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Black technology behind the world cup broadcast, Tencent cloud speed HD technology driven sports live broadcast development

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At present, the world cup is being held in full swing. As the top event of the football game, the world cup has become the biggest IP in the near future. At the same time, the newly established central broadcasting and television station this year distributes the copyright of the world cup new media for the first time, and has also brought a new threshold for the number of domestic fans watching this year.

Top events, three-dimensional channels, behind the World Cup live broadcast, cloud computing has played a key role in the previous view that

AI live broadcast, high speed high-definition, reduced speed

With the acceleration of mobile Internet and the popularity of smart phones, short video, live broadcasting and other industries have ushered in a new spring. With the increasing demand for video sharpness, it has brought unprecedented traffic pressure to many video enterprises.


Tencent cloud Senior Product Manager Li Haiqi

Tencent cloud extremely fast high-definition technology, also called

In the aspect of video scene intelligent classification, through the method of deep learning, more than a dozen major categories and dozens of sub-categories of scene models are formed. During the extreme high definition technology service, the live stream can be detected and analyzed in real time, and the corresponding scene model can be matched. In terms of matching rate, the more obvious scenes, such as games, football, basketball, animation and other CNN network models, the accuracy rate of matching is over 98%; in TV series, outdoor sports, food, tourism and other screen features scattered, In the scene where the motion between frames changes greatly, the accuracy of matching can be more than 85% through the analysis of time domain and space domain by CNN RNN LSTM.

In the aspect of coding parameter matching, the Tencent cloud extreme speed high-definition technology will classify the real-time recognition results according to the scene, and select the optimal number of coding parameters, such as the rate of source code, the frame rate, the resolution, the texture and the range of motion, as well as the integrated machine load and the quality of the picture.

In the front processing, according to the different scene classification, the customer's different requirements for video picture quality, as well as the combination of video source picture texture and real-time motion detection results to sharpen, soft blurred, anti interleaving, block, noise reduction, color order compensation, frame and other preprocessing;

The Tencent cloud extreme speed high-definition technology also supports the dynamic optimization of the coding. It can apply different coding parameters to different video categories and different video segments in the same video, and support the coding parameters to be updated in real time by frame.

In addition, the bit-rate intelligent control of extreme speed high-definition technology can increase the subjective view score VMAF by 3-5 minutes detail reduce technology, can optimize the noisy macroblock with extremely low CPUs consumption, while preserving the integrity of the clear macroblock processing technology. By using the linkage of sift differential image moving target image detection, the POI region macroblock coding can be enhanced, sharpened, and color scale compensated.

500 field simulation, 100 field combat, help CCTV network word of mouth counterattack

During the World Cup, CCTV network selected to access Tencent cloud extremely high-definition service.


Lu Lin, a senior engineer in the Tencent

Mr Lulin said:

In order to lay the foundation for the high-speed and high-definition of the world cup scene, the Tencent cloud network crawler soccer video game has more than 500 videos. The optimal dynamic coding model of the world cup is built for each game video in high-speed motion scene, football following model training, long-term lens optimization, exciting playback ROI region enhancement, audience expression capture and other details.

During the Chinese super competition, the Tencent extended the fast HD service to the Chinese super competition of the Dragon Ball live, and gradually increased the speed HD service for some of the Chinese super games. During the Premier League, the Tencent cloud was popularized by the architect and business of the new English sports. Under several rounds of testing and optimization, Tencent cloud finally laid the most solid foundation for the advent of the world cup.

After several rounds of testing, in the PK process with the opponent, the Tencent cloud in the rate control, deblurring, block, anti interleaving, motion search and block decision making modules have been upgraded and optimized dozens of times. Finally, the CCTV network finally chose the Tencent cloud. Data show that under the same conditions, Tencent cloud - speed HD code rate is less than 8%-10% of friends.

In addition, on the eve of the time pressing World Cup, Tencent cloud also took out a brand new privatization plan, set up a set of Tencent cloud speed high definition transcoding cluster in CCTV network, support CCTV5 channel broadcast during the cctv world cup, RTMP/FLV push and pull stream, after transcoding to support the CCTV RTMP/FLV/HLS pull flow.

Finally, before the World Cup began, Tencent cloud was compatible with various adaptation requirements of client hardware devices and software code modules. At present, all the service indicators of this plan are all normal, and the outflow effect is beyond expectations. The broadcasting effect is obvious compared with other platforms.

Connecting the video industry, Tencent cloud AI drive into the fast lane.

2017 is an important turning point for strong regulation in various industries, live broadcast, video industry as well. Under the pressure of supervision and content innovation, ente

In January this year, the "2017 China network performance (Live) development report" showed that the overall revenue of China's network live market reached 30 billion 450 million yuan in 2017, up 39% over the 21 billion 850 million yuan in 2016. Webcast has become the representative of network culture content supply, technological innovation and business mode innovation, and is an important part of Internet culture market.

The seemingly growing live industry is also in urgent need of technology driven transformation and upgrading. It is understood that at present, there are many video platforms still in the period of money burning; in the UGC era of the whole people, the live platform needs more intelligent content editing and content audit. In addition, high popularity, high concurrency, huge bandwidth cost, and the industry need to solve the problem.

This year.

Up to now, Tencent video cloud has served more than 80% of the head live platform. Among them, Tencent audio and video AI product solutions can not only save bandwidth resources for online video, broadcast live broadcast, short video and other industries, improve the viewing experience, help enterprises save the cost, and ensure the security of business.

Before that, Tencent cloud media and operator business general manager Li Yutao said:

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