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Tencent Wealth Management upgrades the fixed investment service on-line love to vote. Regular fixed-rate automatic purchase of financial management is more worry-free

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Recently, Tencent WealthLink has fully upgraded its fixed-fund investment service for the first time, and is on the line "Love Sets". With multiple advantages such as convenient operation, abundant products, automatic buy-in at regular times, and quick and flexible redemption, Tencent Wealth Management Limited hopes to provide users with lazy-style financial services, which will make it easier for investors to manage their money. In addition, all of the user's fixed investment plans are uniformly passed through the management of "Love and Investment" and can achieve better plan management.

Users only need to open the WeChat APP, enter [wallet] - [financial pass], click on the "love set vote" home page of Tencent wealth management homepage, you can enter "Tencent wealth management through love vote" zone.

Wang Ying, head of Tencent's wealth management product team, said that upgrading the fixed investment service and launching the "Love and Investment" area hopes to help users grow through Tencent wealth management and improve asset allocation. "Tencent Wealth Management encourages long-term fixed-term investment, allowing time to enlarge the value of compound interest." ”



"Tencent financial management love to vote" "three advantages, fixed investment long-term compound interest

Tencent wealth management positioning positioning boutique financial management platform, "Love is set to vote" is also based on this concept was born financial services area. "" Tencent wealth management through love investment "has three major advantages. First, on the one hand, users can transfer funds automatically at regular time and buy wealth management products in batches for convenience. Users can choose their favorite wealth management products and set up financial plans according to their actual conditions, including time and amount of funds transferred. In addition, "Tencent Wealth Management" will be able to meet the different asset allocation needs of its customers by using money products that can be used with money funds, regular insurance products with stable financial management, and fund products suitable for long-term investment.

Second, users can easily earn income, can be described as "lazy people's money-saving tool." After the user transfers the funds to “Tencent Wealth Management”, the system will automatically help the user to deposit the money into the selected wealth management products to earn income. In addition, because the fixed investment is bought in batches, the risk is relatively scattered, and the market can continue to dilute the cost in the falling market. Investors will not affect the normal life and mood due to the fluctuation of the stock market.

In addition, using Tencent Money Taro, the user can achieve rapid redemption, rapid arrival function —— funds can earn profits, but also flexible access, want to take out, the fastest 5 minutes to account .

Einstein said that compound interest is the eighth largest human miracle. Munger also made compound interest as one of the most important thinking models. Compared with one-time investment, fixed investment is the time to make full use of funds for compounding value. Taking Mr. Chen, a user of Tencent Wealth Management, as an example, if he starts investing in a fixed-income way in 2015, he will automatically transfer a monthly fixed amount of 4,000 yuan to the fund of the E Fund Shanghai 50 Index A (110003) fund, according to the fund. For the three-year (July 1, 2015 to June 1, 2018) rate of return calculations, then as of June 1, 2018, he will have profit of more than 42,000 yuan in addition to the principal amount of 144,000 yuan. The amount of this investment accumulated through the fixed investment is enough for his children to enter a well-known early childhood education institution, which can cultivate their children's hobbies and talents, and even bring their children out to see the world, so that children can improve communication in many aspects. The ability to think, understand, and learn will lay the foundation for future development.

In order to continue to adhere to the long-term goals, Tencent Wealth Management will provide long-term companionship, users can achieve regular transfer of funds into the fixed amount, accumulate less, long-term use of compounding effects, to maximize the value of financial investment. In addition, in order to meet various needs of users, Tencent Wealth Management also provides services such as market interpretation, fund review, and account diagnosis, as well as various forms of investor education activities.

A wide range of user groups, continue to vote for multiple benefits

“ Tencent wealth management pass love "for a lot of people.

For office workers who do not have free time ——because the daily work is busy and lack of financial management time, they can't pay attention to the market in real time. However, such users have stable income, and investment in funds can help busy office workers to better their wealth. management.

For those investors who have long-term financial plans, for example, pensioners, educators, etc., who spend large amounts of future cash, such users need long-term investment to achieve their future goals, and fixed investment is a good way to achieve this goal.

For investors who have difficulty grasping market sentiment, —— they have realized the risks of timing, and can reduce this risk by making a vote.

In addition, in order to encourage users to stick to the fixed-term investment, the long-term compound interest will result in an appreciation of financial management. Tencent Wealth Management has set up multiple benefits. For example, if you continue to invest in multiple bonus packages, you can get a monthly Life & Entertainment Voucher, have the privilege of buying exclusive products, and prioritize the transfer of good products. We choose Tencent Wealth Management to vote, and automatically transfer the quotas on a regular basis, which not only helps busy working ordinary investors to reduce financial risks, but also fully appreciates the return on investment brought by compound interest in long-term investment.

Multiple initiatives, service benefits over 150 million users

In addition to the "definite investment", Tencent Wealth Management continues to provide user services. As early as last year, Tencent Wealth Management launched its membership service system to provide customized user services for Platinum members, Gold members and Silver members. Since the establishment of the platform, the number of Tencent wealth management users and the amount of funds have steadily increased. The number of users has exceeded 150 million, and the amount of funds held has exceeded 480 billion.

In addition, Tencent Wealth Management also focused on providing financial education services for its members——2015-to-date,  Tencent Wealth Management Forum” has hosted 13 games to invite industry coffee and users to share practical, professional investment and financial management Knowledge; Starting in 2017, Tencent Wealth Management launched the “Tencent Banking Finance Business Class”, an innovative financial business education program aimed at disseminating knowledge of finance among parent-child, white-collar, and elderly groups.

In addition to the establishment of membership systems and financial education services, Wang Ying also disclosed that Tencent Wealth Management will pay more attention to the user's asset allocation in the user service latitude. “Smart Investment & Quotation” will also become the key exploration direction of Tencent's wealth management in 2018. one. What can be expected in the future is that with the improvement of products on the platform of the Wealth Management platform and the connection of more specialized asset providers, more users who have already succumbed to the wealth management and private services of the banking department may also The platform is offloaded.

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