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Ma Huateng: Tencent hopes to be a good "helper" in financial security supervision

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Ma Huateng is in Shenzhen Finance Office andTencentThe above statement was made at the unveiling ceremony of the joint launch of the Lingbi Financial Security Big Data Platform on-line and financial security supervision technology laboratory.

“How to effectively identify financial innovations and illegal financial activities in the Internet environment, and discover new types of financial risks in a timely manner? How to effectively integrate mixed and cross-regional financial activities into the regulatory system? How to implement financial risks continuously and dynamically Accurate warning?” Ma Huateng believes that in the face of new challenges, it is necessary to continuously improve the “technical content” of financial supervision. Only by supervising the continuous upgrading of technology, can we achieve “a height of one foot and a height of one foot”.

It is reported that Tencent will jointly establish a “Financial Safety Supervision Technology Laboratory” with the Shenzhen Financial Office to analyze financial chaos and financial fraud, and explore a financial security regulatory framework based on big data and new technologies.

With the continuous tightening of financial regulatory policies, whether in the areas of payment business, fund sales business, microfinance, consumer finance, etc., many technology finance giants have made corresponding choices.

According to Reuters, the future focus of Alibaba's financial giant Ant Financial will shift from payment and consumer finance to technical services, with the goal of increasing the share of technology services in revenue from 34% last year to 65%. Previously, Ant Financial said that based on the location of techfin, Ant Financial will only do tech (technical) in the future, and support financial institutions to do fin (finance).

Jingdong Financial CEO Chen Shengqiang said at the Boao Forum that Jingdong Finance will switch from self-operated finance to financial institution services, and Jingdong Finance will no longer do finance.

Xiao Wenjie, CEO of Lexus, a technology consumer finance company, said recently that "Lexin does not do finance, does not participate in financial business competition, and always serves as the best partner for everyone."

Attached to Ma Huateng's speech:

Risk management is the foundation of modern financial regulation. It is both a priority and a difficult one. In particular, today's financial activities are evolving in the direction of digitalization, networking, and intelligence. The types of different risks and the speed of risk conversion and transmission between different markets are accelerating as never before. Then, how to effectively identify normal and benign financial innovations and (like the one just mentioned) illegal financial activities in financial innovations in the context of the Internet; how to discover new types that have never been discovered before. Financial risk? How can we effectively integrate mixed and cross-regional financial activities into the regulatory system? How to implement static warnings on various financial risks in a continuous and dynamic manner? I think that in the face of these new challenges, we need to continuously improve the "technical content" of financial supervision. Only the "regulatory technology" will continue to upgrade its iterations, in order to achieve "the magic height is one foot, the road height is one foot."

Shenzhen is the forefront of China's reform and opening up and the "window" city. The Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government have given us great support and encouragement in the reform and innovation of supervision and innovation. As a local Internet company in Shenzhen, Tencent has been in business for more than three months. We have witnessed the changes brought about by the speed of Shenzhen and the development of Internet innovation.

This year, WeChat has more than 1 billion monthly active users, becoming the first "national application" of China's Internet with more than 10 billion users. WeChat and QQ have been the Internet products covering the widest range of people in China for many years. In the past 20 years, we have fought bravely on the Internet platform of massive users and illegal activities such as network black production. We have accumulated a wealth of experience and capabilities. It can be said that Director Xiao Jun just introduced to you, we are actually In the past, it was not that we were fully committed to financial risk control. We started to do a lot of work in our account system, including information security, including anti-telecom fraud, but we found that these black products actually came. In the end, it will benefit and land on the financial side, so after so many years of hard work, we have accumulated a wealth of experience in financial risk prevention. So today we see that the “Lingyi Platform” deployed by Tencent and the Shenzhen Financial Office is the initial attempt to integrate these experiences and capabilities. We are very happy to see that the “Lingyi Platform” has begun to play an important role in the supervision and early warning of illegal fund-raising and financial risks of stakeholders. This makes us feel the great potential of financial regulatory technology.

Next, we will work with the Shenzhen Financial Office to build a “financial and safety supervision technology laboratory”, using the latest technology and capabilities to analyze financial chaos and financial fraud, and explore new data and new technologies. Financial security regulatory framework. In the future, we also expect to continue to deepen cooperation and innovation with the Shenzhen Municipal Government and jointly promote the exploration of projects such as “Shenzhen Lingbi Financial Brain”. We also see that there is a huge space for Internet companies and government departments to explore and cooperate with innovation. The "Lingyi Platform" can be said to be a starting point for us. We and the regulatory authorities jointly promote the development of "regulatory technology", and there is a long way to go in the future.

This year, Tencent has hoped to become a digital assistant in all walks of life. In terms of financial security supervision, we also hope to seriously play the role of "helper", open up our own technology and capabilities, assist government departments and regulatory agencies, and win the "tough battle" to prevent and control financial risks.

"鲲" and "Peng" are the same source. What we feel is not only a coincidence in writing, but also the corporate responsibility of Tencent. Tencent is born and raised in Shenzhen. It can be said that it shares the same roots and symbiosis with the city. The future of “Pengcheng” is also the future of Tencent. The process of turning "鲲" into "Peng" requires us to work together with the Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government. We believe that after the "鲲" is "Peng", there will be "Wanli Pengcheng": In the future, our exploration results in the fields of supervision of science and technology and innovation governance will surely radiate the country and provide the "Shenzhen model" for China and the world. And "Shenzhen Program".

thank you all!

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