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Liu Chuanzhi's "dark moment": Who can save Lenovo?

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introduction:Due to the controversy over whether the 5G standard Polar short code plan was voted for Huawei by the 3GPP standard voting conference held at the 3GPP two years ago, Lenovo was detained with a “selling nation’s” hat.

Today, Liu Chuanzhi stated in an open letter that this is a planned plot. He specifically talked to Huawei's Ren Zhengfei and Ren Zhengfei expressed his gratitude to Lenovo for supporting Huawei in the 5G standard voting process. Liu Chuanzhi announced that "swearing to win this Lenovo honor battle." ”


Liu Chuanzhi

Author: Liang Chen, Ma Jing, Jiang Bo, intern: Liu Chengshuo

Editing Jin Yang

On June 4, 1940, 400,000 British-French coalition forces were surrounded by German troops on Dunkirk's beach.

The 66-year-old British Prime Minister Winston Churchill delivered a famous speech "We Never Surrender" to the British nationals on the radio. "In spite of our defeat, we will never surrender and never give in to this battle. We will fight to the end. ".

At about 10:50 a.m. on May 16, 2018, Liu Chuanzhi, the 74-year-old chairman of Lenovo Holdings and founder of Lenovo Group, also made similar comments.

He once again "goes out", with Lenovo Group Chairman and CEO Yang Yuanqing, Lenovo Holdings President Zhu Linan issued a joint letter "act, swear to win Lenovo honor battle!" 》

This time, he spoke with Ren Zhengfei, the founder of Huawei of the same age. Ren Zhengfei stated that Lenovo had no problem in the voting process of the 5G standard and thanked Lenovo for its support to Huawei. "We are unanimously of the view that Chinese companies should unite and cannot be challenged by outsiders."

About three hours after the open letter, narwhal technology (ID: dujiaojingkeji) obtained a Liu Chuanzhi recording from Lenovo’s insider. In 1 minute and 52 seconds of audio, Liu Chuanzhi was very emotional, very contagious, and once sobbed, he was choked about Lenovo. Deducted a "his traitor" hat, extremely angry. This recording was widely disseminated within Lenovo's employees. It was called "Defending the War" and mobilized the speech.

"Lenovo's cadres must take active action. All colleagues must actively offer advice and suggestions. They must unite as one with one another and share the same enmity and swear to win this Lenovo honor battle. "Liu Chuanzhi loudly declared war.

Lenovo’s Honor Defending Battle officially started.

Lenovo was "black".

In the 7 years since resigning from Lenovo Group, Liu rarely spoke directly to Lenovo's affairs.

However, this time, he chose to re-"go out" and swear to defend the association's honor. Since Lenovo's founding in 1984, it has faced the biggest brand crisis from the national brand, because of the "patriotic" controversy.

On May 16th, in response to Lenovo's “5G Poll” incident, Lenovo Chairman Liu Chuanzhi, the founder of Lenovo Group, Yang Yuanqing, Chairman and CEO of Lenovo Group, and Zhu Linan, President of Legend Holdings, issued a topic entitled “Action A letter of joint swearing to win Lenovo’s Honor Defending Battle, stating “5G voting” and the actual situation and findings.

In the letter, Liu Chuanzhi mentioned that he and Huawei's main founder and president Ren Zhengfei had a call. Ren Zhengfei made no effort to confirm Lenovo's vote. There is no problem. The two said together that Chinese companies should unite and not be distracted.




A few days ago, there were rumors on the Internet that at the voting conference on 5G standards organized by 3GPP, Lenovo Group had abstained from voting for the Polar short code plan of the 5G standard (which was dominated by Chinese companies), that is, Lenovo took the acquisition of Motorola. Together with Qualcomm, Huawei did not support Huawei, which ultimately caused Huawei to lose with a slight advantage.

Lenovo issued a statement in response to the matter, saying that in the 3GPP standard voting conference on the 5G standard, Lenovo voted for the Polar program of the 5G standard (the program is dominated by Chinese companies such as China Mobile and Huawei), including Motorola’s mobile unit of Lenovo. All voted in favor.


Lenovo released a statement of the part of the screenshot

A technical field incident that happened two years later has suddenly been turned upside down, and it has also been stigmatized as a traitorous act. It has been fermenting. Is this an accidental event or is it being used by people? Unusual phenomenon ”.

