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Apple Soul Designer Talks About Apple Watch: The Origin and Evolution of a Product

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Jony Ive is one of the most important people of Apple. He laid the design style of the existing products.

On the morning of May 10, Apple's design director Jony Ive recently received an exclusive interview with Hodinkee magazine about the origin, development process, evolution, and future of Apple Watch.


Jonathan Ivey is an Englishman who was awarded the title of Knight of the Knights by the British Queen in 2011.

Jobs does not wear a watch

Ivey’s own first mechanical watch was the Omega SPEEDMASTER series watch he purchased in Kowloon, Hong Kong in 1992. At that time, he was deeply attracted by the temperament of that watch, and he deeply loved the embodiment of the invention. , ambition and courage ”.


Ivey bought the first mechanical watch is Omega Speedmaster

Watches (high-end products are also called watches) have always been regarded as a category of luxury goods or works of art and are loved by high-end people. But strangely, Apple’s late CEO Steve Jobs seems to have no interest in this. Ivey recalled that he had never seen Steve Jobs wearing a watch.


Jobs does not wear watches very much, the most popular is when he was young with Japanese Seiko watch this photo

Ivey said that the first time he officially discussed the product was a few months after Jobs’ death, Apple was keenly aware that it needed to choose a new route for itself: we spent some time to stop and think about the direction we wanted. The trajectory of a company, and our motivation.

Ivey thinks that making a watch is the same as making a mobile phone. "Imagine the clock tower, how magnificent they are." They are large computers. But you can't put the clock tower at home. In the 1980s, people couldn't bring large computers to the house. However, with the passage of time and technological progress, all this became possible. This is a wonderful connection.

"The watch" concept is to make technology "more humane, closer to the people", Apple has seen it as "customary" over the years "continuation".

“What is our contribution to users? I think there is no doubt that since the 1970s, Apple has made difficult-to-understand and inaccessible technologies easy to understand and understand. ”

Make a watch

Smart watches and mobile phones or computers are not a product, and its production (or development process) is typical and not typical for Apple designers.

Early in the product development phase, the team found no similar product to learn. Although the company's most famous maxim is "We don't do market research." "We don't hire consultants." But when developing the Apple Watch, their team actually communicated with the outside world, or learned.


People who contacted Apple at the beginning of the watch, covering science, art, humanities

The list given by Ivey includes both watchmakers, antique watch experts, directors of the Royal Observatory, heads of the Museum of Technology and Engineering of the London Science Museum, astrophysicists of Oxford University, and even writers. Lecturer in Psychology. Ivey's friend Mark Newson (also referred to by Marc Newson) and the development of Apple Watch, because he is not only a famous designer, but also has many experience in designing watches.

If you look at Newson's 1986 and 2006 watch designs, you will understand why the current Apple Watch is like this. There are too many signs of Newson's design on this product.


Marc Newson's Three Watch Designs

In the final product, Apple made a hardware called "Digital Crown", which is both a tribute to the tradition, but also for practical functions, the watch is not iPhone or iPad, can not be completely used by the point screen, so There are more interactive ways of class, and the digital crown is one of them. There is also the Force Touch Touch & Mdash; — As we all know, this technology has continued to the iPhone.


Digital Crown is an Apple Watch invention

The mechanism developed by Apple for Apple Watch is not just a crown. Many of the designs on this product are brand-new, even including the outermost strap, such as the Milanese strap, which are attached to the two metal ends. Together, a seemingly simple but easy-to-use design, "We do this not because we have to do this, but because we believe it is correct. ”


Milanese's magnetic deduction

The evolution of watches

In the past three years, the appearance of the Apple Watch has not changed, but the positioning and function are not always the same. In the early days, Apple also tried to use 18K gold to create watches, allowing Apple to enter the luxury brand, although later the gold watch seems to have failed. But Ivey thinks that this attempt is not meaningless. "The Edition of Production Edition has brought us into a product space that we haven't visited before," and working in the field of gold and ceramics is a purposeful "mdash;" Expand Apple's scope, but also from the perspective of materials science.

He believes that Apple's materials science team now understands these basic attributes and attributes that they have not done before. This will help shape the future of the product and Apple's understanding of what makes sense.


Singer Beyoncé was a user of 18K gold watches

Today, health has become the dominant feature of Apple Watch. This kind of function is actually also on the first generation of watches, but after that, the user's love for it seems to be getting stronger and stronger, so the health function is more and more abundant and important, and Apple also intends to modify the route of this product.

Apple has never disclosed the sales of Apple Watch. Ivey did not disclose it in this interview. However, the total amount should not be small: In September 2017, Cook announced that Apple’s total revenue from sales of watches exceeded Rolex.


Cook announced that Apple Watch sales revenue exceeded Rolex at the iPhone conference in September last year

With regard to the fact that there is less selling in the end, Apple has never disclosed it, and Ivey did not say it in this interview. He just said that seeing positive feedback from users is even more satisfying than being the biggest watch maker.

At the press conference in September 2017, Apple released a short video of the user's feedback, —— one of the users was from China. He was a blind person and used Apple Watch to help himself. Sina Technology also interviewed this person.A group of visually impaired people makes a difference Apple Watch purpose.

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