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Women’s WeChat Group Gambling Debts Million Dollars

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In the video, Azhen cried and cried, and there was a child's crisp cries. She was originally a public employee of a unit in Zixi County, Fuzhou City, Jiangxi Province. She had just given birth to her second child in the first three months.

The husband, Iowa (a pseudonym), said to Beijing time: “I am a victim. If there is a network gambling, there will be other victims.”

On June 28, Zixi County Party Committee Propaganda Department told Beijing time that the local police are still investigating online gambling according to the situation reported by Azhen’s family.

A Zhen self-taught at home, leaving a video message

Indulge in gambling. Husband also gambling debts for her millions.

In recent years, Azhen was deeply gambling and lost more than two million yuan. Iowa paid her debt several times and tried to pull her back to normal life.

"Beginning in 2012 with friends in the mahjong pavilion, gambling is relatively large, winning or losing tens of thousands, before and after a total loss of more than two million yuan." Iowa said, "because she is a public officer, it is convenient to borrow money, she Private lending, first, the best relatives and friends around us, one of the creditor’s daughters is my colleague’s co-worker, and the other is a high-interest, business-oriented person who earns her interest. ."

“Say it to me, I said don’t bet on it, go to a bank loan to refinance usury.” Iowa and Azhen faced her gambling debt together. “I helped her back several times, once again in 2013, 2016 Once again, more than 500,000 were returned at a time, and 1.2 million debts were borrowed from the bank once. The two were more than 1.7 million yuan."

"I have confessed. Don't lend money to her later." Iowa paid her former creditors when she returned the money.

At the end of 2016, A Zhen was pregnant with her second child. "I'm very relieved. She didn't go out. She probably didn't have a gamble in the next year."

On August 9, 2017, Azhen gave birth to a daughter. Because she was afraid of affecting Iowa's rest during her breastfeeding, she slept in another room.

"I always thought that at home with children, no chance to gamble, as long as she no longer gambled, and I borrowed money to pay her debt." Iowa said.

Husband Iowa said that there are other people who are victims of online gambling.

When I took my daughter home, she found that her wife was arrogant

"(Before the incident) just took a picture of the child for 100 days." Iowa recalled, "In those days, I came home early and late to see her spirit is not very good."

At 9:40pm on November 19th, 2017, Ah Zhen called Ahwa. "She told me to go home and take Xiaobao. I will go to the high school's eldest daughter first, probably to be home at 10:20pm."

When Ahwa came home with her daughter, she saw the tragic scene in front of her. Azhen had already hanged herself in the living room.

Azhen left a selfie video before he was born, claiming that he is still immersed in online gambling.

“She took a video on November 16th (3 days before the show). In 3 days, she was struggling. She said that in the last self-timer video.” Iowa saw the incident in the living room. Jane's mobile phone.

Turning on the video in Azhen’s mobile phone, Azhen said to Iowa: “My online gambling started from my second child, last April and May.”

"She is very remorseful of gambling behavior and is very embarrassed to the family." Iowa said, "There are also reasons why the creditors have to force their debt."

A Zhen said in a video testimony: "I told you why I should leave. I had given Xiaobao a few months. I borrowed 160,000 yuan from that person. I cheated everywhere and said that I had to pay my debt. Also, I was bet on online gambling, and another person borrowed more than 50,000 yuan. I borrowed more than ten thousand yuan on an online credit loan."

“The old debts are not worth the debt, they are forced into debt, and they don’t want to tell you that they always want to scoop (luckily).” Azhen replied remorsefully: “I have to marry myself hundreds of times every day and every time I see You all think of yourself..."

In the video, A Zhen cried and cried, and there was a child's crisp cries beside them. They were the 100-day-old second-born daughter.

Ahwa inquired his wife's transfer records and found that she chose to swear because she was unable to pay her debts and she was jealous of family members.

“Transfer records more than 60 pages are constantly betting”

Ah Hua inquired about Arjan's related transfer records and found that Azhen played "Cattle Cattle" in the WeChat group. "Most of them lost."

"I did not think she later played in the WeChat group in cattle and cattle gambling, I read her Alipay record, there is a group of Lee's gambling, the other person's name is Lee, Zuozhuang, every day's winning or losing tens of thousands of dollars, most of her All lost. Her transfer record was more than 60 pages because she kept gambling and went in and out every day. She also gambling in other WeChat groups."

A Zhen was unable to repay the gambling debts and felt that "the days would not go."

“My wife’s salary is less than 3,000 yuan a month in January. Her salary is only a little bit less. How can I have such a big repayment ability? One of the 80,000 yuan debts, with a monthly interest rate of 2,400 yuan, is worth a debt of 80,000 yuan. Can't go on."

After handling his wife’s affairs, Ahwa sent her mobile phone, bank cards, and related videos to the Public Security Bureau.

“(When my wife was jealous) my little daughter was only 100 days old, and I couldn’t take care of it (after half a year) was still taken care of at a good home. The oldest daughter couldn’t accept it, she said quietly, and her grades fell. Her parents are all 70 years old. The mother was seriously ill."

"The impact on this family is too great." Ahwa said, "I am a victim. If there is internet gambling, there will be other victims."

On June 28, Zixi County Party Committee Propaganda Department told Beijing time that the local police are still investigating online gambling according to the situation reported by Azhen’s family.

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