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Millet employees annual salary less than 170 thousand yuan, executives are up to 40 million

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Millet IPO can be said to be the most sensational event in the Internet circle since 2018. Some questions about its valuation, business model and other issues emerge in endlessly, some of which have been remoncled, but many of them have been erroneous.

In accordance with the principle of seeking truth from facts, sina finance carefully studies the more than 500 page prospectus of millet, trying to find out a lot of details scattered in the corner, from a more perceptual point of view, and to publish a series of valuable original reports.

Today is the first article of the millet series, focusing on the salary of ordinary millet employees, employee stock ownership and the personal interests of senior executives.

The per capita salary of employees is only 167 thousand and 300 yuan per year

Millet IPO has brought many wealth myths, most typical of the following two kinds:

First, the price of the founding executives, such as the Lei Jun, is a problem.

According to the data, the Lei Jun, through a variety of complex designs, holds a total of 31.41% of the stock of millet; the co - founder and President Lin Bin holds 13.33%; the co - founder and brand strategy officer, Li Wan, has 3.24%.

These three are the core and soul of the millet, the largest share of the executives, the millet successfully listed, if according to the valuation of 70 billion -800 billion dollars, the Lei Jun personal value directly in 200-300 billion dollars, Lin Bin and Li Wanqiang also successfully promoted billionaires row.

The second is the employee's personal worth. Over a long period of time, Xiaomi has adopted three wage settlement methods, that is, two thirds of the compensation equity option, one third of the compensation equity option, or all of the cash. The threshold for providing equity incentives is not very high, for example, customer service staff as long as work for more than half a year, good performance, give options.

Millet prospectus to disclose the time point, millet 145 million 130 thousand employees of more than 5500 people have chosen to hold the way, so the outside world's first 1000 of the employees will be driven by equity incentive to become a million.

Such a situation must be true, but the number is exaggerated, sina finance is more concerned about the large number of employees, how has these 8 years been? How did they get paid for their work?

According to the information shown in the prospectus, the salary, salary and spending of millet in 2017 were 2 billion 428 million yuan. If the number of 145 million 130 thousand employees in March 31, 2018 was calculated, the average annual salary of each employee was only 167 thousand and 300 yuan (there is no consideration of the number of new workers in the first 3 months of 2018).

The average annual salary of 167 thousand and 300 yuan is ten thousand yuan, which is a bit distressed. The welfare benefits in the Internet circle are super goodtencentThe data released in the 2017 annual report is 65 thousand yuan per person monthly wage, and the average annual salary of adults is over 700 thousand yuan.

The per capita salary of five executives is 40 million yuan per year

No comparison, no harm, and a group of data to estimate the employees of millet will be more anxious.

Although the average annual salary of Xiaomi is very low, the executives are very high. The total pay of the top five, disclosed in the book of documents, was 196 million yuan in 2017, and this was a compacted salary, up to $282 million in 2016.

This means that the top five executives in 2016 had an annual salary of 56 million, though they dropped some in 2017, but still close to 40 million yuan.

Close millet also lists the 5 executives' salary distribution, one of the annual salary of 1-1.5 billion, and one in three years from 2015 to 2017, and 2 executives with a annual salary of 30 million yuan -1 billion; a person with an annual salary of less than 10 million yuan in 2016 and more than 10 million yuan in 2017, which means five. The group of top executives jumped more than ten million yuan.

The income of the top management group is a bit higher than that of the same industry. According to the latest chairman's salary list of A shares in 2016, the assistant general manager of the general manager of Haitong Securities, which has the highest salary, is only 15 million 490 thousand yuan a year. In 2017, the average salary of the top executives of the financial industry is only 23 million 160 thousand yuan, which is far from the whole or the single value and the millet.

In the Hong Kong stock market, the salary is also very high. If you are not forgetful, the last time the salary of Hong Kong stock executives was heated was Yang Yuanqing, whose annual salary of up to 118 million 960 thousand yuan in 2015 was "the most expensive" of Chinese Hong Kong stocks, known as the most famous "migrant worker" in China.

But Yang Yuanqing's achievements over the past years have been very obvious, not only bad, but also recently been kicked out of the constant generation share.

From the current data, the millet top management team of more than 100 million yuan high pay people, about the rate of listing more than Yang Yuanqing's income, do not know whether this is good or bad.

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