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NetEase stepped on the thunder: the shareholder's loan over 20% was overdue.

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In addition, Sina Technology also found that Huiren’s foreign investment is called Beijing’s thinking.educationTechnology Co., Ltd., Li Chen, CEO of Huiren Loan, is the legal representative, chairman and manager of the company, and Huimin has 51% of the shares. Beijing Rongji Jinfu Information Service Co., Ltd. (Ringi Information Technology Group Co., Ltd.) 49.00% of the shares, P2P company Junrong loan CEO Wu Hao as a director. The Rongjinjinfu is closely related to the P2P of the former thundering mines, such as Junrong Loan, Niubanjin, Jucai Cat, Cat Money Cat and Stone Banking.

However, it is still unknown whether the overdue payment of Huiren’s loan is related to Rongjin.

NetEase holds more than 20% of its shares.

According to the data, Huiren Loan was first established in 2012 and officially opened at the end of 2013. The business involves automobile staging, early education staging, decoration staging, travel staging, and durable consumer goods staging. Li Chen is the chairman, manager and legal representative.

In June 2015, Huiren Loan announced the completion of a million-dollar A round of financing, Netease Capital led investment, Jinshi Investment, Kaixing Capital and investment. At that time, Hui Chen, CEO of Huiren Loan, said that the funds brought by NetEase will strengthen the construction of the team, system and risk control system of Huiren Loan. At the same time, the two sides will also conduct in-depth and meticulous discussion and cooperation at the specific business level. Huiren Loan will provide Internet financial services to hundreds of millions of NetEase users. "Netease's current and future expected business is likely to find Huiren loans. For example, our phased business with NetEase Auto has been launched."

Netease also said at the time that investment in Huiren loans would strengthen Netease's financial business line, not only allowing Netease users to enjoy Internet consumer finance financing services, but also enable users to invest in high-quality P2P claims. “Netease has an irreplaceable advantage in Internet information, products, technology and operations, as well as traffic portals, which will greatly complement the Internet genes and influence of the People’s Bank of China.websiteThe user experience is more convenient and user-friendly. ”

According to the industry and commerce data, Huiren Loan is operated by Huiren Credit Business Consultant (Beijing) Co., Ltd. with a registered capital of 1,294.18 million yuan. At present, Huiren CEO Li Chen holds 54.81%, Guangzhou NetEase Computer System Co., Ltd. holds 20.98%, Panshi insists 12.36%, and Qingdao Jinshiyi Investment Co., Ltd. holds 3.86%. Netease Capital's managing partner, Xia Weijun, served as a director. However, in April 2018, Xia Weijun ceased to serve as a director and was replaced by Netease senior investment manager Liu Tao.

The executive director and general manager of Guangzhou NetEase Computer System Co., Ltd. and the legal representative are Ding Lei, Ding Lei holds 99% of the shares; Pan Shijian is the founding partner of Kaixing Capital, and has served as president and senior in SOHO China, Jinling Huasoft Investment Group and other companies. Vice President, he has created companies such as Fangfang. Pan Shijian is also the younger brother of Pan Shiyi, the chairman of SOHO China. In addition, Qingdao Jinshiyi Investment Co., Ltd. is a professional direct investment institution of CITIC Securities Co., Ltd., and CITIC Securities holds 100%.

At the time, Kaixing Capital said that it would provide strong support for Huiren Loan in project reserve and customer resources, and Huiren Loan will also provide various capital supply for Kaixing Capital, as well as rich The asset allocation channel, the leaders of the two parties jointly work together to build a large-capital management platform for the entire business chain.

In addition, Sina Technology also found that Huiren Loan was promoted as a website of HNA Group in the early days and was owned by HNA Group.JingdongFang Huisi Information Technology Co., Ltd. operates. However, in the current industrial and commercial materials, Beijing Oriental Huisi Information Technology Co., Ltd. only holds 1.92%. A lender said that according to the previous statement of Huiren Loan Customer Service: Huiren Loan was originally owned by Hainan Airlines, and later operated independently, getting rid of the holding of HNA. This statement is currently unverifiable.

Business violations have involved rent disputes

Since the end of July this year, Huiren loan lenders have found that the payment has been overdue. A Huiren loan user posted on the Internet and even found that the same borrower borrowed at the same time as an individual and a corporate identity. The picture shows that the man is 59 years old, his work income is 10,000-30,000, and he has obtained a total of 1 million loans in his personal capacity. He has successfully borrowed 9 loans from Huiren, and repaid 0 on time. He obtained 1 million loans as a company. Degree, successfully borrowed 3 pens and repaid 0 pens on time.

According to media reports, on the Huiren loan platform, there was even a borrower with a working income of 8000-10000. In the absence of cars and real estate, it had a total loan amount of 10 million and successfully borrowed 195 on the platform. .

