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The police intervened in the "charged mobile phone automatically booked presidential suite": if the report will detect the charging device

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Suddenly slamming the phone

Ms. Yang told China Voice that on the evening of October 5, she found that the Apple phone being charged began to “crazy”, and the phone actually turned itself on. It seems that someone is remotely controlling. “When the phone is charging, the screen is always on. I jumped around between the application software, and then I went over and watched it jump to Ctrip's app."

Ms. Yang said that she had encountered some situations in which the screen of the mobile phone being charged was not heard. I thought that it might be that the hardware of the mobile phone did not match, so I didn’t care too much. But this time, the phone was completely jumped when she didn't operate, and she jumped between the application software and even jumped into the application software to pay a huge order of more than 10,000 yuan, which surprised her.

Ms. Yang, staring at the screen, found that the phone really gave her an order. Ms. Yang showed the media the order on Ctrip and the screenshot of WeChat payment. From the point of view of the order, the mobile phone is scheduled to be from October 5 to October 6, the presidential suite of a hotel in Shanghai, 10880 yuan a night. Ms. Yang then unplugged the power cord and the phone screen display stopped on the payment page.

Plug-in verification again

After the curious Ms. Yang recharged, she turned on the screen recording function of the mobile phone, and specially found someone else’s mobile phone to shoot on the charging mobile phone. Not long after the results were recorded, she found that the 4G mode of the phone was switched to 2G mode. The phone then enters the settings on its own. Ms. Yang recorded the process on her mobile phone, and the screen recording function of her mobile phone was turned off without her own operation.

Later, Ms. Yang unplugged the mobile phone charging cable and repeated tests. However, as soon as the mobile phone is plugged into the charging cable, it will appear “controlled”. It has automatically entered the WeChat reading and automatically booked the train ticket. Ms. Yang said that the charging head and charging cable used in that night were not original. The Apple mobile phone was purchased through regular channels, and there was no “jailbreak”.

Police intervention, or will detect

Ms. Yang told the Voice of China reporter that she is not sure that this is hacking, or that the phone must be manipulated. After she sent this to her circle of friends, she received various feedbacks. Some said that the charging plug was implanted with a "trojan", and some said that the hardware mismatch caused voltage instability, and some said Maybe the phone screen is broken and so on. Ms. Yang also reflected this incident to Apple's customer service. Whether it was a hacker or a hardware failure, and did not get a clear answer from the customer service, but was told to re-install the system to try.

According to Ms. Yang, her experience was brought to the attention of the local public security organs after being disclosed by the media. Ms. Yang told the Voice of China reporter that the police gave her 5 or 6 calls and told her that she could choose to report the case nearby. The public security organ will test the charging cable and charging plug through technical means.

The relevant person in charge of the Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision said in an interview with the local media that similar complaints have not yet been received, even in the past product spot checks and daily investigations, there was no charger that could "actively control the mobile phone". They will pay attention to this case, and will organize experts to analyze the problem and try to find out the truth or how it works. Once it is confirmed that a company produces similar products, they will issue warnings as soon as possible and investigate them according to relevant regulations.

Experts say differently: may be remotely controlled

Ms. Yang’s experience has caused heated discussion among the industry on the Internet. Telecom analyst Fu Liang believes that according to the situation already disclosed, it may be that Ms. Yang’s mobile phone has been remotely controlled. Because according to Ms. Yang's description, the process of “jumping” of mobile phones is very personal, “such as ordering a presidential suite or other operations, it is impossible for a batch of programs to be all this operation. So this is someone doing these jobs.”

Fu Liang also told the China Voice reporter that it is not certain that the mountain charging line invaded the Apple mobile phone. Even if the intrusion is caused by software or system problems, instead of charging lines or chargers, hardware remote control is difficult to replicate on a large scale. Network security expert Li Tiejun also believes that for the Apple system, the data line can not complete the system crack. To install malware in iOS, you still have to have software.DevelopmentThe signature is only possible if the user confirms the trust signature.

Professor Wu Wei, dean of the School of Cyberspace Security at Hangzhou University of Electronic Science and Technology, believes that “the use of fake chargers and charging treasures to install malware is something that will also steal personal information from mobile phones.” Therefore, it is recommended that the public should strengthen mobile phone information security. Protection, downloading apps from legitimate and regular stores, and using regular hardware, you should also pay attention to the security of connecting Wi-Fi.

Not an orphan

In fact, in daily life, experiences like Ms. Yang are not uncommon. The Voice of China reporter noticed that many netizens reported that when their mobile phones were charging, there would be a situation where the screen jumped, was difficult to control or could not be controlled. The currently accepted explanation is that the current mobile phones on the market use capacitive screens, which have high requirements for power supply stability. Using a general inferior charger will make the screen not work properly. That is because the poor quality of the charger is very poor, it will cause the screen to dry up, even the surface of the screen is covered with static electricity, so that the screen can not correctly identify the human skin contact. The exact location does not work properly. This is the reason for the screen failure. In the process of using Android phones, Voice of China reporters also encountered the situation of automatically opening the mobile phone application during charging. Of course, the reason for this situation is not certain.

How can I solve the problem of screen jumping when the phone is charging? The easiest way to do this is to use the original charger and data cable as much as possible. If you don't have the original charger, you can choose to charge the computer. However, it is recommended that you do not use your mobile phone when you are not in need of a mobile phone. After all, this has a certain degree of damage to the battery, and it is also easy to cause safety hazards due to the heat of the mobile phone.

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