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Today's headlines are on-line paid reading function, and WeChat?

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Recent WeChat actions on the subscription number are particularly frequent. The "Information Flow" has been revised, the public praise has been restored, and the open reprint function has been introduced……

However, one of the functions that WeChat has been testing for a long time is still not appearing, and the headlines have to be launched first.

Many front-line operators recently received invitations to open payment columns. It is reported that this feature is also included in the test, but today's headlines must be on-line to pay for reading this matter is basically a real hammer.


Let's take a look at how the paid reading of today's headlines is done. When the headline author enters the "Create Column" interface, you can choose to create a free or paid column and set whether to pay in the "Add chapter" under the column.

When the "paying column" is published, the author can choose to set "Exemption promotion", so that the reader can read the corresponding paid section for free in the information stream, and the article "Limited Exempt Promotion" can also get more exposure and recommendation.


However, the creation of the “pay-per-viewing column” must also be subject to official review after submission. If “violation clauses” and “advertising information” are included, neither will be passed, but the specific standards have not yet been announced.

As this function is still in the internal test, the final presentation of the headline "Payment Column" today is open to all headline users and whether the platform will be divided into these paid incomes. It is still unknown.


After the monthly subscription of 1 billion WeChat subscriptions, the subscription number is more closely related to the information flow. The information flow recommended by the algorithm starts today, and the adjustment of the content ecology is taken for granted. This is also the headline war of Tencent. One of the epitome.


▲ Left is the old version, right is the new version

In fact, WeChat had reported the opening of the paid subscription function last year. In February last year, Ma Huateng commented on the circle of friends of well-known Internet keso (Hong Bo), saying that WeChat will launch the public number paid subscription function and urged to speed up the development process.


Then Keso released a circle of friends, saying that "the WeChat public account's paid subscription function is a bit late, but it is finally coming."


However, more than a year has passed, and even if the subscription number ushered in a major revision, the paid subscription feature is still missing. In the case of paid reading, perhaps the WeChat team has not yet thought about it, but today's headlines are the first to launch paid reading, can we seize the opportunity in the competition with WeChat?


In fact, on the issue of paid reading, WeChat and today's headlines are not in one dimension at all.

Zhang Xiaolong once said that WeChat is a forest, not a palace. Today's headline can be said to be a palace, or a ranch.


Today's headlines are based on information recommendations. The ecology in the headlines is often not self-sufficient. It is often recommended by the platform to obtain a higher exposure. In addition to the information flow model, users have a weak sense of belonging to the headline number. The impact of reading is also relatively small.

This allows the head number and the trumpet of other platforms to stand on the same starting line, so it is often seen that WeChat's millions of fans are large, and the readings in the headlines may not be as good as the trumpets of hundreds of thousands of fans. However, this also means that content operations can't completely grasp the fate in their own hands, and the greater decision-making power is in the headline algorithm.


And the WeChat public number has become a platform that so many content producers pay the most attention to, because WeChat allows everyone to create their own brand with zero threshold, “small individual, but also own brand”, and it's not right. Intervention in content distribution has formed a more mature ecology.

In the field of paid reading, although the knowledge payment platform such as getting, answering and knowing live has accumulated a lot of users in the past, paid reading is not the habit of most users.

Regardless of the platform, let users pay for the content. One is to provide high-quality, scarce content, saving users the cost of filtering information.

The second is to attract loyal readers through the influence of authors and brands, which is also a fan economy. Previously, Fan Yifa earned 4.8 million yuan in paid photos overnight, which is an extreme example of such content payment.


If we compare today’s headline with the WeChat subscription number, WeChat has a clear advantage in both areas. Although WeChat is also flooded with many non-nutritive marketing numbers, the situation of content hydration is still not as serious as today’s headline.

As for the brand of the content producer, this is one of the foundations for the prosperity of WeChat content. Compared to the headline that wants to give half the life to the algorithm recommendation, WeChat is obviously more conducive to content brands relying on influence and fans to realize.


In addition, after a few micro-skills on WeChat, many users have already experienced paid content in WeChat, and WeChat users may have higher acceptance of paid reading.

However, if WeChat wants to go online to pay for reading, there are a lot of issues to consider. After all, this is also a change that will take effect.

Although the WeChat subscription number has long been appreciated, so that authors can get a certain income directly through the user. However, appreciation and paid reading are still very different. Appreciation is the paid behavior after reading, while paid reading is paid in advance, which has higher requirements for the author's content planning and the faniness of the subscription number.


The WeChat paid subscription feature opens up a new source of revenue for content producers, in addition to advertising and appreciation. Some authors can support themselves by content alone, without having to be soft and wide for their livelihoods. This is good news for those "small and beautiful" public numbers. Just like keso inContent entrepreneurshipWritten in:

A healthy society should be able to feed those great writers, instead of forcing them to become entrepreneurs and businessmen.

But to achieve such a vision, WeChat also faces some challenges. Ai Faner interviewed the well-known Internet comment blogger A Zen, who said:

Whether WeChat will push the fee to read is not easy to say, but it may face difficulties in Apple's payment. In addition, the popularity of knowledge payment has also been an influential factor.

WeChat had previously closed the appreciation of iOS because of pressure from Apple. Although the two sides have reached an agreement today, if the implementation of paid reading may touch Apple's sensitive nerves.

Whether or not the knowledge payment outlet has passed is yet to be discussed. Although there are fewer posters for virus screening, it is based on2018 China Online Knowledge Payment Market Research ReportIn 2017, China's knowledge-paying industry was about 4.9 billion yuan, up nearly 3 times year-on-year. It is expected to reach 23.5 billion yuan in 2020, which remains a promising market.

After all, as information overload becomes more and more serious, the need to use knowledge to filter content is getting stronger and stronger.

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