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Let's keep talking: what are the functions of WeChat?

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After the WeChat subscription number was revised, "Information flow", many netizens thought that this was a functional regression, and they all said that they would "take away", and on the major community platforms such as Zhihu, Douban, etc. A lot of rumors about "What are the functions of WeChat?"

Even the popular features of the smash hits, search and search, etc., are also on the list. Even senior WeChat players feel that many of the new features on WeChat are getting more and more out of the user's actual use. They are taking advantage of their number of registered users and occupying the market share of other giants on the basis of consolidating their social platform status.

So, as the most commonly used live chat application in daily life, how many functions of WeChat are becoming more and more difficult? Let the readers come together for a trip.

Once the "consultants", today's "chicken ribs"


“Now, to talk about the function of the chicken ribs, how can you not shake it. ”

Since 2011, I have been using WeChat's "old users". Zhang Lipei told me to understand the notes. When I first contacted WeChat, I was still a college student. To say that the most impressive feature, naturally, is on the line early, "shake".

As an otaku, he used this early function to get to know a lot of friends from all over the country who are shaking their mobile phones at the same time. And there are a lot of classmates around, and under his influence, they started using WeChat, and they used the function “remote” to “small girl”.

“ Light is because of this feature and use WeChat, there are many around me. & rdquo; In Zhang Lipei's view, the early shake, indeed for the number of WeChat expansion users have made a great contribution. However, now, "shake" is still retained after WeChat has experienced multiple iterations of the version, but the quality of users using this feature is far less than before.

“Now, I’m shaking it up, and the estimates are all micro-business. & rdquo; He said that from about two or three years ago, the "shake" function has become the base of advertising. The so-called "friends" that can be shaken out by this function are mostly just for selling products.

As for the function that can also be called WeChat <; heroes & rdquo; "drift bottle", it seems that it can not escape the fate that is gradually abandoned by users. He Tao, a research and development engineer, told me that I understand the notes, and the earliest "drift bottle" function, let him find the feeling of writing a pen pal.

“I am very introverted in reality, but in the drift bottle, I am a voice. & rdquo; He said that he once turned the pressure of life and work into a written record in the "drift bottle", which often received the comfort of many strangers. Even his current wife is using the “drift bottle” to catch up.

Recently, however, when he reopened the function of “Drift Bottle” that he had not used for a long time, he tried to find old memories, but found that the drift bottles that were “&” were mostly impure motives. Enrich a lot of yellow and 暧昧 information. “If there is not a bottle, I think it is a stranger to see the dialogue. & rdquo; He Tao said with fun.

But for Chris, the most impressive feature is the “people nearby”. Through this function, she used to help her own coffee shop to recruit hundreds of guests in one afternoon, and made a lot of friends.

“But now, I want to attract customers, and others want to attract business. & rdquo; She told me to understand the notes, in the vicinity of Shenzhen Huaqiang South, "near the people", or all of them are the merchants selling mobile phones in Huaqiang North, or the real estate agents who are renting near Chiwei, "now people nearby" Advertising is more powerful than shaking and drifting bottles. ”

It can be said that shaking, drifting bottles and people nearby have laid the foundation for WeChat as a social platform at the time of launch. In addition to the instant messaging function, it is also possible to randomly add strangers, even “ encounters & rdquo; become WeChat friends. However, these smash hit social functions have fallen because of the proliferation of advertisements and become the most tasteless function of users' mobile phones.

Now open the WeChat discovery column, the buttons below the entrance of the circle of friends can still see the three functions, but how many people are willing to open it?

A function that seems to be very interesting, but actually detracts from the user experience.


More and more WeChat functions are available, and user operability is getting higher and higher. But there are a lot of features, it seems that the logic is a little owed in design, and some features are even ridiculous. In terms of knowing, there are many netizens who have chosen to be called “the most stupid” function, no more than a circle of friends "likes"

“Sometimes I like to like my friends, and when other friends help him, I will also inform you. & rdquo; Zhang Chupei, who works in the training organization, told me to understand the notes, often parents have private letters to ask him, to help friends circle, to participate in various activities.

Because of his face, he had to help each other. However, when other parents who have added their own friends also help to like, the circle of friends will pop up information from others to comment or reply.

