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4 years Meizu Shen Keji: Everyone knows where the problem lies. Success and failure are due to Huang Zhang.

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Author: Hao Ying, Li Xiaobai

On the side of a social network where Meizu’s marketing system was “inside”, the Meizu 15th Anniversary was released on schedule, and Meizu’s founder Huang Zhang remained behind the scenes. .

He is always far away from this lively world. In 2014, for the first time, he "backed out" and shouted out "will embrace the world with the most open mind," and listen to the user's voice "and" slogan. But when he returned again in 2017, what he shouted was just "I will recreate my dream machine." ”

"My dream machine", with the market trend and even the "kerosene" ("Meizu fan's representative") claims have nothing to do, it only concerns the personal preferences of Huang Zhang.

Paranoid, conceited.

Social media's comments on the "Mingzu 15" turbulent comments indicate the outcome of Huang Zhi's return after a few years.

Huang Zhang himself is also well aware. One month before the conference, he posted a post for himself in the Meizu Forum, saying that due to time constraints, the "Meizu 15" was just a small test knife, and the August 16 series was his product.

A product has been labeled by a "testing water" label by his initiating person without being introduced. It's hard to say whether this is Huang Zhang’s honesty, or his paranoia, or whether he is indifferent.

The "Meizu 15" also contributed to this pilot product, is Huangzhang's confidante & mdash; & mdash; in the Meizu marketing system in the whirlpool of the center of Yang Wei, Huang Zhang in Meizu's most trusted person, Meizu's current chief marketing officer (CMO). Two antenna strips full of back-to-back stripes are designed by Yang Hao.


Do not know Huang Zhangzhen face

"I heard that Huang Zhang came out. Do you have any expectations? ”

“Not expecting. Almost every year from 2014, we say mountain once a year. However, the mobile phone after the MX3 seems to have nothing to do with him. ”

Chen Yongming had previously operated in Meizu as a community. In early 2017, he left Meizu who had loved him. At that time, Huang Zhang had just announced that he would come back again, "" to create a dream machine "".

That was Chen Yongming's first job after graduation. Like many young people from all parts of the country who went to Zhuhai, he did not choose the more highly-known cities such as the North, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Shenzhen. When he was in high school for the first time, he heard that the Meizu M9 was in a small town, and he had bought friends from Shanghai to buy it. He had gone from listing to getting a mobile phone for more than three months.

When he was in school, he had been soaking in J. Wong (ID of Huang Zhang in the Meizu community) in a haunted community to discuss Meizu's software and hardware, and sniffing Meizu's new products. At the forum, he and the Meizu employees interacted with each other, plus professional counterparts, through the internship opportunity to make a decisive trip to the south of Zhuhai Bay Avenue, the building marked with MEIZU.

"I think that every Meizu fan has a dream of going to Meizu. ”

Chen Yongming said that in 2014, it was the time for Huang Zhang to go out for the first time. At the beginning of February of the same year, Huang Zhang replied on the first day of his remarks and spoke to the company, asking all employees at or above the manager level to attend.

In fact, most Meizu employees only met Huang Zhang at the internal meeting.

This includes Ye Yuan, who hasn't been in the company for a long time. "There is no more arbitrage than the outsiders say, but he can see that he did have a lot of determination." ”

The Meizu official recorded a video for this meeting, which also allowed the outside world to reconsider Huang Zhang for many years. "I heard that when Huang Zhang came back, everyone was still very happy. I think he came out to do better marketing." According to Ye Yuan's memories, Huang Zhang's comeback last night because he stayed up late for a few days. end.

However, Huang Zhang announced a major move at the time of his comeback in 2014, and the option incentive plan provided for employees outside the senior management to have access to options. This is an unprecedented event for a family business like Meizu.

Many Meizu ex-employees interviewed by PingWest play mostly acquired Meizu’s options at this time. Liu Wei, who left Meizu at the end of 2017, is one of them.

