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“beauty” WeChat lured investors to bet “IPO concept stocks”

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"Beauty" recommends new three stocks

In early 2017, a “beauty” named Zhong Wei searched for Chang Jin through WeChat. The portrait of Zhong Wei was a “white Fu Mei” who looked gentle and pleasant. Daily Zhonghe and ChangJin gags, "mutual appeal heartache", occasionally in the traffic jam, shoot a long traffic jam, inadvertently escape the luxury car logo, and revealed that he invested in the new three-plate stocks to make a lot of money.

Changjin is mainly engaged in daily chemical business in Fujian and has some savings. After the two met for several months, one day, Zhong Rong told Chang Jin that new investment opportunities came. She had “inside information” and learned that the new three-plate company Liwei Bio (836185) was going to go public. Now is the future of buying. Ten times the income, she is ready to invest, and "make money to do charity," and also urged Chang Jin to join this "make a fortune" opportunity. After a period of exchange, Chang Jin felt that the “beauty” person had good intentions, gradually built up trust, and expressed interest in the investment.

Because he has never been in contact with the capital market, Changjin does not have a stock account, nor is it a qualified investor for the new three boards. The “beautiful” beauty also helped Chang Jin find the bridge capital, did accounting practice certification, and forged information opened a new three-plate trading account. “The bridge funds plus the accounting certificate, together spent 21,000 yuan.” After the stock account was opened, in the second half of 2017, Changjin, under the guidance of Zhong Rong, was transferred several times in the secondary market through an agreement, and bought Livia Biostock at a price of around RMB 15 per share. It costs about 500,000 yuan. After the stock was bought, Zhong Kui soon dismissed the contact with Chang Jin on the ground that he had to go abroad for further training.

Similar problems also occurred in dozens of investors such as Li Ying in Hebei, Xiao Xia in Jiangxi, and Zhou Bo in Shanghai. They all passed “beauties” or “friends” who were introduced in layers. According to the rough statistics of the Securities Times, the amount of money involved in this part of the investor’s contact with reporters only reached tens of millions of yuan.

"IPO concept stocks" far from the market

The stocks they purchased, with the exception of Levi Biosciences, Zhengxin Optoelectronics, and Liyuan (838908), all without exception, recommenders told investors that these stocks are preparing IPOs and “can earn dozens of times”.

According to the analysis of Chang Jin, after these “beauties” added friends, they would “inadvertently” inquire about their net worth and familiarity with the capital market, and then “prescribe the right medicine”. The investors who are deceived by them are more unified in their characteristics. They have basically not been exposed to the capital market, do not understand the conditions of the IPO, and the complicated doorway of the IPO companies.

After he noticed an anomaly, "I looked for a friend who was familiar with the stock. The company couldn't be listed in the short term and we began to worry about it." Chang Jin said. Liwei Biotech, which Changjin bought, had a revenue of 18.42 million yuan in 2017 and a loss of nearly 5 million yuan. Compared with the previous year, its operating income rose slightly, and net profit turned profitable. In August 2017, Liwei Biological directly announced that the company did not have an IPO plan and did not issue IPO news. At the beginning of 2018, Chang Jin was in urgent need of selling stocks because of the need for capital turnover. He found that he wanted to sell but could not sell them.

Some of the other new board companies involved, such as Zhengxin Optoelectronics and Liyuan, have not even published the 2017 annual report as of this writing. Some investors have received news that the two companies are preparing to delist. In terms of past performance, Zhengxin Optoelectronics has the best performance. In 2016, its operating income was nearly 2.3 billion yuan, and its net profit was nearly 200 million yuan. Liyuan's 2017 earnings report stated that its operating income was 450 million yuan and net profit was 38 million yuan. Among them, Li Yuanji signed the IPO Cooperation Framework Agreement with the Fed Securities on August 25, 2017 and has not yet entered the listing guidance. Zhengxin Optoelectronics has not released any announcement on IPO, but the information on Zhengxin Optronics' “completely in compliance with the conditions for listing on the Main Board” and the “coming IPO” on the Internet has been flying all over the place. The announcement of these news is no exception. All of them are recommending New Third Board stocks. In addition, the Securities Times reporter noted that on August 14, 2017, Li Yuanji also issued a statement stating that some lawbreakers had forged and misappropriated shares in the name of the company and said that the company had reported the case.

Recently, Li Ying, an investor in Zhengxin Optoelectronics, learned that the company may delist and urgently contacted the person who originally recommended him to buy stocks. The other party still insists that even if the company withdraws from the market, it will be listed directly, or it will be acquired, and the proceeds will remain. It will be very impressive. In order to verify the relevant information, the reporter repeatedly called Zhengxin Optoelectronics and Liyuan to publish the person in charge of the letter, but no one answered.

