can such a good thing happen in the world? However, Achen told me to understand the notes, there is no free lunch in the world, and they "free" to help the operating group, are purposeful. First of all, using brands, online stores, self-media large-scale traffic, attention, and number of fans to pull up a WeChat group of two or three hundred people is not that difficult. It's even easier to pull a group than a friend. Much more.

“Initially, we are all very public & rsquo; public relations & rsquo;, and chat is also related to the topic of the fans, so as to cultivate stickiness and activity. ” Wait until the group members are all active, the number of fans is also there are two or three hundred people, and the chance to make money is also coming.

First, he will not change the subject and theme of the group. Second, he will begin to secretly charge 5-10 yuan to those who have a need for group increase. Finally, they will be pulled into the group. "Into the group nature is to advertise, in order to prevent them from causing fan public outrage, they will be stipulated at the beginning, how long can not send advertising messages. ” He said.

If there are entrants who do not abide by this rule, Achen, who is the administrator, will even come forward to "publicly" condemn such advertising behavior. But the condemnation is just a stop. After all, it is paid. For him, the highlight of the WeChat community's "realisation" has only just begun.

"The group base number is assumed to be 300 people. I quietly increased 200 people into the group, earning at least 1,000 yuan. ” And when the group is filled with 500 people, he will generally consider selling the whole group packaged, that is, the transfer of group management rights. He told me to understand the notes.A group of 500 people with a certain degree of activity has a market price of at least 8,000 yuan. Some industry groups, such as mobile phones, cars, cosmetics, etc., can even bid tens of thousands of yuan.

As for the tech giant who understands notes, the lowest selling price will not be less than 50,000 yuan. This is no wonder that there are so many Asan's "peers", always understand the notes of the public number background message, say anything to "free" "help" to operate a two WeChat group.

Some people may ask, what if the group management rights become advertising groups and promotion groups after being sold? Achen does not care about this issue. Because the group at this time for him, the final surplus value has been completely squeezed. After he has made a lot of profits, he will also manage the group's "death and death".

Those so-called community subjects became the objects used by the merchants. After the realization, the members of the group also became their abandoned sons. It's hard to imagine what impact a group of people would have on a group of people or even a major word of mouth. However, the new owner of the group's management rights, who has spent a lot of money to purchase, will also promote their products with the principle that they do not stop at it.

Although the promotion of new media channels is far more effective than traditional media channels, but with a large number of groups being captured by advertising, is there so much market demand for community marketing?

Buy and sell a profit? Risk, more afraid of micro-business

"Large demand has gone, and some have not yet arrived." ”

Because many user groups are increasingly numb to the traditional promotion channels, especially for hard and wide products, the WeChat group with accurate user groups has become the best choice for many brands and businesses. Ashenchen told him to understand the notes. He and his younger brother could contact every day to meet the needs of hundreds of additional groups, buying groups, and cooperation.

“Many people think that group ads are very low, but they are very effective. "He said that in handling customers, in addition to a number of start-up teams, self-media organizations, there is no lack of cooperation with the big brands of public relations companies. The cooperation with these big-name public relations companies is far more than simply pulling groups and buying groups. There are also group name campaigns.

That is to say, the public relations company's title fees range from a few thousand to over ten thousand yuan, and then it will designate several groups, group names in front of the brand name, and publish a certain amount of promotional advertisements in the group, "This One step requires the consent of the community's principals and will also give them points for their benefits. ”

Although the frequency of advertising can not be too high, so as not to retreat group members. However, such a naming method is more accurate than the branding of other media channels. Even if there were cosmetics brand statistics, the effective reading rate was as high as 30% through the group promotion content, and the conversion rate reached 1.25%, and it was even more interactive and interesting.

“ Even if it is not the name of cooperation, some brands through the group to publish activities, the degree of participation can be greatly improved. “Because of the stickiness and strong relationship of the group, the group members have a high degree of trust in the information published in the group, and the participation passion is naturally high, and the brand can also receive good publicity and feedback.” So this promotion method , is very popular with brands and public relations. ”

Because of the large market demand, Achen has even opened up agency channels for businesses such as group leaders, group advertising, and group titles. By spreading the network throughout the country, it strives for more business for itself and saves a lot of communication with customers. Time and effort. However, although this saves time, but to a certain extent, it has brought him new troubles.

"A lot of channel agents don't know how to screen. The other party's money allows me to pull in the group or title." The result was found to be derivative. "Ahchen told me to understand the notes, the most shameless thing about microblogging is not bombardment brainwashing advertising, but after the group does not speak, after a period of time changed its name for avatar, sometimes the entire micro-business team entered in batches However, he was unaware that "The Makeover" was even more difficult to distinguish.

After waiting for some time, the micro-business will “bomb” an advertisement in the group, and after the end of the game, there will be many rules and restrictions. They will not take it for granted. “Lastly, all the group members fled and they fled. Retreat from the group can't stand it. ”

According to him, even more contradictory former agents or peers have maliciously introduced micro-payments to enter the group, which in the end "destroyed". Once again, the industry’s more accurate WeChat group, as long as it adds a number of micro-business agents, then it will be like a few “time bombs,” like at a specific time, “explosion”, the group also destroyed. Even if not completely destroyed, it has become a shield for all "dead groups".

"The reason why we can't offer concessions is because now we have a large group of people who are at risk and invest too much energy, not at zero cost." "Ah Chen said helplessly, it is not difficult to do this line despite the monthly income of 100,000, but it is a very tedious and needs to continuously filter the work of accurate users and customers. It is entirely through ability to make money. "I therefore hate those customers who insist on bargaining. Some still say that our group has no cost and is a profitable business." ”

Despite many frustrations and annoyances, under the “group=money” formula, Arsen and more Arsen are still happy.


As a carrier for people to communicate with each other through the Internet, the group provides communication facilities for a large number of people with similar interests and interests. However, at the same time, the group’s precise grouping and vertical topics also make it possible for business people who are “small” to take advantage of it, and profitable through paid transfer, title, and transfer of management rights. considerable.

However, such behavior has caused a great deal of inconvenience to the group members and subject matter, and even damaged their interests. The most frightening thing is that such behavior has no corresponding rules and regulations that can be restrained. Although "Achanmen" to a certain extent, active users of the Internet life, but it is also the beginning of the proliferation of community advertising.

Perhaps, as long as it is profitable, such chaotic social marketing behavior will not stop.

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