However, Liu Wei revealed PingDA play, because the SFC imposes restrictions on the number of shareholders of listed companies, and Meizu's listing prospects are uncertain. Meizu and employees’ options incentive agreements have changed several times, and the final equity has become a “benefit” right. ”, And by the Huang family on behalf of holding, in addition to an additional "interpretation rights Meizu all", leaving many employees and former employees unhappy.

The influence of the Huang family within Meizu is that the equity level is only a small part. "The yellow family is actually everywhere. ”


Meizu PRO5 is a perfect product at that time. Image from Androidpit.

Summer light year

Kong Jiu first heard of the Meizu, far earlier than the mouth of the general kerosene relish in the Meizu M9 & rdquo; period, even earlier than the senior kerosene artifact if the & quotquo Meizu M8 & rdquo;.

The earliest known Meizu product model was the X3, a Meizu music player. At that time, he just graduated from college in Guangdong. The combination of music and strangers is enough to make up for a lengthy story of youthful struggle. This is also the epitome of the earliest "column" of "cola" and Meizu.

However, "love it, it is necessary to go to work," Chen Yongming, Meizu is not the first owner of Kong Jiu. Before entering Meizu, Kong Jiu was a science and technology blogger, and in this career, he left many masterpieces with sharp views and unique angles.

In 2013, Meizu noticed Kong Jiu and invited him to join Meizu. Witnessed Meizu's small and beautiful, tens of millions of years of shipment, and internal division and turmoil. Kong Jiu left at the end of 2017. During his term of office, Kong Jiu has been involved in everything from social platforms to brand planning and even preparations for the conference.

Talking about Meizu’s most powerful products in recent years, Kong Jiu believes that the Meizu PRO5 was launched in September 2015. It uses a powerful Samsung Exynos 7420 processor, independent DAC, metal integrated body, USBType-C interface, supports fast charging of large batteries, large screen, large memory …… In addition to the display effect is slightly flawed, Meizu PRO5 is a perfect product at the time.

At the same time, PRO5 was launched in 2015, which is also the "light moment" of Meizu in the eyes of Kong Jiu.

This year, Meizu’s product sales increased by 350%, reaching 20 million units, making it among the top ten domestic mobile phones. This is the first time since Meizu made mobile phones.

It was also in 2015 that domestic mobile phones have risen to the “yes” market. Almost all of the mobile phone brands with soaring sales this year are losing money. Meizu is no exception.

However, Meizu is the least lost among them. "For tens of millions, for the mobile phone industry, it is not a loss. The average one loses two or three blocks," Kong Jiu said to PingWest.

Also in this year, Meizu established the "Blue Charm", "Medium", "M&Mdash; Mid, Pro & mdash; & mdash; high-end" phone line layout, and gradually abandoned the MX series, through the PRO series. To achieve brand upgrades. With the current "consumer upgrade" point of view, this product line planning can be said to be ahead of schedule.

Everything Meizu looks good in 2015. A newly-emerged domestic mobile giant emerged.

Huang Zhang was also a high-spirited person, and he revealed that Xiao Jun’s founder Lei Jun was suspected of “drawing on the old things of Meizu products”. "Lee Jun came to my office every three years to drink Coke. As the teacher's goal for Xiaomi, the first three are necessary, otherwise I was embarrassed to go out." ”


PRO6 is the pinnacle of Meizu industrial design.


Only 8 months after the release of PRO5, in April 2016, the Meizu PRO6 debuted.

PRO6 and subsequent small changes "PRO6s" sold a total of 800,000 units. Going beyond the PRO5 has become the best-selling Meizu flagship in recent years.

In fact, the PRO6 is far from the "All-in-one flagship" of the PRO5. It has too many slot points and it is a step backwards from the PRO5 in almost every aspect. The MediaTek processor alone has damaged the PRO6 rating in its flagship position from the very beginning.

Even so, PRO6 series can also break sales records, is Meizu has reached the point where no products can speak?

In its realization, this seems more like the result of the halo effect.

