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WeChat responds to the scan code ordering automatically pays attention to the marketing number: users can cancel it on their own

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Scan code ordering, even Wi-Fi“being aware of”Marketing number

Source: Southern Metropolis Daily

Want to connect Wi-Fi, pop-up window but prompted to choose “red packets to play online ” or pay attention to the public number free internet.

Have you ever had this experience: Scan and order food and found that you must pay attention to the merchant's public number in order to proceed to the next step. Some public Wi-Fi in hospitals and shopping malls need to pay attention to the marketing number to connect with the company.…

As sweeps are becoming more and more common in everyday life, some citizens have expressed their suspicions that they had only wanted to order a meal and even had Wi-Fi. However, they were forced to pay attention to a bunch of public numbers, sending messages every day and occupying mobile space. ”

Some users believe that this bundled concern has infringed on self-selection rights, and some people think that "to enjoy free Wi-Fi service, you have to transfer some rights." ”

In response, a legal expert stated that the promotion of the public number of the merchant should be explicitly informed to the user in advance, and that it should be authorized by the user. Otherwise, it is the consumer’s right to know and the right to choose.

The relevant person in charge of WeChat told Nandu reporters that "sweeping code ordering and paying attention to the public number belongs to the user's autonomous behavior." For connecting public Wi-Fi to be forced to focus on bundled marketing numbers, users can unfollow or choose not to connect. ”

scene one

Scan code attention to the public number of the business can order

At present, many restaurants begin to use scanning service, and they need to pay attention to the merchant's public number after ordering and payment.

“This type of phenomenon is now too common! "Xiao Xi, who works in Panyu, Guangzhou, sighed," "It is not necessary to pay attention to the public numbers of these merchants, there are too many public numbers, and information is sent every day, taking up space in mobile phones." ”

On the morning of May 11, a reporter from the Southern Capital came to a noodle house. The store's waiter reminded that he could scan the QR code in the upper right corner of the table.

After the Southern Metropolitan reporter used WeChat to scan it, the WeChat public number of the noodle shop was popped up. After clicking on the public number, we can enter the next operation of ordering, indicating that we have entered the "detailed place of the shop, click on the picture to order food", orders appear successfully in the public order display reminder, return to WeChat, The restaurant's WeChat account number is already in the WeChat dialog box.

Nandu reporter clicked on the public number to find that its push topic is related to dining, food, etc. There are also some dining promotions and promotions.

The store's waiter told the Southern Reporter that "scanning code ordering must be done in the public number. If you don't want to pay attention, you can use the menu to order. "Southern Reporter found that after checking out the QR code of the paper bill with WeChat at checkout, the above public number's interface appeared again.

Some citizens indicated that "Wechat is very private, including public numbers. I only want to pay attention to the subscription. Now the business is directly acquiesced and it is unfavorable to my self-owned subscription rights." Moreover, the default public number is mostly the marketing number. Is this not forced to accept advertising sales? ”

It is also not surprising. Public Peng said, "Generally speaking, some of the options will pop up when you scan the code." If you don't pay attention, you'll notice if you press OK. ”

In addition to dining, Ms. Bai of Guangzhou had similar experiences when she took delivery. In order to facilitate consumers to pick up express delivery anytime and anywhere, there are express boxes such as bees, “E-stack” and other express boxes on the market.

Two weeks ago, Miss Zhang prepared to go downstairs to the company's "Honey Bee" to get express, "because something happened one day later, the original pick-up code has expired." ”

Ms. Zhang then clicks on the screen of the courier, and the screen prompts her to scan the QR code. After scanning, he is prompted to pay attention to their public number. Then, the mobile phone is bound to the public number and reacquired. Verification code. ”

“Originally only wanted to get a courier, but was forced to pay attention to the public number, but also registered mobile phone number, and then also activated. "Miss Zhang said that she had some annoyance after tossing for no less than 78 minutes," she said. ”

In this regard, Nandu reporters contacted their staff through the customer service phone number of the “Micro Post Office”. The other party said, "In the beehive retrieval, for the first time concerned about the public number and bind the phone can be directly scanned code acquisition, activation is mainly to take into account the user to send the activation code to help others receive the case of courier. ”

Scene 2

Connect free Wi-Fi and be forced to follow the marketing number

At present, many hospitals, shopping malls and other public places also provide free WiF i.

