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More than one jump, Tencent’s conscience, you have played several

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Tencent has been pushing the WeChat applet for a while. The WeChat applet can indeed replace the APP to a certain extent, and it can indeed be regarded as a step banner of Tencent.

In order to promote small programs, Tencent has spared no effort, not only constantly improving the development platform of small programs, but also developed a lot of WeChat applets. For example, the earliest "jump" ", the fire spread all over the country, and suddenly the WeChat applet's signboard was played.


However, there are many other WeChat applets from Tencent.

These are also the WeChat applets produced by Tencent, but there are not many traces of Tencent's creation, but they are often beyond your imagination. When you use them, you can't even think that Tencent will still do such a function.

Today, let's take a look at the conscience and practical small programs that Tencent produced.

Zhihua Jun

When many friends go out to play, they will talk to their companions about what the roadside says. How can I quickly identify the same kind of flowers and talk to everyone? “ 识花君” This little program is undoubtedly an artifact.


↑↑↑ 知花君小程序 is a product that takes pictures and flowers

This little flower program is from the official development of Tencent. Just search for its name on WeChat and you can find the corresponding small program. The function of Zhihuajun is relatively simple. Just click on “Photographing” in the main interface or select the picture of the flower from the album to identify the flower type.


↑↑↑ the results of the flower, still very good, also provide information such as encyclopedia

Similar to the flower companion app, the appraisal small program will also provide several recognition results. The author tests that the effect is OK, but these kinds of recognition results do not indicate the probability, which is a small regret. However, these findings also provide flower-related encyclopedias, which is good.


↑↑↑ can provide several candidate results, and can also record recognition history

The other functions of the Huahua Jun program are not rich in the flower companion app.However, there are certain usability. For example, the “Garden” section can read some knowledge about flower growing and flower arrangement, and “plaza” can enjoy flowers from other users.

But in any case, its most valuable place is to know what to spend, and suddenly want to identify what flowers in the suburbs, opening a small program is necessarily much faster than installing an app.


Tencent's knowledge of this flower is indeed simple and not simple. With the expansion of the database, its accuracy rate should continue to improve, it is worthy of continuous attention.

Natural officer

The small program that Tencent has developed is not limited to knowing one. For example, this "the official of the museum" can also open your eyes.


After opening the applet, you can see a button for “Scan for Recognition”. That's right, this is the biggest selling point of the Museum's APP —— just need to use the mobile phone camera to point at the exhibits, and you can instantly identify what the exhibits are and give detailed information.


Have to say that this feature is still very practical. Although many exhibits are presented, they do not give detailed information. They just put a nameplate to tell you some short names such as name, age, and author.

With this museum official APP, the experience of visiting the museum will undoubtedly take it to the next level, definitely making you more knowledgeable.No matter how bad it is, at least when I go to the exhibition with my sister, there is more capital to blow water.

In addition to providing detailed information on the scanned exhibits, the museum also features the ability to browse famous exhibits and discover exhibits.

The APP will be based on your location and tell you what pavilions are nearby and where there are currently exhibits. If you are a person who likes to watch exhibitions, the Museum App will definitely help you a lot.


↑↑↑APP can tell you what exhibitions and pavilions are nearby

In general, this is indeed a very affectionate product. I hope that domestic Internet companies can also produce such products in large quantities, which is of great benefit to the society.

Food health assessment

With the development of society, food is becoming more and more abundant, and the probability of eating out of the disease seems to increase. How to control the intake of food has become a serious problem that has to be considered.

Especially for patients with certain diseases such as diabetes, food health needs more serious attention. At this time, Tencent's "food health assessment" & rdquo; small program came in handy.


This food health assessment program is mainly used to query the glycemic index and nutrition introduction of various common foods. Its database is very rich. In the small program, you can find staple food, egg and soy products, vegetables and fruits, etc. Classification, and the amount of food in each category is also very impressive.

However, if you want to find the food you often contact, it is not difficult, just use the search function of the small program.


After clicking on a food, the food will be added to the assessment menu. Click on “Measures” to see a detailed description of the food and a recommendation. If you add more than one food to your applet, then what you eat during the day is healthy enough to see at a glance.


There is no doubt that this food health assessment is very valuable for people who value food health, especially those who need strict diet control. Of course, there is room for improvement in its function. For example, it is better to be able to calculate sugar, calories, etc. according to food intake.

Thief assistant

Church elders play WeChat, the most worrying thing may not be that they will not use WeChat, but use WeChat to believe in various rumors.

WeChat greatly promoted the growth of unfair self-media. After the rumors grew from the public number, the friends circle and WeChat group were further flooded, and elders with less online experience were easy to recruit. How to do? In fact, Tencent has made a small program for rumors, and there is more than one.

The first is the WeChat rumor assistant. In this little program, you can view popular rumors on WeChat.

If you want to know if a message is a rumor, you can also search directly in the applet.

The database of WeChat rumors is quite large. According to the introduction of the small program, there are millions of articles smashed, and the small programs can also see the rumors that cooperate with them. It is still very trustworthy.


The most practical function of WeChat rumor assistant is that the rumor is automatically recognized. As long as you read the rumor article on WeChat, you will receive a reminder in the small program. Want to quickly tell an elder that an article is a rumor, this feature can no longer be practical.


In addition to WeChat rumors, Tencent has also developed another sneak peek "slightly ridiculous artifacts". Compared with the WeChat gangster assistant, this more esoteric artifact is more rumored about the whole network information and even life aspects, and you are limited to WeChat articles.


Among the more esoteric artifacts, you can view a large number of essays, and these essays are also divided into categories and arrangements are clearly understood.

In the more real artifacts, you can also search to find out whether a certain message is rumor or quite powerful. If the elder is deceived by a rumor, just ask for this more esoteric artifact and forward the information to the elders.


↑↑↑ with search function to easily identify whether certain information is true

to sum up

In addition to the small programs described above, Tencent has also produced many other conscience and practical WeChat applets, such as small programs for children's missing information, Tencent document applets, etc., which are not introduced here.

Small programs are gradually changing the way people use their mobile phones, and hope that more excellent small programs will emerge in the future!

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