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Nanjing Yinlong was sealed! Yinlong’s “Dong Mingzhu” is no longer the “Miss Dong” of Gree.

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Some time ago, "millet flavor" was estimated to have made Dong Mingzhu a lot of fire. Two people from the one billion gambling bureau went to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange to embrace the new era of Xiaomi; one was still radically and optimistically opening up the territory of Yinlong, but could not see hope at a glance.

This kind of thing that always adds fuel to the fire will always happen. On July 18th, the real estate of Nanjing Yinlong New Energy Commercial Vehicle Project was inspected by the Higher People's Court of Jiangsu Province, giving Dong Mingzhu another blow!

Real estate seal for 3 years, the gold pool became a black hole

According to the announcement on the Internet, the Jiangsu Higher People's Court seized the real estate of the Nanjing Yinlong New Energy (Industrial Park) commercial vehicle project located at No. 99 Xinhuai Avenue, Lishui Economic Development Zone, Nanjing. The date of seizure was 2018. From July 20th to July 19th, 2021, the time is up to 3 years.


In fact, the most distressing thing is that Wang Jianlin and Liu Qiangdong, who were convinced by Dong Mingzhu, and the star shareholders such as Sunshine Life and Bus Media … … Yinlong’s path is probably unbelievable, he is so Many people have blood transfusions.

Since 2010, after spending about RMB 400 million to acquire a 53.3% stake in U.S. Titanium, Yinlong has been concerned about mastering the stone ball technology, energy storage technology and lithium titanate battery technology, but the industry is not good. . Dong Mingzhu investment Yinlong may have her reason, Yinlong battery to do energy storage equipment, replace diesel engine backup, can reduce costs, it is a trillion-level market.

After Dong Mingzhu's shareholding, it accelerated the expansion of Yinlong and signed a total of 7 new energy industrial park projects totaling about 80 billion yuan. However, she did not understand, the industry analysis that the battery technology is not very suitable for electric vehicles, Yinlong lithium titanate battery technology is no longer the mainstream technology of new energy, the fund blessing is more, it is also a bottomless pit. But Dong Mingzhu is very paranoid.

Interestingly, the electric vehicles produced by Zhuhai Yinlong mainly use lithium titanate batteries and lithium iron phosphate batteries. Lithium iron phosphate batteries are not produced by Yinlong itself, and are all purchased. And Beijing Guoneng and Guangzhou Penghui, as their suppliers, also have cases of default on payment, ranging from tens of millions to hundreds of millions.

Maybe the right industry, but the wrong company

Speaking with market data, as of July 10, 2018, refined oil prices have been completed 8 times, and gasoline and diesel have been raised by 880 yuan and 845 yuan respectively. With the sharp increase in the price of refined oil, the development of new energy vehicles can indeed usher in a good time. However, the industry has developed rapidly, but there have also been chaos and other chaos. With the exit of state subsidies, there are also variables in the development of the entire industry. Behind the surge in new energy vehicles, the market in the second half of the year has hidden dangers of diving.

However, the new energy has indeed attracted a group of people, Wei Lai Li Bin, Liu Qiangdong, Li Yanhong, etc. are staring at this industry. But making a car is a very expensive thing. Li Bin once said bluntly that new ventures want to create at least 20 billion yuan of preparation funds.

New energy requires complex work in the entire industry chain, the most important of which is the car battery. In the field of automotive power batteries, there is still a certain gap between domestic and foreign countries. Due to the impact of the national subsidy policy, a number of battery companies have died in 2017.

As a new energy vehicle with a more complex industrial chain, batteries, electronic controls, chassis, smart driving, etc., many technologies are changing.

Yinlong's lithium titanate battery technology made Dong Mingzhu obsessed, but at the time of investment, did Dong Mingzhu really see the problems in the operations behind Yinlong? Declining orders, employees were on holiday, and many factories stopped working in large areas, with accumulated debts exceeding RMB 1.2 billion, overcapacity, executive separation, supplier debt collection … …

Can only say that perhaps she chose the right industry, but the company is really wrong.

In addition, Dong Mingzhu has long seen the hidden dangers of Yinlong, but she wants to make the explosive power of the strong women change this once in the industry. It’s just that she is too confident and too blind. Because at this time, Yinlong was not the Gree of the year, and she was not the one of the year, Miss Dong.

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