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iOS 12 Predicts Five Future Directions for iPhones and iPads

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Apple iOS 12 operating system is now open beta, only if you are interested in or willing to take certain risks, or you have a spare iOS device, as long as the update is supported, you can experience iOS 12 operating system months in advance . I believe that before the experience of the iOS 12 developer beta, or users who have just upgraded the beta version over the past few days, have already experienced the new features and features mentioned by Apple at the conference.

In fact, Apple's release of each new system update, we can understand some of the next direction on iOS devices or other Apple hardware. This does not require digging deeper into the system code, nor is it something that Apple engineers have leaked, but speculated about features or changes in settings. For example, the following five predictions are based on iOS 12.

More equipment built-in original deep camera module

One of the most important new features of the iOS 12 version is Memoji, which allows users to create a new dynamic expression according to their own personality and mood. Simply by using Memoji production package this new tool, you can select and adjust countless self Make your own choices, create your own Memoji, and use it for information app or FaceTime calls.

It should be noted that this is currently only an exclusive feature of iPhone X, but since Apple has set Memoji as one of the core features of iOS 12, it will mean that Apple will expand the range of devices that Memoji will use. Therefore, there will inevitably be more iOS devices equipped with original camera modules, including the rumored three new iPhones in 2018 and the new iPad Pro, so that these devices can use Memoji expression customization.

Of course, in addition to iOS devices, the original deep camera module may even appear on the Mac platform in the future. Face ID is a biometric authentication technology that Apple considers safer than Touch ID, so in addition to Memoji, in theory, Apple will also extend the face ID to all devices. Not surprisingly, all new devices released by Apple next year will come standard with the original in-depth camera module.

iPad's borders may be narrower and smaller

In the past, iPad and iPhone have always had many similarities in design language or visual, but the emergence of iPhone X has changed this. The Apple iPhone was built for the 10th anniversary. Without the HOME button, the borders were super-narrowly processed. It was just "bangs" that caused many people to rant. At this stage, Apple made it impossible for it to plug in the original camera module. Now iOS 12 tells us that the new iPad may also continue the iPhone X design language.

iOS 12 made some adjustments for the iPad. First, the time and date on the status bar moved to the upper left corner of the screen, while the upper right corner shows the current Wi-Fi/LTE connection, Bluetooth status, and battery life. . Furthermore, the control center now slides down from the top right corner of the screen to open instead of sliding it up from the bottom. Not only are these two similar to the iPhone X, but the iPad also incorporates the same gesture operations, such as swiping up from the bottom of the Dock dock to go back to the main screen.

Based on this information, Apple is likely to pave the way for the redesigned Liu Haiping iPad Pro. Therefore, Apple's next-generation iPad Pro will most likely use a "bangs" screen design to plug in the original camera module and remove the HOME button.

Apple may be working on AR equipment (glasses?)

Built-in AR 12 in a new AR augmented reality app like a rangefinder: Measurements can be measured by simply pointing the camera to an object in the real world using an iPhone and iPad, especially a rectangular plane, and drawing lines in a flat design. Length and width data. This app is based on ARKit 2, but it is not natural to use on iPhone and iPad. If you can match a pair of AR glasses, the experience will be very different. Therefore, Apple may be designing AR glasses or similar AR equipment.

As far as the current mobile augmented reality AR experience is concerned, Apple not only did the best and the smoothest, but the relevant AR's ecological advantages were already obvious, and AR enhancement was the core update of iOS 12. Apple added more and more of it. User experience, 3D object recognition, face tracking, scene reflection, and other characteristics, derived from the USDZ file format, enabling various apps to quickly view AR augmented reality scenes.

In other words, since Apple stated that it wanted to create a more immersive AR augmented reality experience, there is no boundary between the virtual and the real world, but it is a real feeling and penetrates into all aspects of work, study, and play. Believe that iPhone and iPad support AR is just the beginning, AR peripherals or all-in-one devices may already be in the making.

The dark (dark) mode of iOS looks great

The "Dark mode" that had been rumored for a long time finally appeared on macOS Mojave, officially known as "dark mode." Users who test the new macOS system can now choose their own bright appearance, or a new dark color mode. This is a new look that allows them to focus more on doing things. Under this look, the toolbars and menus will be darkened accordingly, and the subtle colors and important contents of the work items will be more prominent, allowing the eyes to easily stay focused.

Apple said at WWDC that macOS Mojave's dark mode applies to Mac's built-in apps (mail, information, maps, calendars, photos, etc.) and is also compatible with third-party apps. Developers can use the provided APIs on their own. Dark mode is added to the app. The point is, Apple also stated that macOS can run iOS apps in the future. In addition to the stock app that has been implemented, the home app and voice memo app have also landed on the new macOS, and more iOS apps will appear on the Mac in the future.

This means that since the iOS app will adapt to macOS in the future and become a universal app, it will naturally support the dark mode. Is this kind of app also opening a dark mode on the iOS platform? Should iOS also increase the ability to turn dark mode on and off? All of this makes people think that Apple is testing the dark mode for iOS. It is believed that in the future, iOS will support the dark mode at an appropriate time.

iOS device may be used longer than before

"The xx update fixes the iPhone's overly fluid BUG." This is a past user's sarcasm that Apple did not intentionally eliminate old devices. However, this time Apple directly to the overall optimization and promotion of the system as iOS 12 important and primary issues, and moved to the table speaking. Apple claims that under iOS 12, devices will be faster, more responsive, and smoother in animation. Various daily operations, such as opening the camera app and typing text on the keyboard, are faster than ever. In addition, the performance improvement will be more significant when multiple tasks are processed on the device at the same time.

At present, many users who have installed iOS 12 public beta or developer beta in advance believe that many have already experienced the performance improvement claimed by Apple, especially users who use older devices, because the official test model of Apple is the iPhone 6s Plus. The preview is for iOS 11.4 and iOS 12. Apple expects that the official version will have even more significant improvements, and that this is a long-term core task, one version will not come one more.

Therefore, Apple's performance improvement through the iOS 12 update of the old device and the unrestricted scope of the adaptive model indicate that the life expectancy of the old model may become more durable in the future, at least with the new flagship spanning three years. The old model will still not retire. So even if the user changes the new machine, the old device will still be the best choice for the backup machine, or can also be transferred to friends and family. However, the longevity of old equipment is also very beneficial to Apple's occupation of emerging markets through old equipment.

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