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Tencent Releases Latest CSR Report Penguin Medical Code escorts public health with authoritative science

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Recently, Tencent released the 2017 Corporate Social Responsibility Report (hereinafter referred to as “Report””, which mentioned that as an important part of connecting industries and integrating innovation, medical health is an area that Tencent has always been thinking about and paying attention to. In 2017, Tencent launched the medical information field and published the Internet medical science product Penguin Medical Code. Through the continuous enrichment of authoritative medical information content, it creates a scientific and credible Internet health communication context, bringing the medical science at your fingertips. . Penguin Medical Code, as an important part of Tencent Internet + Medical, appeared in Tencent's Corporate Social Responsibility Report. This also shows that Tencent will continue to pass the penguin medical code to bring greater benefits to the public in the field of medical health.

Adhering to the belief, pursuing the purification of the Internet medical science environment

In this year's report, Ma Huateng, Chairman and CEO of Tencent's Board of Directors, “Improve the quality of life of everyone with digital innovation”, and hope that digital products and services will enable as many people as possible to “use” & rdquo ;, “Used well”. The report points out that life and health as a basic need for a better life is an area that Tencent has been thinking and paying attention to.

The report shows that in the Internet + medical industry, Tencent has been making breakthroughs in the service of Pratt & Whitney Medical in recent years. In 2017, Tencent released the Internet Medical Science Products Penguin Medical Code, which is Tencent’s authority to solve the masses. The social problem that is not easy to be medical information, and the product launched from the social responsibility is the Internet professional medical science platform for “to be born for the public”.

According to the Penguin Zhikuo survey, 39% of users will search online when they are sick. It can be seen that the Internet has become the primary source of information for users seeking medical advice. However, pseudo-science, fragmentation, soft marketing and other issues hinder users from obtaining authoritative and useful medical information. Doctors with valuable medical knowledge are also unable to play a role in communication because of the lack of a professional medical information platform. This aspect aggravates the anxiety and helplessness of patients and their families. On the one hand, it also causes incalculable damage to the doctor-patient relationship.

In April this year, the State Council issued the “Opinions on Promoting “Internet + Medical Health” Development”, emphasizing “enhancement & rsquo;Internet+& rsquo;medical education and popular science services”, encouraging the establishment of a network science platform to provide health science Accurate knowledge education, improving residents' self-health management ability and health literacy, emphasizes the importance of Internet medical science and points out the correct direction.

In view of this, Penguin Medical Code adheres to the professional and forward-looking attitude towards medical and health content, builds a medical information platform, and transforms authoritative and credible medical information into easy-to-understand content through a rich and diverse form, and accurately disseminates it to the masses. As of August 2018, the Penguin Medical Information Library contains more than 480 authoritative medical information on common diseases and 84 common symptoms, and 61 first-aid knowledge. In addition to the general knowledge of imported medicine, it also covers deeper symptoms and causes. Information on diseases such as treatment, daily and prevention.

Authoritative and easy to understand to create a new medical science

In order to ensure the professionalism of the content, Penguin Medical Code is run by a content team with medical professional education background and medical work. The members include clinical practitioners, psychologists, medical academic editors, medical translators, pharmacists and so on. In August of this year, Tencent reached a strategic cooperation with WebMD, the world's leading authoritative medical health information platform. The Penguin Medical Code successively introduced more than 60,000 medical science articles exclusively authorized by WebMD to China, and the authoritative doctors in the United Nations compiled and reviewed it to make it more in line with it. China's landing use.


In order to ensure the content is reliable and detailed, all the contents of Penguin Medical Code have been repeatedly scrutinized. Taking the tumor entry article as an example, the average time for each entry is about two and a half months. During the period, the editorial team consulted 5 to 10 authoritative medical journals. Search at least two medical-specific databases for review, interview with relevant doctors of related diseases, and co-edit and review with top medical experts and institutions within the United Nations.

In order to enhance the readability of the content, Penguin Medical Records recorded a large number of famous doctors to explain the video, and targeted some of the comics, to enhance the user's understanding of the disease, but also provide users with a series of practical tools such as disease self-test, and will continue to treat tumors, etc. The medical content of the patient's concern is made into a special area, and the "Penguin Medical Paradox" article is published. About 300 articles related to each tumor entry are related to the user. Through these transformations, hard medical knowledge has become useful information that the masses can understand at a glance. Users are satisfied with the cognitive needs of common medical problems such as “what is sick” and “what is sick”. Anxiety and helplessness.

The Penguin Medical Code not only provides the public with the power of knowledge, but also hopes to bring emotional care. Recently, the Penguin Medical Journal has launched the “Tumor World” column, which not only popularizes tumor-related knowledge, but also tells the story of anti-cancer patients and doctors and family members all the way, so that more patients and their families can find love and strengthen here. The power of disease resistance.

Not long ago, Penguin Medical Code also launched a special "vaccination query" function, allowing users to query and understand vaccine safety information in the first time, and provide authoritative professional vaccine science content, one-click inquiry, one second peace of mind.


Comprehensive support for the development of medical science and ecology

It has become the consensus of the domestic medical community to reduce the workload of doctors and make the communication between doctors and patients more smooth through professional medical science. By integrating various resources of Tencent, Penguin Medical Code brings together famous doctors, authoritative industry associations, foundations and other institutions in various disciplines in China to build a smart medical information platform to help the healthy development of China's medical science and ecology. So far, it has achieved certain results. As of August this year, more than 900 authoritative experts and more than 200 first-class hospitals have entered the Penguin Medical Code and published science articles related to diseases. The Chinese Medical Oncology Society (CSCO) and other medical authoritative organizations have also entered into strategic cooperation with Penguin Medical Code and established a strategic expert committee.


Creating a good medical science ecosystem and encouraging the creation of excellent medical science content is the main strategy of the Penguin Medical Code to help the medical community. To this end, Penguin Medical Code launched "medical enterprise star" program, the core of the plan is to unite hundreds of young and middle-aged medical backbones in major disease areas, especially young and middle-aged doctors in the field of serious diseases such as cancer, to form a medical science star lineup. With the help of Tencent's big data and artificial intelligence, Penguin Medical will accurately disseminate the excellent content produced by these doctors to users through rich platform resources such as WeChat, QQ and browser, and encourage users to pass relevant social platforms. Interaction, helping young doctors to improve their science level, and finally form a positive loop of “production & mdash;— reach ——feed ——optimize”.

In order to promote the healthy development of the domestic medical science ecology, the Penguin Medical Code will also increase the resources of medical science animation and photo creation, so that young and middle-aged doctors can focus on the creation and improvement of the main content; and support the copyright monitoring system to assist the rights protection. To achieve effective protection of medical science knowledge copyright.

In his corporate social responsibility report, Ma Huateng emphasized that Tencent hopes to achieve a symbiotic and win-win society and work with partners. Liu Chiping, president of Tencent, also pointed out that more and more public service organizations are becoming new Tencent users. Tencent will remain open and will accumulate years of technology and capabilities to help digital transformation and upgrading of all walks of life. In the segment of Internet + medical health, Penguin Medical Code is constantly helping the development of ecology through technology and services. It is reported that Penguin Medical Code will continue to enrich the content of authoritative medical science, innovate the function of products, and face more diversified scenes. Expand the depth and breadth of medical science.

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