Since then, Lenovo Group internal circulation of a Liu Chuanzhi audio, different from the open letter of "you comrades," he called in the internal audio "" Lenovo's all my colleagues, brothers and sisters ".

He said bluntly that when writing a letter, my heart was rolling and it was difficult to calm down. "Obviously, this is not a matter of eating unlucky people and getting into the wind." This is a conspiracy that is truly planned, arranged, and extremely motivated. Lenovo's mobile phone business is really not good and should be carefully reviewed, but this has nothing to do with the motivation.

"Someone ties the hat of the traitor to the head of the Lenovo Group. This not only desecrated all Lenovo's rice bowls, but also shamed us for life." Liu Chuanzhi said that if this conspiracy is done, if it succeeds, it will be the Chinese government’s political and business enterprises that are no longer in existence, and the public opinion industry has become a hurricane, which has a very bad influence on the country and society.

As a result of the "conspiracy," Liu Chuanzhi mentioned at the end of the speech "trial". "". He said: "Brothers and sisters, it's time for our trial to come out." If there are tens of thousands of employees who can't let the righteous self-protection, we still have a business. We are just a bunch of waste.

"Lenovo's cadres must take active actions. All of our colleagues must actively offer advice and suggestions, unite as one with one heart, and share the same enemies, swear to win this Lenovo honor battle." Liu Chuanzhi finally gave a loud voice to the initiative.

Behind the struggle for coding: Lenovo is only a standard participant

In the voting door incident, Huawei stood up for the first time on Friday to support Lenovo, saying that Lenovo had voted for the Huawei-led Polar code.

On May 16, Huawei again said that 3GPP selected LDPC and Polar codes as 5G data and control channel codes, respectively, making it a part of the 5G standard and thanking Lenovo and its partners for their consistent support.

In its statement, Huawei mentioned that 5G as a new generation of mobile communication technology requires the participation of research institutions and companies from all countries. 3GPP is an international mobile communications standardization organization, with more than 500 companies and research institutions participating in the world, and tens of thousands of scientists and experts. The year of struggle is to make joint efforts for the development of a unified global 5G standard. The 5G standard will continue to evolve and will require more people and more time to complete.

However, what is the technological gap behind the contention in coding?

People often equate Polar with Huawei and patriotism while LDPC equates Qualcomm with the United States.

However, some people in the communications industry stated that this is not an equal sign. Qualcomm has accumulated more LDPC patents and matured its industry. Currently, Qualcomm has been widely used in China's broadcasting and television systems, Wifi, and space communications. In Polar, Huawei has a large number of patents, and these patents are about to expire soon, and Polar started late, you can layout more fields.

The reason why Polar has become the focus of attention in the industry is because Qualcomm has a strong reserve in LDPC, and the industry is worried whether Qualcomm will continue its patent advantages and continue to create high “high-pass tax” in the 5G era. Therefore, L+P is generally supported. The plan to avoid the obvious advantages of a single vendor.

At present, other Chinese participating in the promotion of 5G standards include China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom, three basic telecommunications operators, Shanghai Bell, ZTE and other communications equipment manufacturers, and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Research Institute. However, people in the industry believe that other than Huawei, other companies still lack technical strength and are only participants.


Lenovo middle-aged & ldquo; crisis & rdquo;

Lenovo, established in 1984, is now 34 years old and can be described as a middle-aged person.

In this "vote door" storm, Lenovo has recently faced other troubles.

Earlier this month, Hong Kong Hang Seng Index Co., Ltd. announced that since June 4th, Lenovo Group will be removed from the 50 constituent stocks of the Hang Seng Index and replaced by the Shi You Pharmaceutical Group. This is the second time that Lenovo Group has been excluded from the Hang Seng Index. It entered the Hong Kong Hang Seng Index in 2000 but was removed for the first time after 6 years and rejoined in March 2013.

Some time before Lenovo was removed from the Hang Seng Index, the stock price continued to slump. Shortly after entering 2018, Lenovo's share price entered a downtrend channel, falling from about 4.7 Hong Kong dollars at the end of January. As of the close of May 16, Lenovo's share price closed at HK$ 3.86, a decrease of about 22%.

Lenovo Group responded that "We respect the audit results of the Hang Seng Index, but we are particularly concerned about the company's continuous transformation and bring sustainable long-term returns to shareholders." ”

In terms of transformation, Lenovo Group announced earlier this month that it will establish a new smart device business group (IDG), Lenovo’s original PC and smart device business group (PCSD) and mobile business group (MBG) will be integrated into the smart device business group. In the eyes of some people in the industry, Lenovo should change, but the frequency of change is a bit faster. Especially in the mobile phone business, frequent coaching changes are not effective.

