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Headline VS Tencent: What kind of values ​​are needed for China's Internet?

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  • On April 11th, WeChat suspended the short video app's direct play function on the outside chain, which involved Apps including microvision, fast hand, vibrato, and watermelon video.
  • On May 18th, the vibrato activity H5 "The First Cultural Relics Competition" was blocked by WeChat.
  • On May 22, Shakespeare issued a tweet to friends on the WeChat public account. "I'm sorry." 》, complained that the short video content uploaded by the Tencent video was removed.
  • On the afternoon of May 30th, Xinhuanet released the manuscript "How many documents can control the harm of online games to children and adolescents?" In the evening of the same day, the same manuscript was used to push the same manuscript. The title was changed to “How many files Tencent did you want to close?” and the publisher changed from “Xinhuanet” to “Xinhua”.
  • On June 1st, Tencent sued the headline department today, claiming 1 yuan and demanding an apology.
  • On June 2nd, the byte beating (today's headline) filed two lawsuits suing Tencent for a claim of RMB 90 million.

A series of major incidents blew the horn on today’s headline and Tencent’s war. In the battle for user retention time, the two sides sued each other and filed courtrooms, and the TT war fought over the Internet. As with the 3Q wars of that year, everyone was concerned. Who would be the one who “decided” “decision” this time?

In my opinion, hidden behind the words of the two sides, it is actually a battle of opinion about values. The embodiment of user values ​​is precisely the contest behind the double T algorithm.

First, the contest behind the algorithm: where to find the user?

The WeChat circle of friends with social attributes of acquaintances has encountered unprecedented challenges.

Regardless of whether QQ or WeChat, Tencent’s products occupy acquaintances of acquaintances' social channels. They are all based on a strong relationship and share the interactive, interactive and entertainment modes. This set of three harmless triads, has helped Tencent to attack the city several times, leaving the Ali system coveted on the social platform again and again, finally reluctant to drink hate.

According to the Tencent Financial Report of 2018Q1, the monthly active users of QQ smart terminals were 694.1 million, up 2.4% year-on-year. The WeChat and WeChat combined monthly active users exceeded 1 billion for the first time, reaching 1.04 billion. With the "1 billion" slogan rang, the media once again talked about its huge user data, but I felt Tencent's nervousness and loss.

The acquaintance's social ceiling has reached the top.

Starting with the launch of WeChat by Tencent in 2011, we have spent a full seven years in a circle of friends and have already seen all kinds of routines. Anxious, purchasing, health, advertising more and more, people do not want to live life so tired, so easy and lively chatter began to brush screen, so that countless people poisoned to "" not stop down ".

Less than 2 years after launching, “Dune Voice”'s average daily active users jumped from about 10 million to about 40 million. As of April 2018, the number of VOD video short monthly standalone devices has reached 200 million units.


According to the data from the Sensor Tower, the number of downloads for the Quake App in the first quarter of 2018 reached 45.8 million, surpassing Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, and it has become the most downloaded iPhone application in the world.

In the field of expanding strangers, the algorithm of vibrato can be described as unique. According to the "Like" data algorithm, the information is pushed to the interested person, and positive feedback continues to spread out. The coverage area far exceeds the sum of all products of the Tencent system. It is easy to let users "addictive", and gave them a hot night "red star" experience.

Obviously, the biggest reason for the shock-sounding explosion is that this set of "find the user's" algorithmic mechanism. Once you have chosen a direction, the system will continue to push similar style content, until you suddenly surprised to find yourself brushing overnight vibrato.

Interestingly, in the headline article written to Tencent, it greatly criticized the idea that "games don't have values" and even slammed them in the form of "headline party."

Algorithms, games, they do not have values, but people?

Second, guide users thinking, use values ​​to achieve "" boost "" rdquo;

In 2016, Luo Zhenyu proposed the concept of “National People’s Time”. As an ordinary person, we have not enough time in the 24 hours a day. There is no longer any industry boundary at all. People's retention of one second in the A product means that the time spent in the B product is one second less. In order to compete for this battlefield, all Internet companies are doing their best to increase the exposure of their products.

What do you think about each day, what you want, what you are looking forward to, and what you like, which you think are your own choices, are not.

Richard ·H· Taylor, who pioneered the great discipline of behavioral economics, once mentioned an interesting story in the book “Boost”. In hundreds of school restaurants in the United States, Carolyn’s supervisor placed the food in different ways. He found that the order in which the food was placed affected the children’s choice of things, resulting in a huge change in the diet. Being human-oriented, Caroline made those children who liked sweets begin to reduce the intake of these unhealthy foods with a volatility of up to 25%.

Yes, everything is artificially boosted.

When Carolyn’s “Design Designers” of this category have the identities and rights to create a decision-making environment for everyone, they have the responsibility and obligation to provide positive trends in the orientation of values. Because this will affect not only hundreds of thousands of restaurant students, but also hundreds of millions of netizens and underage children.

In other words, for manufacturers with large amounts of high-volume flow, in addition to using the best-performing algorithmic mechanisms to locate target users, using the right values ​​to complete guidance is a highly responsible matter.