At the end of 2017 and in February of this year, Mr. He visited the Guangzhou Sanjia Hospital several times. When he tried to connect with the hospital's wireless network, he was concerned with a number of different public numbers.

Mr. Ho discovered that those publicity numbers that were forced to pay attention after joining Wi-Fi related to online novels, corporate marketing numbers, etc., "almost nothing is usually used." He said that each time they will take these marketing numbers.

On the afternoon of May 10th, Southern reporters came to the hospital's outpatient lobby, searched for the hospital hotspot in the Wi-Fi column, clicked on the link, and encountered a pop-up window. Then the "Login" interface popped up with a P M2. 5 mask ads, prompts & ldquo; open a browser to jump & rdquo;, then there is an interface that reads " red packets play enjoy the Internet ” words, prompting the user to choose & ldquo; red packets to play online & rdquo; or & ldquo; Pay attention to the public number for free internet access. ".

The Southern Capital Reporter clicked on the second item and showed that "WeChat is on for you". Then there was a public number named "Great Orange Banner". After clicking on the public number, the Wi-Fi connection was successfully displayed. .

The Southern Metropolis Daily reporter opened the public number of the "Orange Orange Banner". According to the information, the main account of the account is Dacheng Dachao Super Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. The reporter found out that the promotion of the public number was a short video, and the number of visitors to the public number was mostly within two digits.

Mr. He told Nandu reporters that he had used mobile phones to access the Internet several times in the hospital. "The number of each promotion is different. If you encounter any Wi-Fi signals during use, you must click and pay attention to a new marketing number." ”

A nurse at the hospital’s clinic confirmed this condition. She said that she was very troubled. "One day I have to use a mobile phone to connect several times. I have to pay attention to different marketing numbers every time. In fact, I don't want to pay attention to this public number, but I have to pay cash." "Southern Reporter learned that choosing the first "Do not pay attention to the public number, through rewarding the Internet" method, the reward for the cost of a few cents to a few dollars.

Some consumers believe that connecting to Wi-Fi for WeChat public number marketing promotion can be understood, but consumers should be informed and given the option of whether they are willing to pay attention.

Mr. Chen, a citizen, has different opinions. “If I enjoy the free Wi-Fi, I have to transfer some rights. ”

Expert statement

Should be clearly informed in advance

And after the user's authorization

For the above phenomenon, Zhao Zhilei, a lawyer of Beijing Zhilin Law Firm and a researcher of the Intellectual Property Research Center of China University of Political Science and Law, stated that “scanning code ordering and Wi-Fi connection should pay attention to the public number. First, the user should be explicitly informed in advance and passed. The user authorized to agree, otherwise it may infringe the user's right to know and the right to choose. ”

Zhao Occupied that "users who use free Wi-Fi to establish a contract with the owner of a free Wi-Fi account are essentially trading activities. From the perspective of the contract, focusing on the service provider promotion number is a contractual consideration for using the Wi-Fi account for free. ”

For Mr. He’s encounter with the public, he analyzed that “If users repeatedly connect to public Wi-Fi, they need to pay attention to different public numbers. The user’s informed and autonomous choice is legal, but the content of the promoted public number itself cannot contain illegal content. , or it may violate advertising law or other laws. ”

Official response


User autonomy can unfollow

On the afternoon of May 11, the relevant person in charge of WeChat responded that, as a platform party, Tencent did not charge any fee for the merchant's subscription number or service number. Scanning code ordering and Wi-Fi connection need to pay attention to WeChat public number or marketing number. It belongs to the user's autonomous behavior. For connecting public Wi-Fi is forced to pay attention to the bundled marketing number, the user can choose to cancel the attention or choose not to connect. . The choice is still in the user's own right. ”

Produced: Nandu Internet Anti-Unfair Competition Research Center

Written by: Nandu trainee reporter Huang Chibo

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