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Why is iPhone selling more and more expensive?

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After iPhone new product launches every year, we will discuss whether it is worth buying or not.

This year, it seems more necessary to ask this question. Because the highest matching iPhone price has hit a record again, reaching 12799 yuan.

Apart from this impressive price, there's not much to remember about the three new iPhones Apple released yesterday. As you can see from the naming of the iPhone XS, the iPhone XS Max, and the iPhone XR, they are all continuations of last year's flagship iPhone X improvement.

For most of the past, Apple has maintained the pace of a two-year upgrade and a minor one. For example, the iPhone 4 and 4S have little change, the iPhone 5 and 5S look the same, and the iPhone 6 and 6S look the same.

This year belongs to the iPhone update

Because the iPhone X released last year can be described as the biggest change in iPhone in the past ten years. Apple has abandoned the initiative of its mobile phone interaction for ten years to fully screen its initiative. Instead, face recognition Face ID replaces fingerprint identification Touch ID, and gesture operation replaces entity Home key.


On the outside, there's just one more thing.

Although there were still a lot of questions when iPhone X was released, such as that multiple bangs on the phone screen were too ugly, and that facial recognition was not secure enough, and so on. But then a bunch of Android phones came with them.

So what Apple has to do this year is to do some small performance updates to consolidate the fruits of victory. Of course, Apple has some reasons to make up your mind to spend money on a new machine.

For example, it's the largest screen iPhone ever; it's the fastest iPhone ever; it's the first dual-card dual-wait iPhone ever.

Of course, this is also the most expensive iPhone in history.

Even if the new mobile phone is equipped with a shrinking iPhone XR, the price will be RMB 6499. The starting price of iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are 8699 and 9599 yuan respectively. The most expensive version of 256G iPhone XS Max sells for up to 12799 yuan.

Looking at the price of more than ten thousand, just from

Simple and rude to answer this question is that Apple needs and someone pays the bill.

You may not notice that iPhone is not the selling price of 5000 yuan. In fact, since the launch of iPhone 5 in 2012, Apple has begun to raise its price.

IPhone 5 raised the selling price of iPhone from 5288 yuan for several years to 5288 yuan. Two years later, in the iPhone 6 era, the price was raised to 6,088 yuan with the big screen iPhone 6 plus.

The price of Phone 7 and 7 plus issued in 2016 slightly increased, and the selling price was 5388 yuan and 6388 yuan respectively.

In 2017, iPhone 8 and 8 plus continued to raise prices, which were 5888 yuan and 6688 yuan respectively. The new iPhone X, which was released in the same period, has jumped to 8,388 yuan and sold more than 10,000 yuan in high-profile versions, due to higher costs and new technology.

All the way up prices brought a lot of benefits to apple.

Apple's fiscal third quarter report for fiscal year 2018, released last month, showed little change in sales of the iPhone compared with the same period last year, but revenue jumped by 20%. The only explanation is that the average selling price of iPhone has greatly increased under the promotion of high price iPhone X.

With global smartphone shipments starting to decline, Apple's strategy is a success. With Cook leading the way, the revenue of the iPhone has climbed and Apple's market capitalization has climbed, breaking the trillion dollar mark not long ago.

The performance of iPhone X over the past year has given Cook more confidence in raising prices. Because as long as iPhone products have big innovations, some users are willing to pay the bill. Instead of competing with other manufacturers to sell at a price, it is better to maintain profits at a high price and then invest in research and development of more innovative products.

It turns out to be the same. You see, iPhone X users say it's expensive, but they should buy it one after another, and the sales figures won't lie.

This year's new products will also be the case, and the most expensive iPhone XS Max will definitely sell better than iPhone XS. Because 10,000 yuan is spent, it would be better to spend another 900 yuan, you can get a bigger screen and longer battery life, but also double card.

So who is going to pay for the latest iPhone flagship?

Local tyrants need not say that no matter what new Apple products, they just buy it. And it must buy the most expensive version.

The other is the so-called rigid users. Now that mobile phones have become productivity tools, the amount of time you spend every day processing your work with your mobile phone may be far more than facing the computer. For older users who hold previous versions of the iPhone 7, this year's XS Max, or the 6,499-year-old iPhone XR, is good if they didn't make up their minds to change the iPhone X last year. The latter also supports dual cards, and also adopts the latest chips, but the screen and cameras are discounted.

However, more ordinary consumers who follow suit may get into a wait-and-see situation. Under the pressure of consumer demotion, spend ten thousand yuan to buy a iPhone in order to install a compel? Maybe it's not that worthwhile.

The good news, though, is that the new iPhone is always getting more expensive, but the old one is getting cheaper again. On Apple's official website, the price of iPhone 7 is now only 3899 yuan.

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