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Tencent released AI open platform AI capacity interface daily transfer amount has been billions of times.

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Tencent cloud

Hou Xiaonan, vice president and general manager of Tencent Mobile Internet Enterprise Group, announced Tencent AI open platform AI.QQ.COM at the meeting. The platform relies on Tencent AI Lab, Tencent Youtu, WeChat AI and other laboratories to gather Tencent AI technology capabilities and open more than 100 AI capability interfaces for the industry to use. Under the line, we will help and support AI entrepreneurs through the AI accelerator, and create a new AI ecosystem.

A new era of intelligence is coming, Tencent's strategic layout in the field of artificial intelligence also around the "basic research - scene co-construction - AI open" three-tier architecture continues to deepen.

In terms of basic research, Tencent relies on AI Lab, Tencent Youtu, WeChat AI and other laboratories, focusing on four major directions: power machine learning, computer vision, speech recognition, natural language processing (NLP). Yao Xing said that more than 240 papers have been published in four top academic conferences, including CVPR, ACL, ICML and NIPS, since Tencent AI Lab was founded more than two years ago, ranking among the top domestic enterprises. In the study of game AI, Tencent AI Lab has moved from a single AI full-information game such as Go AI, to the next stronghold: Uncertainty, Diversity, Complexity game types such as StarCraft and Dota 2. Strategic RTS games or multiplayer online games MOBA games.

On the way to the realization of "general artificial intelligence", Tencent also added the "evolvable robots" this powerful push. Dr Zhang Zhengyou, director of Tencent's Robotics X Laboratory, which made its debut in public for the first time, said that in an era when robots are moving from automation to autonomy and human-computer co-generation into a "smart robot", the laboratory believes that robot ontology research includes bionics, dexterous manipulation, accurate touch, multi-robot cooperation, human-computer interaction and medical treatment. There are six major trends.

In AI, Tencent will focus on content, social, medical, retail, gaming and other areas to achieve technology landing. On the AI retail front, Wu Yunsheng shared Tencent YouTu Lab's intelligent solution for retail supermarkets and shopping malls-Tencent's Mall Smart Retail system.

In the medical direction, Tencent's first AI medical product, "Tencent Miying," has implemented screening for esophageal cancer, pulmonary nodules, diabetic retinopathy, colorectal neoplasms, breast cancer, cervical cancer and other diseases by using AI medical image analysis assistant doctors. And using AI auxiliary engine to identify and predict more than 700 kinds of disease risk, at present, it has reached a cooperation with more than 100 top third Class A hospitals in China.

Tencent AI open platform AI technology capabilities have been applied in all walks of life: for example, for a city planning bureau to provide handwritten OCR, picture recognition and other technical interfaces, help its intelligent recognition of handwritten forms and automatic classification, improve the efficiency of document office more than five times. With the aid of AI intelligent algorithm, a garment group carries out efficient automatic identification of process manufacturing links, reduces labor input, reduces misjudgment losses, and improves overall production efficiency by 20%.

As a part of Tencent AI's opening up, Tencent AI accelerator focuses on the help and support of AI entrepreneurs, accelerating the growth of enterprises from technology, mentors, industrial resources, markets, investment and other aspects, and working with partners to create industry solutions to promote the upgrading of "wisdom" in all walks of life. Hou Xiaonan also officially announced the two phase of Tencent AI accelerator in the forum. According to the report, 40 member companies selected from 1,500 projects focused on four major areas: medical, retail, robotics/hardware, and enterprise services, with a total valuation of 13.5 billion.

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