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Wechat on the line "hot topics" original public number new traffic entrance

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What is the hot topic? Where is the entrance?

What is the "hot topic"? According to the official introduction of WeChat,This is a reading product that aggregates qualified articles through hotspot eventsThe main interface is shown in the figure below:

Hot topics page

Under a hot topic, there will be a list of articles and opinions on the same hot topics discussed by different public numbers, including the number of public names participating in the topic, the number of public names + avatars, the core views of the articles, and the headline + title of the public titles. Similar to the circle of friends who share articles. Click on the public number head, directly into the public numberHistory message page.

This is equivalent to a “friendship circle” of a specific topic that consists of a public number.

Hot topics have two entrances, the first one isTake a lookIt is similar to the "hot topics" that existed in the past, but "hot topics" only featured five related articles, while "hot topics" were even more abundant, adding direct presentation of article views.

More crucial is the second entrance:Public article bottom.

When a user taps into a public article that participates in a hot topic discussion and then clicks on the bottom topic tab after reading, he can enter the hot topic page and discover more of the same topic.

The validity of the two entrances is different. Once you join the hot topic,Tags will appear at the bottom of the article for a long time.And when you look at it, it will be based on how hot and spread the topic isDistribute within 24 hours - 48 hours.

Who will decide the hot topics for each time?The official stated that it is determined by WeChat big data capabilities and manual screening.

How to participate in hot topics?

So, how can we get to the "hot topics" page?

The official explanation is:Invitation system. "If the content of the public article matches the hot topic of the platform definition, the administrator of the public number will receive an invitation to participate in the hot topic."

For the screening of articles, the official standard is: The public number will be comprehensively considered.User activity, article quality, fit of articles and hot topics, richness of opinions, and timeliness of articlesand many more.

The view on the page is written and submitted by the administrator of the public number after accepting the invitation. When filling out the viewpoints, WeChat also set some norms, "Helps quickly pass approvals and get better placements"Specifications include: To be consistent with the subject of the article, can be the extraction or extension of the article (will affect the placement); should comply with relevant norms.

After the idea is submitted successfully, it will appear on the hot topic and there will be a hot topic tag at the bottom of the current article.

So what type of public number is more likely to be invited to participate in hot topics? According to official instructions, a small number of public numbers were previously invited to participate in the closed beta of hot topics.Follow-up will be open to more and more original public numbers. From this it can be seen that the communicators who continue to create original content are more likely to benefit from the hot topic feature.

Why is WeChat doing this?

Why does WeChat have to go online? The WeChat official explained in the explanation:

We hope to use this feature to recommend high quality hot topic articles to more users and bring more exposure and value to high quality content creators.

Combining this explanation with the above description, we can see some of WeChat's intentions of launching this product:

1. Create a more dimensional content ecology

WeChat hopes to let users understand the causes and different points of view of the same hotspot event through "hot topics", and should also want to adopt this approach to let WeChat content ecology be more diverse and three-dimensional.

Not only that, WeChat clearly pointed out that how to fill in the opinions of the public on the hot topics may also affect the presentation of the articles.Having distinctive and unique viewpoints is increasingly important in hot spots. Please note that it is a unique and distinct point of view, not the title party.

2. Look at the empowerment with the public number

Take a look at the fact that although the movement has been continuously introduced, it has always been tepid. One of the most important reasons is that the entrance is too deep. The new list of the day before yesterday had tweeted "Look at" and finally made a big move? What is the impact on the public number? ” It is mentioned that taking a look at the speed of iterations may be accelerating.

However, from the background feedback of the new list, many users may still not know where to look for a look. Compared with the user's ecology of the public number, it is more of an addict.

From this perspective, WeChat opened the public number and looked at it, which is equivalent to viewing the diversion with the public number.It will play a great role in further empowerment and user habits..

3. Improve reading efficiency

Here's another reference to Zhang Xiaolong's old saying: "Subscriptions are just a collection of subscriptions. We should improve the efficiency of reading a user's subscriptions, and how to subscribe to the user's subscription. ”

It is not difficult to see that whether it is to look at the actions in the past year or the “hot discussion topic” of the public number on the line this time, the core issue is “reading efficiency”.

If you take a look at Zhang Xiaolong who is the schoolmaster who focuses on users, then the hot topic is that of this book.WeChat Hotbook“Users can open this folded column, and they can focus on understanding the ins and outs of a hotspot, a hundred schools of thought, and the public’s point of view.

You know, the "hot topic" is the final "subscription into a book" after the official screening of WeChat, which may mean that some users do not like the automatic blocking of content.Of course, it may also screen out some users want to see.The flow distribution is changing.

At the same time, WeChat may also want to increase the influence of content through hotspot concentration effects.

4. More opportunities for the trumpet through large size

For users who are concerned about large size, it is entirely possible to enter the hot topic topic homepage through the large-scale topic label, and then see other high-quality hot topics.

To some extent, it is not ruled out that this is using large size to guide the trumpet, giving high quality content trumpet more chances to stand out.

What is the impact on the public number?

For the public number, the hot topic is the opportunity and challenge.

1. Breakthrough number of fans around the city, high quality trumpet may counterattack

See above. In addition, not just trumpet, the original public number push can only reach the subscribers and spread through social distribution. Hot topics may be recommendedBreak through the restrictions on the number of fans of these public numbers and bring the right content to more suitable people.

2. Hot pursuit of hot competition in the market

If a public article can be included in the hot topic, it means that users who are concerned about the hot spot may see their article. This will greatly enhance the reading and attention of the public article. In particular, it is the public number that is displayed in front of the hot topics.

This will be a very straightforward official recommendation and will inevitably inspire more people to participate in hot pursuit. The hot market will be even more intense.

3. Accelerated elimination of similar public numbers

When these hot-spot articles are placed in the same column, the pressure of comparison of the same title is also obvious.

The subject competition on many hot topics is often a frontal confrontation between similar public numbers. For example, if a celebrity is married, most of the chasing hotspots are public numbers in the field of emotional entertainment. This may speed up the elimination of similar public numbers.

4. Enter hot topic, may help powder

The public figure head page of the hot discussion topic page is the history message page. If no attention has been paid to the public number, the “Follow” button will be displayed. This means that if you have the opportunity to discuss the topic, it may be helpful to increase your meal.


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