Based on 2015, Meizu wants to win. Its publicly stated goal is to control shipments to 25 million units, while Meizu's internal target is 30 million units.

However, Meizu’s internal operations had a big problem at this time: “The trader made mistakes and the sales channels did not separate, causing the brand to fall,” Kong Jiu told PingWest.

This state did not turn for the better afterwards, but it became more and more intense. Afterwards, it became a "Music Charm Blue Split" and a happy play.

Huang Zhang’s ambitious goals quickly put pressure on the team. Not until the middle of the year, everyone realized that the annual target of 30 million sales could not be achieved. In order to achieve the boss's instructions, starting from the second half of the year, Meizu frantically released a new machine, giving Meizu a hidden danger.

In that year, the Meizu people who were only 3 or 4 thousand in size depended on ODM to design their own R&D and released 14 models.

Most of them were dubbed the "Blue Charm" brand and used MediaTek low-end P10 processors to fill the audience.

“Too much similar products. Marketing simply can't do it. "The dense but similar conference eventually exhausted Ye Yuan's passion. In the middle of 2013, she joined Meizu as a marketing and copywriter and chose to leave.

She told PingWest: "I cannot convince myself. ”

In 2016, Feng Annan, who had participated in the preparation of Meizu's five conferences and was no longer in the industry, still remembers.

“Internal HopeQualcommMeizu can quickly tell, so that our marketing do not have to use MediaTek's nesting machine to wash the ground, "" Feng Annan said PingWest play.

Relying heavily on MediaTek's machine tactics and the bad relationship with Qualcomm, Meizu has lost ground in 2016.

In fact, as early as in 2015 when Qualcomm was fined by the National Commission for Reform and Development, Mei Yong President Bai Yongxiang had an intention to reconcile with Qualcomm. Unfortunately, Qualcomm’s offer made Meizu a black box and the reconciliation failed.

There is a saying circulating in this room: Huang Zhangning would like to lose the telecom market and never compromise with Qualcomm. Quoting with Qualcomm, the Zhuhai company finally paid the price. In 2016, Meizu was able to play only a handful of Exynos processors from MediaTek and Samsung.

This is the same for Meizu President Bai Yongxiang and Li Nan, the then vice president of Meizu marketing.

MediaTek processor is not bad, power saving, fever is small, but the performance of it, it really can not afford Meizu and kerosene dream.

The Samsung Exynos processor became the last stubborn force of the Meizu flagship selection. Samsung Exynos atWeiboWhen it announced that it would launch the new Exynos flagship processor, a group of kerosene was revelry under its microblog: Meizu was saved. This also became a unique scenery of the year.

However, the choice of a baseband that must be plugged in to achieve the full design of the Samsung Exynos processor behind the network is difficult, only Meizu's own engineers will know.

The crazy and hard-won 2016 finally passed. On December 30th of that year, Meizu and Qualcomm jointly issued a statement and the two parties reconciled.

However, Huang Zhang also missed his final chance to shorten the gap with his "dead opponent."

In 2016, the sales of OPPO and Vivo deep-growing channels and quality doubled and they also approached 100 million sales. Xiaomi encountered Waterloo in China and shipped only 41.5 million units in the year.

This year, Meizu barely sold 20 million mobile phones. Even though it has the best Meizu phone PRO6s and PRO6 Plus in its history, most of its sales come from Charm Blue, which is not surprising.


Meizu Technology Co., Ltd. Zhuhai City, the list of the board of directors, the picture from the sky eye.