Qualified to recommend the new three board stock?

Behind Changjin and Li Ying’s purchase of new three-plate stocks, the two companies gradually emerged.

Among them, according to Chang Jin, Zhong Rong, who recommended stocks, claimed to be an asset management company from Beijing. His friends also visited this company. The Securities Times reporter called the company as an investor, but the company stated that “there is a new three-board listing business, but we did not recommend the new three-plate stock business to our customers through WeChat, and we should not be deceived”. According to public information, the asset management company has recruited “Internet sales (high-paid + high-pitched + two-times)” on several recruitment platforms. Job responsibilities include: communicating with customers via social channels and other social tools; providing professional investment for customers. Consulting services, actively solve investment problems for customers, tap the "potential" of customers, and promote signed contracts with interested customers. For the company that did not recommend a new three-plate stock business, Chang Jin believes that because the company recently found more troubled investors, the company began to be cautious.

According to Li Ying’s investigation, the person who recommended stocks to him was an employee of a consulting company in Chongqing. In the recruitment information of the consulting company, the reporter found that his job positions include equity manager, fund manager, equity sales manager, new board sales manager, and investment bank manager. The promotion content of a company’s sales staff suspected to be published on a social platform shows that the company “is a professional service organization focusing on equity and stocks in the Chongqing area”. The business scope includes: IPO consulting, stock company consulting, targeting the new three board Pre - Transfer of IPO corporate equity, market value management, stock allocation, futures investment, etc. The reporter called the consulting company and the other party stated that the company did indeed recommend the business of the new Third Board stock to the customer through WeChat and others. However, the business registration is queried, and its business scope does not include investment and securities business. It only includes business management consulting, marketing planning, and advertising. Regarding whether the company exceeded the scope of business, suspected of illegally introducing stocks, etc., the staff who answered the reporter’s phone were not clear.

Or through brokerage rights

In the judgment of the Jing'an District Court against the illegal operation of the new 3rd board stocks, the official disclosed that the defendant controlled a number of new 3rd board stock accounts and acquired the shares at a low price from the original shareholders of the relevant new 3rd board listed companies or through a definite increase. Sales usewebsite, Wechat, QQ, etc. solicit customers, claiming that the relevant stocks will soon be listed on the market, and there will be a large room for appreciation. This will induce investors to defraud and even open up new three-board trading rights for most investors. Then the defendant raised the stock price by internal transfer, and then induced the investor to buy at a high price to make a spread. The total criminal transaction involved in the case amounted to 43.488 million yuan. This is similar to the problems encountered by most of the aforementioned investors. Therefore, investors who believe that they have been deceived have also begun to exercise rights, and even have to go to the regulatory authorities such as the Securities Regulatory Commission and stock transfer companies to “find out”.

For such issues, the China Securities Regulatory Commission has conducted risk education in 2016 and hopes investors are alert to the new three board investment scam. At the same time, the China Securities Regulatory Commission has stated in its risk education that such disputes among investors are mostly civil issues and are not within the supervision of the securities regulatory authority. However, relevant companies may induce investors to engage in fraudulent transactions. Therefore, the supervisory department recommends that investors report the case to the public security agency or solve the dispute through judicial channels. However, in practice, "generally there are contracts, and the public security agency will not accept them directly, they must go to the court." Jiang Liyong, senior partner of Gao Peng Law Firm, analyzes the reporters. If they want to prove that the transaction is invalid through the court, they must prove themselves. Intimidated or fraudulent in the transaction.

The possibility of coercion is very small. In case of fraud, since the stock has indeed been traded into the investor's account, if it is a normal transaction, the court will generally not determine that the transaction is invalid.

Therefore, "opening accounts and forging certificates to open accounts is a relatively good breakthrough point." According to Jiang Liyong, regardless of whether it is opening a bank account or forging accounting accounts, it involves the rigorous auditing responsibility of securities companies for opening account information. “Although investors themselves have responsibilities, but securities companies do not regulate strictly and even know that investors do not meet the conditions for opening an account. Also collaborating inside and out, the problem is even more serious.” In this case, the securities regulatory authority of the jurisdiction was reported, and after the securities regulatory authority imposed an administrative penalty on the securities firm, it went to the court and filed a lawsuit stating that it was fraudulent and it may work.

In addition, Jiang Liyong believes that the companies and institutions that recommend stocks involve ultra-wide operations. This is not very meaningful for investors to defend their rights, because the penalties for over-scale operations are very light, and what is more serious is the above-mentioned cases in Jing'an courts. "The crime of illegal business" was determined on the basis that the conditions for filing the case were relatively harsh and the operation was difficult.

(The request shall be made by the interviewee. The investors of this article include Chang Jin, Li Ying, Xiao Xia, and Zhou Bo.)

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