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The last inventory before the release: What is the killer of the new iPhone?

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How long is the annual iPhone launch time?

In a narrow sense, it may be an hour. A common phenomenon in this industry is that the more products are considered as industry benchmarks, the shorter the introduction time will be at the press conference.

Broadly speaking, this number may be one year. Don't think that the release of the iPhone is a tens of minutes of a comment on Cook's launch in September.


In fact, some netizens summed up the iPhone's release process: the year before the release, the iPhone's new features were predicted by analysts such as Guo Minghao; in the first half of the release, the iPhone's renderings were exposed on the web; the first three months of the release, the iPhone's Real machine (model) exposure; one month before the release, Lin Zhiying took the new iPhone and debuted.

In an interview last year, Lin Zhiying announced that he would not bring the news of the new iPhone, which is really regrettable.

But this year's release process for the new iPhone is still progressing in an orderly manner. In the past year, various analysts, breaking news and “internal media” have shown the public how the iPhone will look like in 2018. Between their glimpses, the outline of the new iPhone has gradually become clear.


Finally, with the official launch of the invitation for Apple's Autumn Conference at the end of August, the distance between the new iPhone and everyone in 2018 is only one hour left on September 12 (the morning of September 13, Beijing time).

What is the new iPhone in 2018?

Starting with the iPhone 4, Apple's mobile phone began the alternate naming of "iPhone+ number" and "iPhone+ number + s" (intermediate with iPhone 5c or SE), and Plus as the suffix of the iPhone, representing a Bigger and stronger existence.

Seven years later, in 2017, the number following the iPhone came to 8. But from this year on, the iPhone 8 Plus is no longer the highest level of the iPhone. Its status was replaced by the iPhone X with full screen and new design.


iPhone X, X is pronounced Ten, which means that this is the 10th anniversary of the iPhone release.

After all, there are new features blessing, and the iPhone X is undoubtedly hot in the market. However, this phone has left us a problem in naming: Is the iPhone X a commemorative phone that has never been seen before, or has it become a new series of iPhones, or even completely replaced the iPhone+ number naming method?

According to 9to5Mac, this year's main model iPhone name is iPhone XS, which is pronounced iPhone ten S. From this name and pronunciation, the iPhone should be a semi-iterative product of the iPhone X. However, it is very surprising that, starting from the iPhone 5s, Apple's semi-iterative iPhone is officially endorsed with lowercase "s", is it starting from this year's new iPhone, lowercase "s” Has it become capitalized "S”?" Of course, this may also be a clue to the 9to5Mac.


Apple also prepared a larger phone than the iPhone XS screen, the iPhone XS Max with a 6.5-inch screen. Yes, this is another change. The previous Plus was replaced by Max.

In addition, between the compact iPhone XS and the huge size of the iPhone XS Max, there is also a 6.1-inch new iPhone, iPhone XC.

New iPhone, where is new?

2. 5D glass back cover, polished stainless steel middle frame, no home button on the front, full-screen shaped screen, 3D structured light, vertical double camera...even if you don’t mention these trendy elements and the meaning behind the iPhone, only The iPhone X design is completely different from the previous iPhone, and the difference can be seen at a glance.

The new design objectively greatly enhanced the iPhone X's attention after the release and subsequent sales, after all, no one wants to buy a product that looks very different from the previous generation.

So a relatively less good news is that the iPhone XS's design and iPhone X are basically unchanged. Fortunately, Apple has prepared a new color scheme for the iPhone XS.


From the 9to5Mac exposed picture, the iPhone XS and XS Max will also have a polished gold mid-frame version, with a black panel, black gold color is quite a sense. Reference iPhone 5s "local gold", the current trend of buying, the new color of the iPhone XS and XS Max in the period after the release is likely to be difficult.

As for the iPhone XS Max is a simple iPhone XS magnified version or an extra camera, the current statement is not consistent, this suspense has to wait until the press conference can be announced. Just as Apple's large-size camera configuration is always higher than the precedent of the small product, the possibility of the iPhone XS Max's rear camera is three.


From Twitter user @VenyaGeskin1

In fact, the iPhone XC has more new places when it comes to design. At least, the rumor, the name comes from the iPhone 5c product, the color is numerous and bright. Maybe there will be a colorful wind in the mobile phone market again.

As for the configuration, iPhone XS and XS Max upgrades are somewhat step-by-step, such as the Apple A12 processor with 7nm process technology, and its RAM is upgraded from 3GB to 4GB.

In contrast, the iPhone XC changes are even more unexpected. This rumor is positioned to be lower than the iPhone XS dual-machine iPhone new machine, not the A12 processor, but the earlier processor. As for A10 or A11, there are two kinds of arguments. In addition, the iPhone XC is still a single camera.


In addition to the difference between the processor and the camera, the iPhone XC screen is also different from the iPhone XS dual-machine & mdash; — iPhone XC is LCD, iPhone XS is OLED screen. Aside from the difference in the display effects of the two screens, how to get a short chin similar to the iPhone X with the LCD screen of the iPhone XC is another problem.

Well, the prototypes of the three new iPhones have been almost seen by everyone, and there are not many new features. Is it a new iPhone that is not going to be a strong enemy in 2018?

How can a savvy businessman Cook allow such things to happen.

Judging from the current news, Apple's killer upgrade for the new iPhone is dual card dual standby.

This feature was first discovered in the code of iOS 12.


Since then, the new iPhone poster with the operator has directly previewed the feature.

In the beginning, people mostly thought that the way to implement dual SIM for the new iPhone was eSIM+ physical SIM card, just like the iPad many years ago.


Find X double-sided SIM card slot minimizes space in dual-card design

However, from the latest iPhone double-layer SIM card slot, the possibility of adopting a physical dual-card for the new iPhone is greatly increased. After all, the dual-card dual-standby function OPPO Find X is also such a SIM card slot design.

Some people say that dual card dual standby is not a new feature, the Android camp does not support dual card dual standby mobile phones is very rare. But Apple's great thing is that even if you only have the characteristics of a new product, you can still attract consumers and achieve commercial success.

The most readily available example is that the iPhone 6 Plus, with its 5.5-inch 1080P screen, has set a sales record for all competitors in the big-screen mobile phone market, and such screen sizes in the Android camp have long been commonplace.

Adding a feature that has long been available to consumers and long-awaited by consumers will make the iPhone a big seller.

I wonder if this is the sorrow of the Android camp, or the sorrow of consumers, or Apple’s own sorrow?

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