The Yellow family gets into trouble

Yeh Ping revealed to PingWest: Even if only MediaTek's P10 and Samsung hand out a small amount of Exynos chips, Meizu still had the ability to sell 30 to 40 million units in 2016, only the Huang family had just Guo Wanxi took over the supply chain from his hands and caused a mess. ”

The frequent charger fire incident is an example, often seen in forums and social media. Yeh Yuan said that the reason for the incident was very simple. The Huang family did not understand the supply chain and replaced the charger supplier, leading to safety problems. ”

"In 2016, the quality of Meizu's products has obviously declined, and it is not unrelated to Huang's family's control of the supply chain." "She added," Huang had more penetration in the company's administrative logistics and procurement departments. ”

In the past few years, the headquarters has been undergoing renovations. This part should always be the responsibility of their own family. The decoration pollution is too serious. ”

Chen Yongming worked directly with the Huang family: "The group in which I live is just a relative of Huang Zhang. It does not work, affects the working atmosphere, and has a cancerous existence. As for the other middle- and high-level Huang family, I am not quite sure about it. ”

In fact, a little study of Meizu's organizational structure, you can find a lot of Huang family figure. According to the information released by the Tianma investigation, of the 12 directors of Meizu Technology, there are four surnames Huang. Apart from Chairman Huang Xiuzhang and Huang Zhang himself, and Huang Heren’s relative status cannot be confirmed, the general manager Huang Baitao is the cousin of Huang Zhang. In the company, he served as Director of Purchasing; Huang Zongpan was the younger brother of Huang Zhang. In the latest structural adjustment of Meizu at the end of 2017, Huang Zhipan also served as senior vice president responsible for key supply chain centers.

In Meizu Communication, an affiliate of Meizu Technology, Huang Xiaopan’s pro-sister Huang Xiaoqin is also on the board. Huang Xiaopan, Huang Botao, and Huang Zhang himself are also on the board. She also serves as vice president of the Ministry of Commerce at Meizu.

Looking at Meizu Communications' change records, you can also find a person named Huang Baiqing who is also Huang's cousin and serves as the vice president of logistics at Meizu.

In addition, Meizu's agents from all regions of the country also have the Huang family.

Huang family is everywhere.


Failed to make PRO7

Impatient doctors

No one knows that after the severe turbulence in 2017, Meizu’s Chairman Huang Zhang, President Bai Yongxiang and Vice President of Marketing Li Nan experienced a profound reorganization. Indulge in a brief description of Huang Zhang, who looks like an outside world person. Bai Yongxiang does not say that Li Nan does not say that whether it is a recent farcical beating or a layoff, the directors and Yang Lan have turned it into a micro-blog. In the case of public figures, hundreds of thousands of people watched, but all three were silent and kept out.

When he was sent to Charm Blue, Li Nan's only action was to deploy a good deed to go to Charm Blue. It was a group of brothers who worked hard with him, tirelessly personal marketing and hot spots.

However, Liu Wei told PingWest that he was forced to leave the company after being bombarded by Yang Wei who had mistaken Meizu on Weibo, and he continued to issue open letters to the director of Meizu's original creative department Zhang Jia. When Meizu and Charm Blue split up, Li Nan The only director who refused to take away. "This" (referring to the verbal battle on Weibo) is a farce of a dog's blood. There is no small advantage for Meizu in both parties. ”

The charm blue slowed down, but Meizu's life-saving straw.

"" Li Nan has an immortal product heart. "Ye Yuan admired Li Nan." Li Nan also used the short-term "Principle" to demonstrate his product capabilities and leadership: Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 processor, 5.99-inch 18:9 full-screen, full-line 6GB RAM Charm Blue E3 Meizu is the most competitive product in more than one year.

Li Nan took over marketing and sales of professional managers, Meizu CMO Yang Hao, in order to digest PRO7 inventory, forced dealers to deliver 1:1 Charm Blue E3 and Meizu PRO7. An interesting detail is: On the second day of Ping Shi Meizu’s layoff plan for the Meizu 2018, Yang Xiao held a small media communication meeting in Beijing to clarify that the failure of the Meizu PRO7 was not caused by him.

The actual situation is also true.

