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Homework App embedded games lead parents to anger, Chongqing Education Commission: urging schools to strengthen management

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"Homework App" changes to "game App". 8 year olds spend one hundred or two hundred yuan on the task of "contribution".

Ms. Lin told reporters that as early as the son in the second grade, the teacher recommended this "together with primary school students" App to parents. At 10 o'clock in the evening of September 25th, Jia Jia finished her homework. When Ms. Lin got her cell phone back, she found that her cell phone was burning. Aware of the strange, she examined carefully.


Ms. Lin found that her son ranked No. 1 in Team Contribution with 329 action points in the Geocentric Adventure game, and No. 17 in the school-wide race. Screenshots, all of which are Hualong nets.

Do not see, do not know, a look scared. Ms. Lin found an entrance to the App homepage called Growing World, which included games such as Geocentric Adventure, with a city level of 6 in her account.

Ms. Lin opened the "geocentric adventure", and her son Jiajia and 4 other students were participating in the team. In the team, Jia Jia ranked first in the 329 action value and ranked seventeenth in the school race.

"Looking at the records, I realized that a lot of tasks had to be done with the product," Ms. Lin said. "So far, my son has spent one or two hundred dollars in the game."


The "growth world" and the happy farm are similar to the teachers who can't see the game entrance.

Is this App possible to mislead student Games? Hualong network reporter decided to experience it.


"Together Primary School Students" App prompted to enter a "teacher number" to register, and "Together Primary School Teacher" App successfully generated a "teacher number" after registering with a mobile phone number. Page screenshot

In addition to "together with primary school students", there are "together with primary school teachers" and "parents" and so on, which are all developed by Shanghai Hexue Information Technology Co., Ltd.

The reporter downloaded a "primary school teacher" App and entered the phone number to register. With the help of the "teacher number" generated after registration, the reporter successfully logged into the "together with primary school students" App, the home page below is very prominent list of "growth world", "practice record" and "parents award" three options.


This "growing world" is similar to happy farm. For the first time, there will be relevant instructions to guide the operation. Page screenshot

Reporters found that this "growing world" is similar to happy farm games. Among them, the "construction center" can build farmland, dairy farms, etc.; "partner homes" can raise Sika deer, camel offspring, but also can send pets and competitors.


"Partner home" can form sika deer, camel and sheep, and can also choose pets and competitors. Page screenshot

To complete part of the project, we need to open designated products, such as language, mathematics, dubbing, words and so on. It takes 300 yuan to open the basic language 365 days, 199 yuan to open the word 365 days.

Reporters sent math assignments to the class through the "together primary school teacher" App, and then clicked on the "together primary school students" App "exercise records" to complete.


When the assignment is completed, the end page jumps out of the "Learn Bean 5" and "Building Gold Dollar 50" rewards, and below the prominent position jumps out of the "Go to the Growing World, Get More Awards" prompt. Page screenshot

After completing all four math problems correctly, the end page jumps out of the "Learning Bean 5" and "Building Gold Dollar 50" rewards, and at the bottom of the page jumps out of the "Go to the Growing World, