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Pinto is a game running on WeChat

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Lei Jun said "Millet = Apple XTencent"You can't help laughing generously. Huang Xie said, "Together, Costco+disney" is totally childlike.

Two "magic weapons" and reference to game ideas

1) Efficient and low-cost acquisition

99.99% of the Pan-E-commerce project has lost the cost of obtaining customers. In particular, e-commerce providers that provide low-frequency services will be permanently struggling to find new ways for high prices.

"Pseudo-shared bicycles" is an exception, and customers can earn money without having to pay for it.Losing a car early on the street can induce 5 new users to hook up. The accumulated deposit far exceeds the cost of buying a car. However, the deposit is the user's, the pseudo-shared bicycle platform stealing the deposit is a hole in the lazy politics, so "making money" can only be quoted.

A lot of efficient and low-cost passengers are second only to pseudo-shared bicycles. With the help of powerful social tools, Pinto launched more than three years of active users on the line, nearly 250 million, and GMV reached 100 billion in 2017, becoming an outstanding representative of social e-commerce.

The basic gameplay is like this: a certain product (such as a pack of beef jerky) needs to pay 29.8 yuan for direct payment purchase. If you want to make a single order and purchase the number, you only need to pay 28.8 yuan.

Buyers can pay 28.8 yuan first, and then follow the instructions to send more links to the WeChat group, if within 24 hours can not meet the number of fighters required, the original payment back.

After sharing one time, Pinto has to tell the buyer: “If you share more than 3 times, the success rate of your fight will be as high as 98%.”

It should be noted that 28.8 yuan can only buy 200 grams. "Original price of 300 yuan", 28.8 yuan seems to be able to buy 500 grams, all are misleading.

These are just basic routines, and there are many ways to fight for it.

For example, just launched the spelling and received a public number reminder: "You're too lucky! Congratulations on getting a chance to get a free product."

Click to see, the goods have trolley cases, umbrellas, bracelets, Bluetooth speakers... The premise is to give more and more "pull new". Two new users, an eye umbrella worth 49.9 yuan.

Logging in to fight more than one can also sign for red envelopes, but I can only open part, but also trouble friends to help. Open all within 24 hours. There are extra rewards for signing up for three consecutive days, afraid to forget to set reminders...

The way to get more customers can not be repeated, because the available social channels are only WeChat, QQ, and Tencent is firmly opposed to "induced sharing." Pinto is a naked "inducing sharing", the so-called "a year was blocked by Tencent", but the "coach" in the disciples, "very normal."

Given that Tencent holds a 18.5% stake in Weichai, it is perfectly justified that WeChat engage in double standards. To Tencent to be fair is like running to Wang Jianlin and saying, "What does Wang Sicong want from me?"

2) Decentralized Product Promotion

There are hundreds of millions of users gathered on the large e-commerce platform, but they can only see a wide range of products from a small "window", and the time to open the APP every day is also limited.

Each time a user enters a keyword, he or she can search for hundreds of pages of merchandise, and the basic unattended after 10 pages. Paid promotion has a certain effect, but it is very quick to make money, and small and medium sellers can hardly afford it.

Traffic experts say that "congestion is the natural boundary of car ownership." Because it is too blocking the public will drive less or even not buy a car. Those newly opened roads can only be smooth for a period of time and they are quickly blocked by vehicles that have been heard.

Similarly, the "crowding" of the e-commerce platform will also limit the number of merchants entering the product.The solution is decentralization.For example, to explore thousands of intelligent recommendations,Make every user a "center"The goods displayed on the first screen are what he himself most needs at the moment.

The process of putting together a lot of fights is not only a new promotion but also a promotion. All buyers are "salesmen" and are trying to throw the product links into one WeChat group after another. In the above example, one dollar was cheaper, more than one group was harassed, and hundreds of "friends" were harassed. Each "friend" was worth 1 cent.

Spending money to do big things and using small profits to induce sharing is the key to the rapid rise of many. The sentence in the PR manuscript, which "didn't attract users with subsidies at all," was ridiculously captured by the brainless media.

The fight is mostly decentralized, and it is a model of viral marketing to drive the silk through social applications.

It is not difficult to see that it has borrowed the concept of the game in terms of newness, stickiness, etc.: Utilizing human weaknesses and unscrupulously extracting users' time, energy and money. In fact, Pinduo itself is the internal incubator project of the game company founded by Huang Hao.

Many places in the game reveal a deep understanding of the human nature of game masters, as well as superb skills to evoke and drive "human desires." Many products and operations "ideas" are the "standards" of the game.

Practicing a lot of decentralization solutions will be quick, but it will inevitably hurt the WeChat users' experience. Tencent will not tolerate the continued growth of savage growth. Simultaneously,More and more owners will stipulate that "a lot of players will play kicks".

Less than 30 yuan GMV harassed 100 people WeChat users. If in 2018, a lot of GMVs will reach 300 billion, it will harass WeChat users 1 trillion people. Does Tencent dare to take WeChat to take such a big risk?

With the popularity of the fight, the negative problems are increasingly exposed, users are blaming the quality of products, business rights have been one after another. There are also reports from the media that users "when they bought a cherry when ordering, they found it to be a particularly sour cherries. They can only be thrown away."

Whether the effect of “WeChat WeChat” can be sustained or not, and when buyers and sellers are dissatisfied with the fight and when the outbursts are concentrated, the combination of technology companies will not hurt the “appetite” of the capital market. These three points are fundamental to the rush to market. the reason.

Not consumption degradation but price discrimination

Due to the low quality and low price of the goods sold by Pindo, some media have given the words “consumer demoted”.

Smart machine replacement is a consumer upgrade. The smart phones are getting cheaper, and the average price of millet phones has dropped to 800 yuan, so that people who can't afford them can use smart machines instead of upgrading them.

The practice of fighting for many is not new, it is called price discrimination.At the same time and place, sell the exact same product or service to different people for different prices, don't be busy saying it is fraud.

For example, for a McDonald's, Hamburg costs 5 yuan, retail price is 10 yuan, 1000 can be sold every day, and gross profit is 5,000 yuan. According to a survey conducted by the manager, among surrounding schools and low-income earners, 1,000 people are willing to buy a hamburger for 8 yuan each day. To meet this demand, the gross profit of the store can be increased to 8,000 yuan per day, which will earn more than one million per year.

Ask a customer, "Would you like to pay 8 yuan or 10 yuan?" It is impossible, what should I do?

The shop printed many coupons and sent them to nearby schools and office buildings. A size of A4 includes dozens of small sheets, each of which is printed with the name of the food, the discounted price, and the time of use.

Those who want to save two bucks should be carefully kept, carried at mealtime, used at the time specified on the vouchers, and can only point to designated foods. Do not want to save the two dollars, want to eat what you want. So the McDonald's can sell exactly the same food, sell the two prices at the same time.

It is price discrimination to play more and more, willing to spend 29.8 yuan to buy 200 grams of shredded beef jerky can be paid directly, if you want to save 1 yuan to initiate the fight, then lose the link to a number of WeChat group.

In the case of McDonald's stores, people who only want to spend 8 yuan to buy a burger are not target users at all. Smart store managers “dig” them with price discrimination. In the same way, it is not the mainstream users of Tmall and JD.

A "hearty egg"

Although the listing application has been filed, the "maturity" of Pinto's can only barely reach the level of private equity financing. Even its income model is only in 2017.

There are mainly two types of e-commerce revenue models: the first is the direct sales of self-selling and self-selling, and the second is an open marketplace service that provides commissions for third-party sales services.

Jingdong started from self-employed, gradually increasing the proportion of open platform business, and now it has begun to dilute its own concept.

If you have a lot of fights, you will be self-employed at the age of one and two. In 2016, the self-operated income was 457 million, accounting for 90.4% of the revenue. At the age of three, “the temperament changed greatly”, and the self-operated business was replaced by the platform business, accounting for less than 0.2%. In Q18, 2018, all were transformed into platform business.

In 2016, the self-operated business gross profit margin was negative 6.1%. In 2017, it was easy to turn to 9.8%, and it was completely abandoned in 2018.Explain that it is a matter of expediency to do more self-employment.

It was only on the right track in 2017, and it was listed in 2018. It was too hasty, and it also reflected the fact that many teams and shareholders didn't have a heart. For investors, speculating on the mid- to long-term trend of the company based on only a dozen months of operational data is not reliable. To put a lot of listing down should be a saying: "The word is not yet a word."

"The sparrows are small and complete," and social e-commerce is also an e-commerce business. Does the e-commerce have to have more software and hardware? Especially for the effective monitoring and management of merchants. There are no strict identities and qualifications audits in the shop, but just fill in some forms, and the seller's credit is also impossible to talk about. Take fines for scams, seize the penalty, and earn money. But are the punished merchants really selling fakes? Will fake dealers be punished? This extensive management also led to a large number of merchants in June to defend their headquarters.

Jingdong and Tongcheng Yilong also connected to the WeChat wallet. It is certain that they can survive and develop after leaving Tencent.Now that we've gotten away from WeChat, it's a lot of mud on the ground. What we want is nothing, and we want to value it at a value of 30 billion U.S. dollars, worth not more than 3 billion U.S. dollars, but also a big question mark!

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