After some rectification, the headline claims to use an algorithm to take up social effects, and can indulge in a chatter brush. "Little Brother", "daughter" of the young lady's poisoning, each sliding screen is similar to those of the style. Beautiful man. Tencent, which has repeatedly been criticized, is even more interesting. Its growth guarding platform for assisting parents in managing children's games has been updated in 47 editions, and opening up the postal bar has numerous high-rises on the theme of "Cracking" and "Crook".

Whether it is headline matchup WeChat, or vibrato war microviews, purely stimulating may lead to a surge of traffic in the short term and gain commercial miracles. However, if you want to achieve longer-term development, you must take more social responsibility. This, I am afraid there is still a long way to go.

Third, relying on public relations tactics, need to be cautious

The TT war between the headline and Tencent, in addition to the collision of product boundaries and values ​​mentioned in the previous article, is more a reflection of “corporate reliance on public relations tactics”.

In my opinion, this field full of gunpowder "public relations war", more like to call the user to see.

Under this huge regulatory pressure this year, Li Liang, who had made great contributions to 360 in the 3Q World War, was dug into the head of public relations. During the 3Q World War, 360's public relations strategy was brilliant: tied with the giants, and the CEO personally beat up the "slobber war", making people think that 360 and Tencent are the same size opponents. Obviously, the recent headline on Tencent continuous vocal, almost the same year that Zhou Hongyi's strategic resumption, in a short period of time to create a headline with Tencent today's "decisive battle of the Forbidden Breath of the" & rdquo; atmosphere.

However, I doubt this kind of public relations tactics are suitable for Zhang Yiming, who has always been low-key.

In classical economics, there is a conceptual hypothesis about economic people. In McGregor's X theory put forward in "Humanity in the Enterprise", it is believed that "Every economic man is aiming at maximizing his own interests." The reason why Zhou Hongyi was constantly in constant friction was that 360 needed to find a breakthrough, and he also needed a “justifiably justified” label. Now that the headline system has become an information platform with hundreds of millions of users' traffic, Chattering is standing at the cusp of short video. At this time, the TT war is in full swing. Who is the party that maximizes profits?

In fact, relying on the market competition initiated by the hard power of products, its lethality is far greater than the wave of public relations battles. Once upon a time, today's headline rocketed at a rocket-like speed, and Tencent also tried to use daily traffic reports, QQ watchpoints and other traffic entrances to reclamation. The result did not stop the rapid growth of the headline system. The powerful technology and recommendation algorithm gave birth to the prosperity of the media. In just a few years, the headline swept the news client market.

Public relations is an indispensable part of the company, but how to master and use this tool is worthy of consideration by every practitioner.

Fourth, when we go overseas, the product's values ​​determine how far we can go

The survival rule of market competition has never been the gain or loss of a city.

Around the local market, "mutual tearing" may be suppressed by the strong competition in the market, and may also use the exposure to help companies improve their visibility. However, when our Internet products leave the mainland and expand overseas, Our values ​​determine how far we can go.

Once upon a time, the basic tool App was a weapon to go to sea, relying on simple clean-up, security, and desktop functions to open the door to many emerging markets in India, Brazil, Mexico, and Southeast Asia.


(Changes in the number of APP downloads in various types of marine applications during 2016-2017)

The high penetration rates of overseas smart machines and the rapid growth of 4G connections have kept the proportion of products in single-tool categories lower. At the same time, as the level of Internet in these areas continues to rise, local developers have also begun to grow rapidly, completing a series of processes such as starting, catching up, and accelerating in a short period of time.

All Chinese apps that explore overseas are facing challenges.

The idea is that if you have a high-quality user market, you will want to stand still and stay in the safe area. You will only wait for the chronic death to be submerged. Only product iteration transformation, embrace and open up, and constantly build a more mature ecosystem, in order to "customer" attitude to meet user needs in order to go further in this "scratch enclosure".

This reflects the orientation of product values.

For example, in the case of Hawker Connect, in the past year or so, we have been deploying from the product matrix of tools to the ecological direction of tools + content + product realization, in clean-up, security, application stores, information aggregation, browsers, Cameras, weather and other fields have been expanded. Up to now, we have accumulatively obtained 100 million+ monthly active users worldwide, and we have initially built an eco-product matrix for the global mobile users of Hawker Connect.

Domestic App In the crowded race, there is an urgent need to find highly differentiated product solutions. The phased achievements we have made reflect this breakthrough. After divesting from the inherent pattern of domestic BAT, TMD (headline, beauty group, and dripping) camping, the company has been deeply cultivating overseas local local cultures, starting from the user's needs and completing the convergence of content and service information with positive values. Only with the long-term goal of rational values, products can go further in the market competition. Otherwise, no matter how stimulating the user, it is only a brief pause in the air. (Initial titanium media in this article)

[Titanium media author: Sun Liang, vice president of TCL Corporation, Hawker Internet CEO, WeChat public number: Jedi-sun]

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