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Multi-disc hammer mobile phone product line: 6 products in six years, there are compromises, only qualified to be proud

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Hammer Technology CEO Luo Yonghao

The 2018 Hammer Technology New Product Launch Conference for “Pickers and Participants” was on schedule. The 47-year-old Luo Luo was on the stage of the Bird’s Nest and invited everyone to “hear history”.

In 2018, it was the sixth anniversary of the establishment of Hammer Technology. This start-up company, born in troubled times, was born in the smart phone industry and broke out during this period of time. It experienced a roller-coaster-like growth trajectory and continued to evolve in the stumbling block. Generational flagship ” The emergence of nuts R1 and TNT workstations, hammer has also faded Sentimental, opened its own next stage.

Hammer Technology's development path is different from any other mobile phone company.

"Hammer powder" and "Hard Hammer" together, let this atypical mobile phone manufacturers survive difficult. Whether it is the hammer technology itself, or the founder Luo Yonghao, have been labeled extreme labels by the outside world.

For the Hammer products, some people put it down, the UI style, the ultimate industrial design, and the highly efficient human-computer interaction experience. These characteristics make the hammer win over a large number of dead hammers. They love everything about the hammer.

Another group of people is completely the opposite. Their eyes are filled with questions and disdain. They are very critical of the features and characteristics of the products. They even believe that the assumption of Luo Yonghao's startup as a mobile phone is not established. They are commonly called hammer black.

A company that has caused problems due to "black people" has a high probability because of its own problems. The hammer's situation has been mainly caused by internal problems. From the perspective of opinion leaders, Luo Yonghao, who is more and more an entrepreneurial figure, has greatly improved the company's operations.

Business and the market are cruel. Manufacturers of smart phones with hammers over the same period have more and more brave, and more are falling down. This list is full of previously known names —— music, cool , ZUK, HTC, etc. For hammers, the best news is that after the wall crashes and compromises, they remain on the table.

So, for such a company, where is the vision for better direction and progress?

At the press conference on May 15, Luo Yonghao announced two important things to the outside world: one was the release of Nut R1, and the other was the Nut TNT workstation. Once again, he put forward a great goal that once he said he was exported, he was ridiculed:

Redefine the next generation of personal computers and computing platforms for the next decade and next generation.

After declaring the vision and price of the TNT Station, Lao Luo stepped off the stage and missed the press conference that night.

Hammer Technology COO Wu Dezhou appeared at the reporter's communication meeting. In an interview with titanium media, he said that for the hammer at this stage, the primary homework is still to do this product line of mobile phones. "The hammer's vision is to use products to bring more efficient and easy-to-use experiences. PC is a future breakthrough, but the main force is still on the phone. Wu Dezhou said.

With the advent of the R1, Titanium media editors reviewed the product line of Hammer Technology for six years in chronological order.

From the beginning with the hammer T1 that was full of doubts but “proudly born”, to the newly released “Next Generation Flagship”, the Nut R1, a total of eight models were released in six years, and each product has a corresponding Each stage of the hammer has its own unique significance:

Hammer T1 (May 2014): The beginning of a dream


T1 is the hammer mountain of the mobile phone hardware road, it set a tone for the hammer mobile phone manufacturers, "born proud", "" craftsman spirit "" tag has remained in the public's recognition of the hammer Zhizhong.

The hammer T1 has opened up its own unique design style. The three-stage physical buttons and double-sided glass all make it a stranger to the outside world. In the era of the popularity of virtual buttons, the hammer's unconventional claims returned to physical buttons. The significance of this daring breakthrough deserves to be remembered.

At the same time, the stunning industrial design made it the first smart phone in mainland China to win the iF International Design Gold Award, not just the nomination, but a genuine gold medal.

Outside of the product, the hammer T1 this conference also created a history of China's science and technology activities in the history of watching the highest number of people, the highest number of online viewing live broadcast history, all kinds of performance gave the hammer an enviable start.

Nuts (August 2015): Try to scale


Nut mobile phone is a new product line opened by the hammer outside the T series, positioning thousand yuan machine stalls, shouted out "beautiful" like the strength of the faction's propaganda slogans, in fact, to tell the truth from the configuration point of view, how the nuts Not to mention the strength of the faction, even in the thousand yuan machine camp, nuts do not have an advantage in performance.

The slogan of the name of the product of this nut and the T series also have some origins. T1 uses a double-glazed glass design, the look and feel are more colorful, but this ultimate design solution to the product's resistance to fall is really bad, "a break on the broken" Tucao is not a void. At the time of the name, the team finally thought of a name that was both hard and hammer-related and eventually named "Nuts."