Ye Yuan said that the concept of dual-screen mobile phones first appeared in the 2016 Meizu product roadmap. At that time, Lao Bai (referring to Bai Yongxiang) was responsible for R&D. The person in charge of product planning was dug up from Vivo. ”

Only in the initial planning, the second screen on the back is round. This product was originally scheduled to be available at the end of 2016. Unfortunately, the MediaTek X30 chip has been postponed again. When it was officially launched, it was already a full screen. Originally, it could only be considered as a dual screen that was unconventional, and in the end it could only be described in terms of tastelessness and incompatibility.

Unfortunately, this hot Charm Blue phone is always out of stock. The weakness of the Meizu supply chain is evident.

At the same time, under the instruction of Huang Bing, Yang Lan, who has a salary of 10 million yuan, is using the "mysterious" concept to transform the Meizu brand: from the PRO5's "GOPRO" to the Meizu 15's "sculpture" & rdquo; Meizu's image has made a 180-degree turn.

But kerosene and consumers will not pay for the Buddha.

Meizu such a toss has been tossing, although sometimes absurd to take the board, but the overall young and playable brand, suddenly forced into the nondescript Buddha gene, the degree of division can be imagined. More interesting is: Yang Hao was hung high in the Meizu headquarters and the front desk of the lobby, "only the only one" slogan, in fact, when Yang Hao used to serve in the TCL, simply get Meizu then use a Back.

And was "Exile" to the charm of the blue Li Nan, eventually failed to hold their own one-third of an acre, charm blue brand split soon, the dominant power was recovered by Huang Zhangqiang. Meizu, who had just changed, once again changed dramatically, and anyone could perceive the uncertainty of Meizu's future.

The many talented men who turned along with Li Nan and turned to Charm Blue also left. This includes the peak of Meizu's industrial design in recent years. It is the industrial design leader of PRO6.

This time, the Meizu software system, which was originally exposed to power struggles in the past, has also been affected. Liu Wei worked for Meizu for three years and witnessed Meizu's high light moments. He also witnessed its madness. After leaving the company at the end of 2017, he still cared about the Meizu movement. He told PingWest that the play: Flyme's visual design director Chen Xi had jumped. Going to the undecided, the senior director of Meizu Hangzhou Branch (Zhongzu Mall) jumped to a rising e-commerce giant.

"" Meizu is a company in the blessing of happiness. Now many Internet company-level director-level management from the Meizu, Meizu can see the number of lost talent, & ldquo; Liu Wei said PingWest play.

No one guessed what the Qing Huangzhang was planning. After all, Li Nan was also one of his first assistants. He also pulled out for the Meizu people.AlibabaA huge investment of 590 million U.S. dollars. It was also after Alibaba’s investment that Li Nan and Wang Jian, Zhang Yu, and Ji Gang, three Alibaba representatives, joined Meizu’s board of directors.

Bai Yongxiang is an old partner of Huang Zhang who has been working with him for more than 10 years and established Meizu with him. In 2014, he went to LeTV with the former Meizu vice president and the director of Flyme Ma Lin. Huang Yong’s timely return has retained Bai Yongxiang, and Huang Zhang subsequently announced the equity incentive plan.

Whoever counts the turmoil in this round, there will be many Meizu employees, users, and fans who once loved to leave.

Sadly, they are angry, and almost everyone in the Meizu can see where the Meizu problem lies, but it is just helpless.

Because Meizu surnamed Huang.

Regardless of how far Huang had ever been hiding in the rivers and lakes, he still managed to hold a string tightly.

The Meizu, Cheng also Huang Zhang, defeat also Huang Zhang.

In the official introduction of the Meizu 249 word, the word "dream" was repeated five times, and "hello" appeared six times.

Today, many Meizu employees, including Chen Yongming, Liu Wei and Ye Yuan, are still collecting Meizu's classic products in different forms. They still have dreams, but Meizu has had a hard time bearing the love.

(For the purpose of protecting the source, Liu Wei, Chen Yongming, Ye Yuan and Feng Annan are all aliases; Huang Zhang, Bai Yongxiang, Li Nan, Yang Lan, and Zhang Jia are all real names).

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