"Voting door" in the storm, Liu Chuanzhi also mentioned in the internal speech on the 16th, "The Lenovo Group's mobile phone business is really not good, it should be carefully reviewed, but this has nothing to do with the motivation." ”

In the face of a series of troubles, how does Lenovo go in the future? Market research firm Canalys analyst Jia Mo said on the 16th that he received an interview with narwhal technology (ID: dujiaojingkeji) that Lenovo’s vice president Chang Cheng mainly took care of the domestic mobile phone market. In terms of domestic mobile phone business, because of the practical experience of the ZUK brand and the global leading product research and development team, Chang Cheng brings more competitive products, and at the same time, it needs to sort out Lenovo's short-term strategy in the market, as well as for channel partners. Rebuilding; As far as the global mobile phone market is concerned, Lenovo needs to adjust its product strategy and enhance its product's competitiveness in different price ranges in order to gain more market share under the tumultuous devaluation of the moto brand. On the PC side, Liu Jun, executive vice president of Lenovo Group, needed to fine-tune the various categories and continue to strengthen control over the channels to further maintain its advantages.

Liu Chuanzhi and Yang Yuanqing's dilemma, who can save Lenovo?

Liu Chuanzhi has not heard from Lenovo Group for a long time. On the 16th, when the joint chairman and CEO Yang Yuanqing of Lenovo Group and Zhu Linan, president of Lenovo Holdings issued the open letter, it caused widespread concern. Outside of the incident, Liu Chuanzhi once again became a hotly debated topic. The outside world's remarks on "Yang Yuanqing is a qualified Lenovo CEO."

Looking back at Yang Yuanqing as the starting point for the CEO of Lenovo Group, it is inseparable from the two major events of Lenovo's history of spin-off and acquisition of IBM's PC business. The split of Lenovo Group was caused by the conflict between Yang Yuanqing's team and Guo Wei's team. The spin-off began in 2000. That year Liu Chuanzhi left Lenovo Group CEO and retained the chairmanship of the Board of Directors. The following year, Lenovo split successfully, Lenovo Group and China Digital was established separately. Yang Yuanqing became president and CEO of the group.

In 2005, Yang Yuanqing led Lenovo Group to complete the acquisition of IBM's PC business. It was widely regarded as the peak of Lenovo's development. Also in this year, Yang Yuanqing officially replaced Liu Chuanzhi as the chairman of the board of directors of Lenovo Group.

However, only four years later, a dramatic scene occurred: Liu Chuanzhi returned to serve as chairman of the company's board of directors, and Yang Yuanqing returned to the position of CEO.

In fact, this scene as early as in 2005 Yang Yuanqing's "above" has already foreshadowed: When the original Dell senior vice president William & middot; J & middot; Amelio took over Lenovo CEO, Yang Yuanqing tried to establish "a set of team , A set of "horse", Amelio responsible for channels, marketing, Liu Jun responsible for the supply chain, He Zhiqiang responsible for research and development. However, this system broke down with the departure of Liu Jun in 2006 and the strategic differences between Amelio and Yang Yuanqing. The 2008 fiscal year was the first loss year in the history of Lenovo Group under the rule of Yang Yuanqing. This directly led to Liu Chuanzhi’s “descent”. .

Liu Chuanzhi came out with a clear strategy to develop consumer computers and helped Yang Yuanqing build a team. In 2011, after Lenovo turned losses into profit and began to recover, Liu Chuanzhi retired from office and resigned from all Lenovo Group executive positions, including the non-executive directorship of Lenovo Group, the chairman of the strategic committee and the corporate governance committee and member positions. Yang Yuanqing once again "succession", and from the professional manager into the Lenovo Group's largest natural person shareholder, to achieve the leader of the Liu Chuanzhi plan "Master of the" & ldquo;.

After this power change, when Lenovo Group suffers from performance fluctuations or other crises, the outside world from time to time will have a knock on Yang Yuanqing's head and then sit back and watch “Whether Liu Chuanzhi will come out again”. Onlookers go back to the spectators, but in recent years, the Lenovo Group has been in constant trouble. It is more worthwhile for rational thinking to think about how the future is going.

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