Nuts are the second product launched by the hammer. Later in the time, it was later than T2. ​​This conference was originally thought to be a new generation of T series, but for a variety of reasons, it failed to do so. The purpose of the introduction of nuts is to have a great purpose. The low-end market uses sales for some cash flow.

Hammer T2 (December 2015): Stay Proud


As the hammer's second model, T2 actually continues T1's design language to a large extent. They have obvious inheritance between them. It improves the defects of the previous generation's industrial design and makes the hammer less so. It is easy to break, but this contribution to sales is negligible.

On the eve of the release of T1, Lao Luo declared that it was the best mobile phone in the hemisphere and that the sales volume of hammers was about half a million. As a result, the hammer was beaten and sold only about 250,000 units. When the hammer pinned his hope on T2, T2 also failed to give the hammer too much hope. The sales volume was even more pathetic, with only 190,000 units.

More and more people began to pay attention to hammer new products and watch the live broadcast of Lao Luo's press conference. However, very few users actually bought products for the sake of this order. In the final analysis, it was still a shortage of T2 products.

Careful friends will find that the hammer T2 release time from the hammer T1 about a year and a half, this frequency is not mixed in the phone ring. Leading players in the industry Apple and Samsung’s flagship models are regularly updated every year. The frequency of products from other domestic products is faster. Plus, because it is a start-up company, the right to speak in the supply chain is inherently low, which makes the hammer T2 Initially in the configuration is lagging behind the entire industry. To give a simple example, T2 even did not appear on the flagship fingerprinting at that time.

Hammer M1/M1L (October 2016): Compromise reality


The problem that the configuration cannot keep up with the mainstream has been improved in the M1/M1L generation.

In October 2016, after 294 days since T2 was released, Hammer launched the new flagship mobile phone hammer M1/M1L. It is a hammer that has improved its traditional weaknesses. It first put the hardware configuration to the top, using the latest The processor Snapdragon 821, fingerprint unlock and so on are all configured a lot.

Only the three-stage physical key, which is considered a hammer sign, has disappeared, and the glass back cover has also been replaced by plastic. Followed by the thousands of machine appearance, the key feel bad, easy to wear plastic shell, rough work, perhaps because of cost problems, perhaps because the process can not reach, how to see the hammer M1 is like a compromise to the market The product, the old Luo himself expressed in the next conference, "M1 is our shame from industrial design."

However, at the M1 conference, Smartisan ushered in a major update, adding one-step (One Steo), big Bang (Big Bang) heavyweight capabilities, which brought a huge software advantage to Hammer's products.

Luo Yonghao said that this is a small step in hammer technology and the evolution of smart phones is a big step.

When Apple had no industrial design innovation in a few years, the uniqueness of the hammer made the whole industry shine. For the entire mobile phone industry, it has a driving effect, but there seems to be no additional points for the survival of enterprises. After this conference, it was considered that the hammer and Lao Luo began to compromise with reality.

When a company is faced with two difficult choices: ideal and living, all rational entrepreneurs will choose to live first, and only survive will have more possibilities. As for face-saving, this face issue has long been irrelevant.

Children are only right and wrong. Adults only look at the pros and cons.Despite all kinds of Tucao, but M1 in the market performance so that the hammer can ease the urgent needs, cost-effective to give it a great deal of competitiveness in the market, at least obtained T1 and T2 never had.

This year from the T2 to the M1 is the most difficult time for the hammer. The capital chain is at the edge of the break, the high-level faced with personnel turmoil, and the financing failure after the capital query has pushed the hammer to an unprecedented abyss.

Until now, the addition of hammer technology COO Wu Dezhou has brought great changes to the product line planning. As a senior expert who has worked in the Huawei system for many years, he is familiar with the front-end and back-end supply chains of the telecommunications industry and joins the hammer. He was responsible for the entire product line and all hardware research and development work, and set a long-term strategy for the hammer to steadily move forward, and foreshadowed the birth of the next series of products.

Nuts Pro (May 2017): Breaking


Nut Pro is the hammer's first break. It has more efforts on ID design than its own flagship M1. It is also the first product that Wu Dezhou led the entire product cycle after entering the service. As a mobile phone with more than 1 million units of output, nuts Pro took hammer cell phone ownership to a new level, of course, just to think about it.

Initially, this product was defined as a high-end flagship product of the T3, but the market conditions have not allowed the hammer to do so. In the high-end market, the hard hammer has been hit by the head, the previous two generations of T series have already experienced The hammer can no longer tolerate any such failure. It must be based on a comprehensive consideration of the supply chain, research and development capabilities, etc. Nut Pro is born in this context.

Arranged in chronological order, the Nut Pro is Hammer's fifth mobile phone. Old Luo even said that this is a "mobile phone that will save the company." At the same time, it let Luo understand the truth. The first thing to do for smart phones is to satisfy basic user demands, and then add things that you want to express.

