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Small programs: The next new battleground between Baidu, Ali and Tencent

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Original title: Applets: BAT's Next New Battleground

Author: Li Xing

Leads: How does Longtail Apple live in WeChat “Decentralized Product Ecology&rdquo?

Since Zhang Xiaolong changed the application number to "small program", the product trend of small programs has always been a fascinating experience for developers and entrepreneurs. The current development of small programs has gradually grown over a period of more than seven years ago. From being an app to the peak of life, to being a public account with a valuation of RMB 10 million, it is now possible to get a large amount of financing from front-line VCs, including unicorn beast catcher Zhu Xiaohu, on various occasions. Statement, "Do not look at the blockchain, and quickly go to the small business ah! ”

When we talk about "small programs", the context generally refers to the "WeChat widget", which is a bit unfair, Alipay also made a small program last year, Taobao member code stores are also like small The program; Baidu is the earliest originator of small programs, from light applications (lightApp) to the direct number and then to the small companies that re-entered online in April this year, the reality is very cruel, and the user's name is generally the same as the general reference to the WeChat subscription number. .

WeChat has basically focused on linking "products" (small programs) after it has basically completed the "people" (social) and "content" (social media) tasks. App, but the growth rate of the WeChat applet is very bright. According to the QuestMobile report, the monthly live size of the WeChat applet exceeds 400 million from January 2017 to March 2018, and the number of live users reached 144 million in the small program day last month. With a penetration rate of 43.9%, there is still much room for growth. More and more applications have developed a small program version, so that later mobile product evaluation agencies do user data to do "dual" contrast.


Then, among the three BAT families, why only the WeChat applets have strong user traffic and ecological scene capabilities? How can small programs survive in WeChat ecology?

Why aren't Alibaba's applets and Baidu applets so hot?

Essentially, the applet is a hyper-app that continuously spawns countless sub-apps for the parent application, making the Super App a new mobile Internet infrastructure. After various requirements are met by different small programs, it is easy to grow similar. The ecology of Apple's App Store. Therefore, since the creation of the WeChat applet, the giants have been very anxious. Ali is worried that social networking providers of small programs will form a closed loop within the Tencent system. Baidu is worried that people's search needs will be satisfied by small program searches.

1. Alibaba.com bets "new retail" and expand offline scenes

Ma Yun had commented on WeChat this way. When he first came out, he was "stunned" and later thought that "only this", and in the past few years, the impact of WeChat payment on Alipay in the fragmented payment scenario was obvious; The WeChat applet has played a big game in the next game. Only a single player that has hatched from a small program has become a trump card of Tencent's strategic impact on the monopoly position of Taobao.

Ali's incubator base for making small programs is Alipay and Taobao, and Alipay's applets are more of a utility application on the convenience property and belong to the "Run Out" style. A significant change in this year's Taobao is no longer a pure e-commerce platform, but an online new retail base. Currently Taobao has integrated "O2O business such as Taobao Takeaway", "Pig Travel" and "Olympic Search Box". "Membership Code" is actually a diversion to the user's location near the offline store. Local life service business.

In the Taobao platform model, to achieve a complex, non-standard to the store or home service scene, you have to use the download-free installation package of the "small program" product form to achieve better closed-loop flow, because Taobao itself is Ali. The product diversion base has a relatively strong technological accumulation for light application, and the product experience is not bad. But Ali's small program can only open up e-commerce scenarios on small programs, but there is no way to enrich other formats. The profit model of Ali E-commerce determines that merchants still need to buy platform traffic or rebates.


(Taobao Homepage has increased the number of local living services. The membership code is actually a small shop program. At present, Alipay uses a relatively high-frequency shared bicycle program.)

2. The way out of the Baidu applet is to make a landing page for information flow ads

The strength of Baidu's link information is more accurately linked to the official website or webmaster. This advantage is weakened in the WeChat ecosystem by the public number and the self-media. The next trend for companies to become official websites may be to create a small program (the cost of developing an app. Relatively high), after all, the 400 million users on the PC side each had an official website, which is similar to the WeChat applet users. Therefore, Baidu doesn't push small programs anymore. It really is a bit late.

The previous light application was not done because Baidu did not have a fist-level app band on the mobile terminal. Baidu’s mobile transformation has been completed in the past 2 years. In 2016, Handitra’s information flow advertising business grew at a growth rate of 20% from the previous month, which is in parallel with the big search business. , is Baidu's long-term cash flow business invested in AI technology research and development. Follow-up Baidu mobile information flow, is expected to access some of the better experience of the small program site, the home page to the user Push (recommended) presented, without having to jump to the customer's App, the use of experience than the H5 type of advertising landing The page is much better.

The author found that on April 12 Baidu App’s “usual service” was launched on the “Yesense Used Car” applet, and it has not yet entered the home page.

The shortcoming of Baidu applet lies in its small market share in mobile payment, and there is no way to completely open payment scenarios within its own ecosystem; and perhaps only a small program merchant that cooperates with Baidu can get similar "browser area" recommendations as well as the homepage. Traffic recommendation, which will limit the interest of many corporate developers stationed.


(Baidu applet is currently only used as a common service, Youxin used car as a model, experience App, no payment function)

How does the long tail applet survive in WeChat's decentralized product ecology?

At present, Ali applet and Baidu applet cannot compete with the WeChat applet. More is just for strategic defensive purposes, and other mobile products are not likely to be small programs anymore, and their own traffic is not enough.