“Unless you turn off the circle of friends, you will always show friends who have just liked this parent. "Zhu Chupei said that sometimes you have to close the circle of friends to remind, or slide left and right one by one, switching settings back and forth is very cumbersome, "Really, others liked to have a relationship with me, why do you want to inform me." ”

The follow-up notification function is followed by the message withdrawal function. This is a new highlight that WeChat has joined in recent years. This feature allows people to have a chance to remedy when they say the wrong word, typo, or send a wrong file.

“But why, after withdrawing, always show the prompt to withdraw? ” WeChat message withdrawal function brought a lot of convenience to Li Shixin, but also brought a lot of trouble. Sometimes it is very curious to see a friend prompting to withdraw after sending a message. Curious about what the other party said and what should not be said.

Especially when quarreling with her boyfriend, seeing the other party's WeChat withdrew a message, it will make her heart more jealous. When I sometimes typo, I will be asked by my friends. Sometimes it is said that it was only because of the wrong word, and no one believed it.

“Everyone has curiosity, and sometimes the content that is withdrawn can even evoke the interest of the other party. & rdquo; Li Shi letter told the understanding of the notes, it is undeniable that the information withdrawal function is quite practical, but she and many of her friends believe that the details of the tips can be optimized, not to display the recalled information to avoid unnecessary Trouble.

In addition, she also feels that the function of WeChat to delete friends is also very ridiculous. Sometimes I delete old ads or long-time friends who don't contact, and I don't disappear in the other's friends.

“ was added back to ask why I deleted, too embarrassing. & rdquo; Li Shi letter believes that this function should not be a technical problem that is difficult to solve, it should be that the product manager is not considered in designing the interaction.

As the most commonly used chat software, WeChat has survived many versions of the upgrade, these ridiculous features still exist. Sometimes, these features do not affect the user's daily use, but they can greatly reduce the experience.

Compared with more and more functions, WeChat seems to be more focused on the optimization of the details and the user's needs. After all, social and chat is the original essence of WeChat.

The more WeChat features, the purer the user wants


“From the beginning to the present, the space occupied by WeChat installation is getting bigger and bigger. ”

In addition to being a WeChat old user, Hao Jia has another identity —— the market leader of a WeChat small program development organization in Shenzhen. She told me to understand the notes, usually whether it is to communicate with colleagues, or to contact the family to live, or even negotiate business with customers, are inseparable from WeChat.

For her, WeChat is a very straightforward chat tool, just like a mobile phone call. Although the organization she founded was engaged in the development of WeChat applets, in addition to sometimes helping customers with functional testing, small programs are not often used, and even small games are rarely used.

“Sometimes busy, don’t talk about small programs, even the public number (subscription number) is too lazy to look over, not to worry about what to miss. "This is not to say that these features of WeChat are not good, but that many of the value-added functions outside of chat and social networking are not often used," he said. "Working on the WeChat five or six every day. Hours, but the most used, are the most basic functions of chat, red envelopes and money transfer. ”

Every day, we also need to use WeChat, and the project specialist Li Wei, who is constantly communicating with “Party”, also told me to understand the notes. Although there are many WeChat functions, at least 80% of them are used by her.

In addition to chat, expressions and circle of friends, the most used is only "search a search", but the frequency of use is only once or twice a week, used to search for some push materials related to the project. As for the "streaming" feature, it has already been replaced by other information applications in the phone.

“I feel that WeChat is getting stronger and stronger, but the habit of using features has not changed. & rdquo; She said that although the longest time to contact WeChat, but the game, information flow, search, shopping and many other functions, can not replace the independent application of the corresponding functions in the phone. “WeChat is more and more like a pure chat and social tool. ”


Due to the convenience of registration and simple use, WeChat has gradually replaced the status of mobile QQ, and has become one of the necessary applications for each user's mobile phone. However, in order to open up the market of more than 800 million global monthly users, the function of WeChat has gradually become more and more.

Perhaps in Tencent's view, WeChat has become its traffic portal to expand other value-added services. But for most users, WeChat is still a very pure communication software. Any function that deviates from this foundation will be short-lived after the user's interest has receded, becoming a device that takes up the space capacity of the mobile phone.

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