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Zuckerberg calls you to work for Facebook AI, first get these 25 interview questions

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This article is an interview topic compiled by Lei Feng subtitles group, the original title Facebook AI Interview Questions — Acing the AI ​​Interview, author Vimarsh Karbhari.

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Facebook has no need to introduce. After the establishment in 2004, after a decade of accumulated data, Facebook engineers began experimenting with CNNs in 2013. Subsequently, Facebook hired the first engineer to recognize artificial intelligence and in-depth study of the importance of Google's brain, Marc & Aquoio Ranzato. Soon after, I also hired CNN inventors.Yann LeCun.


Yann LeCun isFacebook Artificial Intelligence Lab (FAIR)The head of the artificial intelligence research direction. Facebook tried to replicate the Google model, set up a research institution to publish publications, and a place to help researchers understand Facebook AI. A large number of publications revolve around computer vision and data science, because Facebook has a large amount of image data that can be used to deploy CNN to complete image recognition.

On Facebook, some teams use data to influence product decisions, and for some teams, data is a core element. Depending on the application, there are independent organizations of data science teams, and some teams have their own researchers and data scientists. The powerful programming skills of system thinking are very important for Facebook AI research.

Interview process

The Facebook interview process is an industry-wide interview process. The process was explained in detail by an engineer at Facebook.

Important reading

  1. Facebook Vision App AI Framework:Open Neural Network Exchange Format. (ONNX).

  2. Download the library of their project/package:Downloads

  3. Facebook Research Blog

Interview questions (Facebook AI / Data Science direction)

  • Give you 2 identical eggs, how do you use these two eggs to find a threshold floor, and throw eggs at the threshold floor N (including n itself) and above the floor, the eggs will be broken.

  • Randomly take one coin out of 100 coins - 1 unfair coin (both sides are head), 99 fair coins (head-tail), and repeat the last 10 times. If the result is 10 times is the head, what is the probability of a rough unfair coin?

  • Use Python to write sorting algorithms for numeric data sets.

  • Facebook wants to estimate the user's birthday, regardless of whether the user provides this information directly. What methods and data will you propose to achieve this?

  • Use the python built-in package to manipulate “csv” data.

  • How do you compare the performance of the auto-recommended friend algorithm of two different back-end engines?

  • Given the KPI, select the correct metric and execute ETL (using SQL code)

  • You are about to fly to Seattle. You want to know if you need an umbrella. You randomly call 3 friends who live there and ask each person if they want to rain. Each friend has a 2/3 probability to tell you the truth, and a 1/3 probability misleads you to give an error message. All three friends have told you & ldquo; will be going to rain. What is the probability of actual rain in Seattle?

  • Consider a game with 2 players, A and B. Player A has 8 pieces and player B has 6. The game process is as follows. First, A throws a fair hexahedral mold, and the number on the mold determines how many pieces A gets from B. Next, B throws the same mold, and the number on the mold determines how many pieces B gets from A. The round is over. At the end of the game, whoever has more pieces wins the game and the game ends. If the player gets the same number of pieces at the end of the game, a tie is formed and the next round is played. What is the probability that B can win in 1, 2, ..., n rounds?

  • How do I get a count of each letter in a sentence?

  • Through gender or height, how do you prove that men are taller than women?

  • What is a monkey patch?

  • Given an object list A and another list B identical to A, except one element is deleted, the deleted element is found.

  • Given a list of integers (both positive and negative), write an algorithm to find if there is at least one pair of integers with a total of zero. How to improve the performance of the algorithm?

  • Make a histogram of 2 variables

  • Use SQL to create a histogram of the number of post responses (how many people respond to x, how many people respond to x+1, etc.).

  • Build a table that summarizes each user's daily usage (tracking the user's last actions and accumulating each day)

  • You are in a casino with only two dice, if you roll 5 points, you win and get a $10 bonus. What do you expect to spend? If you keep playing until you win the game (no matter how long it takes) the game ends, what do you expect to spend?

  • If you want manufacturers to advertise on Facebook, what indicators would you show them?

  • Give a form to send a friend's application.

  • Receive a friend request and find the user with the most friends.

  • On one platform, the number of likes/users and the cost per minute is increasing, but the total number of users is decreasing. What is the root cause?

  • How many of the high schools listed by the customer in the file are true? How do we find and deploy large-scale ways to find invalid schools?

  • How do I map nicknames (Pete, Andy, Nick, Rob, etc.) to real names?

  • Facebook found that the praise was 10% higher than last year. What is the reason?

  • If PM wants to double the number of news source ads, how can you tell if this is a good idea?

Thinking about these issues

On Facebook, I found that I prefer to look at scene-based probability issues. Many issues require deep understanding and programming skills for Facebook products. Facebook has the best visual researchers in the world, and the team also includes Google Scholars. Good programming skills and basic knowledge of data science will allow you to find a job on the world's largest social networking site.

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