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In the first quarter, 140 thousand retail investors came in to kill the music agency.

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Original title: in the first quarter, 140 thousand retail investors fought and killed the music network: Huijin did not move, the chapter Jianping reduced.

Chen Yuxi, an surging journalist

In the reporting period, the company's reputation and credibility are still in a serious negative public opinion whirlpool, due to the continued impact of the company's financial tension and liquidity. In the first quarter of 2018, the advertising revenue, terminal revenue and membership income of the company declined sharply compared with the same period last year. Due to the year-on-year decline in operating income, the company's normal operating costs (such as CDN, apportionment and manpower) have also declined compared to the previous year, of which CDN and broadband fees and cost of apportionment fell by 37.88% and 67.40% in the first quarter of 2018 compared with the same period of last year. Meanwhile, the cost of financing during the reporting period has not declined significantly, and the financial cost has increased by 38.90% over the same period last year.

Because music network in 2017 to push forward major assets restructuring and long term suspension, until January 24, 2018, a quarterly report period, music network has been ushered in some of the limited sale of shares, so a quarterly report of the top ten shareholder list has been significantly different than the 2017 annual report.

Jia Yueting is still the controlling shareholder of the music network, with a shareholding ratio of 25.67%, but it has all been frozen and almost all being pledged. As a result of the bursting of the warehouse, Jia Yue Pavilion is likely to lose the equity of the music network, which leads to the change of the actual controller of the music view network.

And the two shareholders of LETV, namely, Jiali Rui Huixin, a financial creation department, has a shareholding ratio of 8.56%, all in pledge.

It is worth mentioning that the Central Huijin Asset Management Co., Ltd. of the top ten largest shareholders in the 2017 annual report of music network, still holds no move, ranking fourth of the top ten shareholders in the 2018 quarterly report, with a shareholding ratio of 1.4%.

The top ten shareholders' shareholding in the first quarterly report of the music Vision Network

Institutional cutting of meat

In August 2016, music network is not publicDevelopmentNew shares of 106 million shares, the issue price of 45.01 yuan / share (22.5 yuan / share after the restoration of power), the limit of the sale period is 12 months from the date of the new shares listed, the total amount of funds raised by 4 billion 800 million yuan.

Among them, finance and Finance Fund Management Co., Ltd. was allocated 39 million 100 thousand shares and 1 billion 759 million yuan, and Zhang Jianping was awarded 24 million 880 thousand shares and 1 billion 120 million yuan. The Harvest Fund Management Company was allocated a sum of 959 million yuan and 21 million 320 thousand shares, and 959 million yuan was allocated for the management of Limited by Share Ltd. A number of 21 million 320 thousand shares.

And this year after the resumption of music network, 11 consecutive limit. According to the announcement of the ban on the day of February 6th, the share price of the music network was 5.36 yuan / share, the number of China mail fund and the Jiashi fund were 42 million 657 thousand shares, the double pairs floating losses of 730 million yuan, the 78 million 200 thousand shares of the finance fund, 1 billion 340 million yuan, the 49 million 767 thousand shares of the Jianping, and 850 million yuan. The total of the four families floated 3 billion 650 million yuan.

In 2016, Niu Sanzhang, Jianping, which had participated in the music network's growth, chose to sell after the lifting of the ban in February. The shareholding ratio decreased from 1.25% to 0.62%. Cao Yong's shareholding ratio also decreased by 1% of LETV in the first quarter, and its shareholding ratio dropped from 1.62% to 0.62%.

Jianping and Cao Yong, who quickly cut the meat after the ban, were listed in the 2017 annual report as the two fund products of China Post Fund, the top ten shareholders of the net, which had disappeared in the ranks of the top ten shareholders in the 2018 quarterly report.

However, the fund is still "left behind". In the quarterly report of LETV, the two financial management schemes of CAITONG fund are listed in the ninth largest shareholder with a shareholding ratio of 0.56%.

The number of shareholders nearly doubled in 3 months

The 2017 annual report released by music network showed that the total number of shareholders was 186 thousand, while the 2018 quarterly report had increased to 327 thousand, 1.75 times that of three months ago. The number of shares held per household was reduced from 21 thousand shares to 12 thousand shares.

These figures mean that agencies are leaving and retail groups are gathering. In the first quarter of this year, at least more than 10 of the 141 thousand retail investors were fighting when music resumed.

After the chairman of the net, in March 25th, Sun Hongbin said in an interview with the media, "the institutional investors have gone, the rest is the scattered households in the fry, the money is fried, very fatal," Sun Hongbin said, "music network has now become a typical demon stock."

As to the chairman of the net, Sun Hongbin's explanation is that he is responsible for the retail account. "The music net is 11 billion 600 million in 2017. This situation is still running for me, and the future is lost. I can't afford this responsibility."

In April 20th, the market trading supervision of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange said this week, this week, the total of 161 securities trading behavior of the survey, involving the lifting of stock prices, stock prices, false declaration, reverse transaction and other abnormal transactions, the timely adoption of regulatory measures. Regulatory measures were taken for the 8 accounts involved in the "music network" stock speculation.

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