The Interim Measures for the Administration of Business Activities of Internet Lending Information Intermediaries issued by the China Banking Regulatory Commission in August 2016 stipulates that the upper limit of the loan balance of the same natural person on the same network lending information intermediary platform shall not exceed RMB 200,000; the same legal person or other organization The upper limit of the loan balance of the same online lending information intermediary platform shall not exceed RMB 1 million.

In addition, Huiren loan has also involved rent and loan disputes.

From the end of last year to this year, there have been many media reports that tenants were involved in the renting of a long-rent apartment platform called the beautiful house, and they were inducted to handle the installment loan. Some tenants said that they chose to pay a one-pay payment method on the beautiful house and were told to pay the rent through a third-party platform. However, it was discovered that the so-called third-party platform was a P2P platform, and they were handled for several months. Rent loan. If the tenant does not accept the loan, the breach of contract will cost 3,000 yuan.

Associated with Junrong Loan and Rongjin, promised to pay for up to three years

Sina Technology has also discovered a strange scene. Huiren Credit has invested in a company called Beijing Yisi Education Technology Co., Ltd., and Hui Chen, CEO of Huiren Loan, is the legal representative, chairman and general manager. Huiren Credit held 51% of the shares, Beijing Rongjijinfu Information Service Co., Ltd. (Rongji Information Technology Group Co., Ltd.) held 49.00%, and P2P Enterprise Junrong Credit CEO Wu Hao also served as a director.

Previously, Sina Technology was in the article "Deep Strike | The Other Side of Financial Innovation: The Beginning of Chun Xiao Capital" (https://tech.sina.com.cn/i/2018-08-20/doc-ihhxaafy9185339.shtml) It is pointed out that Chunxiao Capital invested in three P2P platforms, such as Junrong Loan, Niubanjin and Jucai Cat, and two P2P platforms with indirect links, such as catching money cats and stone wealth management, and rushing with Chunxiao Capital Investment Incubation. There is a complex relationship between the class stack network, etc., suspected of associated financing or even self-inflation.

At present, Junrong Loan has filed a case in Dalian, and CEO Wu Hao has taken administrative enforcement measures; Han Yue, the founding partner of Chunxiao Capital, an important shareholder behind the P2P platform such as Junrong Loan, was also suspected of illegally absorbing public deposits in August this year. The Shanghai Public Security Bureau Fengxian Branch Bureau criminal detention; in addition, the rumored Rong Jinjin Chairman Wang Hao was detained by the Shanghai Public Security Bureau Fengxian Branch, but the news has not been confirmed.

It is still unknown whether the overdue payment of Huiren’s loan is related to Rongjinjinjun and Junrong.

According to the data released by Huiren Loan's official website as of March 31, 2018, the accumulated loan amount of Huiren loans was 4.672 billion yuan, the loan balance was 405 million yuan, the total number of payers was 77,153, and the overdue amount was 3,140,520 yuan. The number of overdue documents was 36; the second quarter report of 2018 released by Huiren Loan as of June 30 this year showed that the newly added transaction amount was 115 million, 131 million and 132 million yuan in April, May and June respectively. The number of overdue has increased to 41, and the overdue amount is about 5.29 million yuan.

However, it is obvious that the overdue amount of Huiren’s loan does not stop there. Some lenders said that according to the lenders at the site of the Huiren loan office, Huiren Lending Company acknowledged that the platform has exceeded 100 million.

After the overdue period, Huiren Loan changed its office address in August this year. And on August 16th, the acceptance plan was released. With the gradual deterioration of the P2P industry environment, the market sentiment panic, the entire industry has little capital inflow recently, new business is difficult to carry out, and the company's original income level is difficult to maintain. At the same time, the number of malicious escape debt borrowers increased, and the number of overdue targets increased. The self-financing of the platform has been unable to complete all one-time redemption of all overdue targets. However, the benefits and loans have not been specifically announced the latest overdue number and amount.

Huiren Loan also said in the announcement that the company and legal representative promised not to run, not lose, and the existing shareholders will not change. And the plan is to pay the total amount of the principal amount of more than 10,000 yuan in three years, and the principal amount is less than or equal to 10,000 yuan within 4 months.

However, some lenders are not satisfied with the plan. In August this year, the ten measures proposed by the regulatory authorities to deal with online lending risks stipulated that the lending institutions and their shareholder responsibilities should be compacted. The exited institution shall formulate a liquidation redemption plan in accordance with the bankruptcy law, the company law and relevant regulatory requirements, and the shareholders shall be jointly and severally liable. The Huiren loan lenders went to Netease to discuss the argument, but did not get a reply.

Sina Technology asked Netease about this matter and has not yet received a comment.


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