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How should WeChat transfer the hand after the slip? Who in the end can be responsible?

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Careless WeChat transfer to the wrong person, the other party did not pay back the money, but even delete friends, pull black, Mr. Huang in Guangdong has encountered such a bad thing. At present, this matter has made the latest progress. WeChat payment has guided users to court filing, and will cooperate with law enforcement departments to assist forensics.

Mr. Huang of Guangdong recently transferred to his cousin through WeChat, which turned 80 thousand yuan into WeChat's nickname. After the incident, the other side not only did not repay the money, but also Mr. Huang pulled black. Customer service allows Mr. Huang to negotiate with the other party himself, but Mr. Huang does not know any real identity information of the other party.


WeChat transfer is wrong after the transfer

According to Mr. Huang, he searched for his cousin's WeChat name.

On the second morning, Mr. Huang's cousin called and said that he had not received the money before he found that the money had gone wrong. But WeChat's voice call was not answered by the other party, and it was not long before the other party pulled Mr. Huang black.

When Mr. Huang saw the number on his WeChat account, he sent a text message to the other person, and the other party replied

Mr. Huang has also tried to Tencent customer service help. However, after many communications, the response is: the funds have been successfully entered into the other side of the change, after the successful payment of funds can not be withdrawn, you can contact friends to negotiate return. Reluctantly, Mr. Huang went to the police station where he lived, but the police reported the case.


The WeChat transfer only shows the last word of the other person's name.

Is the WeChat transfer error prone? The Beijing Youth Daily personally experienced the WeChat transfer function yesterday. First, the transfer is sure to be a friend you have added. After entering the chat interface, click the lower right corner.

Beiqing reporter at the same time experienced the transfer of Alipay function. When transferred to Alipay account, the page prompts

By contrast, Alipay has given more than WeChat a link to the identities of the transfer, reducing the probability of the wrong person. Of course, if the customer is really anxious and careless, it is just wrong to lose the Alipay account, and the name of the other is similar to the right person, and it may make a mistake. But the odds should be small. After all, WeChat nicknames are easy to rename, but each of the Alipay accounts is the only one.


WeChat payments can be delayed but irrevocable

In accordance with the requirements of the central bank to prevent telecommunications fraud, banks can provide customers with real time remittances, 2 hours of remittance and three remittances from the next day. For the latter two ways, many banks prompt customers to apply for revocation within a limited time. If WeChat has such a delayed remittance, can Mr. Huang's incorrect remittance be recovered in time?

Beiqing News reporter yesterday found that in the use of WeChat Pay, the interface does not have the option of billing time, the system should be the default real-time account. However, the North Green News reporter in WeChat wallet

Public reports show that many Internet users have proved that even using delayed transfer functions, they can not withdraw the wrong transfer, and finally have to negotiate or apply for judicial intervention.

People associated with Alipay have said:

However, some people in the industry pointed out that if the transfer on the payment platform could be withdrawn, it would not rule out another kind of fraud: the transaction between the two people, in case the consignee falsely claimed that he had been cheated, he asked the payment platform to cancel the transaction. If the platform cancels a transaction at the sole request of one of the parties, the person who is likely to request the withdrawal of the transaction


Counsel proposes to sue WeChat to get the true identity of the other party first.

Beijing time nine and law firm Xu Guilin lawyers believe that the third party payment platform needs to enter the password or fingerprint payment in the process of trading in order to continue the transaction. Mr. Huang should confirm whether the payee has made a mistake when he carries out a large transfer. Mr. Huang has done it by Mr. Huang himself. Mr. Huang is at fault. Mr. Huang should bear the consequences. WeChat platform does not provide real information to Mr. Huang, because it is understandable to protect the privacy of customers. However, the third party payment platform, as an information master and a commercial service company, should consider the user experience more and safeguard the legitimate interests of users. It is suggested that the third party payment platform forcibly allow the transfer to confirm the other's identity before a large amount of transfer is carried out, and the platform will help the negotiation after the event occurs.

If Mr Huang's mistake occurs, will there be no remedial measures? The Beiqing newspaper reporter's access to public information found that it was hard to find cases that could not find the true identity of the other party in the past. For example, in March of this year, the Wuhan citizen WeChat turned the wrong 500 yuan to the police, and the police did not file a case.

However, Xu Guilin lawyers believe that Huang can still take litigation and other channels. First, Sue WeChat for the true identity of the other person. Then sue the other party and ask for the return of unjust enrichment. As for whether the court will provide WeChat with the true information of the users, it will finally look at the court decision, but Xu Guilin thinks the possibility is still relatively large.


How to solve the wrong accounts in other ways

In addition to WeChat and Alipay, mobile banking and online banking are also common ways to transfer accounts. How can we solve this problem if we turn the wrong account through the bank?

According to the public information, the Beiqing newspaper reporter found that the case of the transfer of wrong accounts through the bank can eventually be retrieved. The most troublesome is through the way of the lawsuit, and many cases are negotiated by both sides.

Insiders pointed out that the bank transfer accounts for the other account and the name is exactly the same, if it is directly input, the wrong transfer system will prompt the transfer is not successful. In general, the mistake is to click the payee directly in the payee's record, and the result is wrong. In this case, most of the parties know or have dealings before, and are easy to negotiate. Even if the other party refuses to refund, because the bank system payee is sure to be real name, not the virtual name of the WeChat nickname, after the report, the police and the court will also intervene, the bank generally also cooperates, so things are relatively easy to solve.

At the same time, bank transfer can choose to delay the arrival of accounts, so that if you find the wrong account, you can also promptly notify interception.


WeChat payment has led customers to the court

Beiqing newspaper reporter learned from WeChat payment yesterday, WeChat paid customer service to contact the user, guide the user first to the court case, WeChat to cooperate with the law enforcement departments to assist in forensics. That is to say, if the user sues WeChat according to Xu Guilin's lawyer, the court is likely to ask WeChat to provide the truthful information of the payee. In response, the user also acknowledged that he had consulted the police a few days ago. The police said that the receivables had not returned funds for such a long time and they had committed crimes.

Xu Guilin lawyer reminded everyone, using WeChat to pay such a platform transfer, must not be saved, to carefully check the name of the payee, to avoid the trouble after the wrong account. In addition, whether the payment is made by the third party or the bank transfer, if the amount is large, it is better to use the method of delay in arrival and do not choose to arrive in real time. Once this is found wrong, it is also possible to notify interception.

Xu Guilin suggested that the payment platform should, like a bank, provide the choice of account time at the transfer interface, and should help the customer withdraw in a limited time, as the bank does have the need.

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