The unique endorsement of the WeChat applet lies in its user base, high openness, and user stickiness. It has a real personal account and a social relationship chain. More and more people use WeChat to pay, and the most important thing is that WeChat tries to cultivate it. Decentralized "small" program ecosystem, rather than centralized distribution of traffic for system allocation. WeChat will allow users to independently select applets. The WeChat homepage pull-down presentation is a small program commonly used by users, facilitating users to develop habits.

Astar believes that the WeChat applet also serves Tencent's business model, but entrepreneurs can rest assured that just as WeChat builds the public ecosystem, it doesn't need to rake in or charge a public number. Tencent itself Games and investments have abundant profits. Tencent does not intend to compete with small program operators for profit. Instead, it requires all users, companies, products, etc. to play in Tencent's own ecosystem. Only in this way will there be a steady stream of traffic that will provide fertile ground for its business model.

Many entrepreneurs and companies are keenly aware that the WeChat applet is replicating the logic of the success of the public account. Soon the applet will become the standard for the company. Just as the 20 million public accounts can really survive, there are very few, but small ones. The pain points of the program operators are also related to WeChat's "Decentralized Product Ecology":

(1) At present, many of the head applets are Tencent's own development or investment projects. Many entrepreneurs are worried that my users will stay in WeChat, and the data will run on WeChat.

(2) How to design a tool whose experience is not worse than App in combination with its own business logic still requires industry solutions. Most of the small program developers in the market are mixed.

(3) Small programs cannot push messages to users like public numbers. How to wake up retained users and increase conversion rate becomes an operational problem.

The benefit of decentralized product ecosystem is that the pain points of these small programs will be solved by WeChat third-party service providers. They themselves are developers who have in-depth cooperation with WeChat, are familiar with the game rules of small programs, and are the entrepreneurs of other WeChat small programs. The service platform has thus become the focus of investment in the capital market in the applet of small programs. The author found that the platform of the public number service provider has been transformed into a small program platform. They deal with traditional small and medium-sized enterprises more, understand their pain points and needs, and the development of small programs and the previous experience of the public micro-market can be very In a good combination, the Microfinance completed a D1 round of financing of 1.009 billion in April, which shows that the capital market is optimistic for small-program business services (to B business).

The mobile Internet is more like traffic, and the micro-program is the user transaction and interactive product that WeChat currently promotes. The Sun Microsystems founder Sun Taoyong's concept may be easier to understand Zhang Xiaolong's small program. Connect the ambition of all things & rdquo;, small programs can increase the official website, plus the public number, power providers, plus stores, plus advertising, so many gameplay companies without development and operating experience to play alone, may not be able to fully release its & ldquo; All channels & quot; value, and how to comply with WeChat's relatively complex, changing product rules have to be guided by small program service providers, and the rise of small program service platforms to meet this market just need.

The most important thing in the WeChat applet service platform is not technology. The underlying technology of Wechat has already been simplified. The real barrier is the accumulation of operating experience in different vertical industries. It is difficult for a service provider who only has a few small programs to deal with it. The dividends are just in front of us, but the real ones that can be played and captured are still a few. This two-year or so window of dividends is costly to try and make, so that the small program service platform is prone to “headed” Matthew's benefit. .

Providing application services for small programs is a technical activity. For example, the logic of small programs such as micro-electronics providers, smart restaurants, smart food delivery, and smart beauty industry is certainly not the same. Trading in different scenarios, official websites, stores, or conferences is not small. The interaction of the program is also different. Previously, the teams that assisted entrepreneurs and enterprises in different industries to do micro-sites and micro-distribution have highlighted the advantages of understanding the business. I believe that this is a positive view of the capital market that micro-major has become a contributor to the development and operation of small-to-medium-sized enterprise owners for small programs. important reason.

Although the applet has more than 50 traffic entries, it is necessary to rely on the “public number + applet” combination punch method to solve the problem of small program promotion. The number of public fans is high, but the entrance is relatively deep and the opening rate is high. Low, small program entrance, use can be high frequency, long-tailed SME users can use the public number and small program incremental advantage, can save a lot of promotion costs, and enrich the promotion of small programs, such as the public number insert small Programs, two-dimensional code design fan distribution mechanism, multi-multi-style social + team mode, platinum Tao Hotel-style micro-channel card voucher marketing, gift-style gifts, etc. can learn from and imitate, "professional people do professional things "Astar believes that the small program service providers have mastered enough operational tools and solutions."


Zhang Xiaolong said that the applet is not prepared for e-commerce, meaning that the applet can be widely used in many application scenarios such as content, social networking, stores, and tools. Perhaps content e-commerce, social e-commerce, fan marketing, and local lifestyle services can Really detonated through small programs.

When Tencent becomes the "domestic and offline" of the SMEs, Tencent will finally open the gap with Alila.


The applet will become a new battlefield for the giants. The reason why Ali and Baidu have no way to compete with the WeChat applet is mainly related to their business model, the diversified needs of the connected users, and the thinking of the centralized traffic portal product. It is understood that the WeChat applet is The process of commercialization will accelerate in 2018. This is the mobile Internet entrepreneur's flow dividend, and it is also an offline store and a company that embraces the WeChat internet opportunity. How to survive in the WeChat complex flow universe must learn from professional WeChat ecosystem service providers, and third-party services Whether the platform can export small program e-commerce and marketing energy to long-tailed small and medium-sized entrepreneurs is an important role for the WeChat applet ecology.

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