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Zuckerberg's investment AltSchool closed down, and its Chinese apprenticeship opened the campus to Silicon Valley.

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A school called Imagination School has just opened in Silicon Valley.

The school was founded by Li Yino, head of the Gates Foundation in China, who was on his personal WeChat public account on May 9.

Imagination School is located in Palo Alto in the Gulf of California, San Francisco Bay area, as part of a global network of ETU Global Family, starting this year, recruiting children to TK-6 grade (TK, Transitional Kindergarten, the transitional stage kindergarten course, the American education system for the school season. " Children under 5 years of age are better prepared to enter kindergartens.

One of the country's little-known local schools is seen as Silicon valley's burgeoning school AltSchool in china

At the same time, however, the idea of running a school was also questioned by the end of 2017. AltSchool began to transform and close its campus four years after its founding. At the same time, Li Yino, who had completed his first education in China, returned to Silicon Valley from China to try.


Imagination School has been open to admissions this year

Technological advances, global markets, and environmental pressures have put the world in a state of constant change, in which the elite is in the midst of a wave of social evolution, but also in terms of

Closed AltSchool(Palo Alto) part of the faculty by the monolithic Silicon Valley campus


Imagination School believes that the main components of each child's three dimensions must be developed.

Thanks to the support of the IT system, students from both sides can communicate, Li Yino said, this is a very wonderful thing. Silicon Valley campus in its concept of running a school,


The TK-K phase of the school timetable

As shown by the school's official website, the weekly timetable at Silicon Valley campus is mobile and flexible, without a fixed structure. Taking the TK-K stage as an example, the main courses are math, reading and writing courses, and art and elective courses are also arranged.

Schools hope to enhance their social, emotional, cognitive and physical development through learning skills and participation in projects. Among them, social and emotional development runs through the teaching of Imagination School all the time, and emphasizes mixed age classes, flexible groups and personalization.

Where is the problem in modern education?

Most of today's school-age children have parents who have experienced similar traditional education; those who benefit from higher education, however, want him to bring their children from the next generation.

Li Yinuo is one of the bodies of the body.

After graduating from UCLA's Ph.D. in Biology, Li spent nearly a decade at McKinsey, the world's top management consulting firm, and became a global managing partner. 2015, she left McKinsey to become Bill and Melinda.

Due to his work, Li Yi Nuo returned to Beijing from California in 2016. She began to worry about her children's schooling, and could not find satisfactory schools in Beijing. Inspired by AltSchool, Li Nuo and her husband Shen Hua Zhang founded a soil school in March of that year. She emphasized that the school project had nothing to do with the Gates foundation.

Li Yino named the new school

The location of the school was selected in three classrooms on the first floor of the eightieth middle school jujube campuses in Beijing, about 120 square meters. In September 2016, under the leadership of 6 teachers, 31 children entered school in the first academic year.

Although it is different from the public school card, it is still officially recognized as a textbook. The core curriculum includes language and sports. It is based on the compulsory textbooks approved by the Ministry of education, such as the textbook of the Beijing Normal University Edition and the mathematics textbook of the PEP.

In addition to core courses, there are practical courses, self cognition courses and science and art courses (STEAM). In the teaching concept of one soil, the core curriculum and the three are set up a teaching system of skeleton, muscle and soul: the national standard curriculum system is the soul for the skeleton, the innovative teaching method and the immersion bilingual course as the muscle, the inspiring and protecting the inner driving force.

For teachers, they play five main roles in a soil School: Curator, Facilitator, Coach, Team Player, and cultural advocates (Advocate). Besides professional knowledge, teachers also need to have the ability to communicate, create, and solve problems and disputes.


The teaching scene of the one earth school

In daily teaching, the characteristic teaching method of one soil is realized through morning assembly summarization, project learning, tutorial system and personalized assessment.

A claim to

AltSchool: from capital pursuit to transition closure

Li Yino specifically mentioned that the new schools in Silicon Valley will still follow the individualized education of AltSchool Palo Alto, which has already been closed. However, titanium media found that the introduction to the English official website of Imagination School at Silicon Valley did not place too much emphasis on what AltSchool advocated.

This may be related to the frequent questioning of the AltSchool project.

AltSchool was founded in 2013 by Max, the former head of Google

However, the attitude of the pioneers of personalized learning, with the vision of reinventing traditional schools, announced the closure of four campuses in November last year, including the school district in central Paro Otto, the center of Silicon Valley, causing an uproar in the education circle.

Ventilla explained that the reason for closing the campus was


The obscure AltSchool on the street in San Francisco is its representative teaching point: Source: Business Insider

In January this year, Paul, one of the parishes of paroto City, was one of the teachers.Why I Left Silicon Valley, EdTech, and"". Through five years of teaching experience in AltSchool, he found that there are many drawbacks in the AltSchool model, and put forward dissatisfaction and concern, and that the personalized learning implemented in the Silicon Valley is not feasible.

Emerick said that, compared to the previous teaching experience, in AltSchool his workload is huge and discontinuous, for each student to customize the study plan, also can not achieve his ideal results, but also brought some negative effects. For example, the customization of personalized learning table makes every student isolated from their peers and leads to indifference. Highly dependent on the teaching of technology products, he found that he had the most connection with students.

Adventure also means failure to a large extent. In fact, Emmerick did not do as well, and in some cases worse, than he did in public schools a year after the school's first year of operation. Like this.

A variety of discomfort, let ememic feel that the AltSchool model and the curiosity, empathy and love of education needed for education, he chose to leave, even fled California.

Coincidentally, he is also the master of Li nore's son studying at Silicon Valley AltSchool.

Li is still holding a positive attitude towards the AltSchool model, which is different from that of Mr. The reason is that the efforts of this micro school and Emerick did give her son a very unique educational experience and inspired her education experiment in China. She believes that the reasons for the closure of the four campuses are mainly AltSchool's own strategic transformation and turning to technology business.

In China, confusion is not rare about the "one soil" mode.

After all, to remove the degree of recognition of education itself, what should the students choose from the kindergarten to primary school, once they graduate from here? Is it public or private, or is it an international school? Under the two different systems, can the younger students successfully complete the primary school to the secondary school?

In addition, the tuition fees for most Chinese families have a higher threshold. According to the official website of the local school, the tuition fee of the school is 150000 yuan per year, which is closer to that of public compulsory education.

If we look at the nature of education, any new model is not a product that can be speeded up. The verification of patterns will take time to prove it. Even if there are many difficulties in the process of trying, individualized learning is still a means for Chinese parents to break through the barriers of traditional educational system, and the outbreak of 1 to 1 market of online English foreign teachers for individualized teaching can also be proved.

In addition to the localization project such as a local school, AltSchool has been approached by some schools in China last year. In an interview with the media, Wintira said he wanted to work with domestic schools to launch the Chinese version of AltSchool, which would be different in interactive ways, features and content, and would choose partners in international schools or bilingual schools in the early days.

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