One of the most important driving factors for the success of Nut Pro is Jingdong, which started with Nut Pro. Hammer Technology and Jingdong have signed a three-year strategic cooperation agreement. Both parties agreed that the new products released by Hammer Technology will be exclusively launched in Jingdong, and the facts also prove that it is betting on Jingdong. This important channel is a wise move.

Nuts Pro2 (November 2017): Driving to the right track


With the excellent market performance of Nut Pro in the market, making Nut Pro2 appear to be less stressful. It is only necessary to make a further market response based on the first-generation characteristics of Nut Pro. There are no major product issues, and the expected sales volume should be Not too bad.

Nuts Pro 2 maintains the shape of the previous generation of models, uses a full-screen design called Almost, and becomes the first mobile phone manufacturer to integrate fingerprint recognition into the logo, taking into account aesthetics while embodying the brand identity.

In terms of configuration, the parameters of Nut Pro2 are 6GB of memory, 256GB of flash memory, 5.99 inches of large screen, 16 million pixels of front, 1200+500 pixels of rear, and fingerprint and face unlocking. It is a model of 2000 yuan. A rare achievement of sincerity.

In an interview after this conference, Luo Yonghao stated that since then Hammer Technology will launch 5-6 products each year, similar to the global regular mobile phone manufacturers, covering three grades: high school, low school, and gradually moving toward the right track.

During this period of time when Hammer developed Nut Pro 2 , it was a crucial thing for Hammer Company to obtain a new round of nearly RMB 1 billion financing, the Chengdu government invested RMB 600 million, and private equity fund invested RMB 300 million. To 400 million yuan, enough capital allowed the hammer to have a lot of liquidity during this period.

Nuts 3 (April 2018): Perfect Product Matrix


Hammer Technology's product matrix this year began with Nut 3. Nuts 3 were released when everyone was surprised because the Nut Pro series was launched for two consecutive generations and the market performance was good for the hammer. When everyone almost forgot it With the nut phone line, the hammer unexpectedly introduced nuts3.

Why is the second generation of the nuts series only the first and third generations? Luo Yonghao once explained this problem at the press conference. When the nuts 2 were established, the hammer was going through the most difficult time. The current vice president of research and development, Wu Dezhou, had not yet joined the company. At that time, the company was dying, so he had a miscarriage.

Nut 3 This product's positioning is still in accordance with the once nut setting, favoring the low-end market, is a machine to take the volume, it is the first time in thousands of machine stalls with three full-screen screen design without borders, a lot of heritage Nut Pro series elements.

Although the industry's evaluation of nuts 3 is mixed, the product matrix is ​​clearer for hammers.

Nut R1 (May 2018): Ultimately qualified flagship


Lao Luo said at the conference of the nuts R1 that all products produced by Hammer Technology will use the “nut” brand name. This is because the nuts series are performing well. More importantly, the hammers want to be clear. Your own product matrix.

The hammer has always been obscure in its product line planning. Now it has a PC product. It seems to be a bit of a problem. When Titanium media reporter asked the hammer technology COO Wu Dezhou about whether there will be a clear product matrix strategy in the future, The answer is yes, Wu Dezhou said, "The R series is our flagship."


The Nut R1 is the first model to achieve the industry's leading flagship standard in parameter configuration, industrial design, and software systems since the inception of Hammer Technology. It has even led the industry in certain aspects, such as the release of the Nut R1 top version. Equipped with a memory of up to 1TB, this is the first of many smartphone manufacturers.

Snapdragon 845's highest specification processor, up to 275,866 security Bunny run points, wide color gamut "beauty" ” heterogeneous full screen, pressure touch, 12 million + 20 million rear dual camera, 24 million front four The pixel-in-one camera supports wired fast charging and wireless charging, and in general, no obvious short board can be found.

The slogan of Nut R1's slogan of “The Next Generation of Flagship Mobile Phones with Built-in Revolutionary Computers”. With the advent of new hardware, the hammer Smartisan OS has also ushered in the biggest update ever. It defines the smartphone as your desktop expert. With the large screen operating system, office efficiency has been revolutionized.

The 37,000 people who participated in the hammer and broke the Guinness World conference once again ignited the entire science and technology circle. Whether it is a nut R1 or a nut TNT workstation, the old Luodu succeeded in relying on a powerful appeal to the long-awaited mobile phone ring. Brought many wonderful moments.

In everybody's hopeful or derogatory expectation, the hammer is gradually moving from the edge to the center of the stage. It is not easy to say how much the hammer's products can change the world. However, the release of the two new products seems to make us see the hammer once again. Sensual look.

This article first titanium media, reporter / Li Yupeng

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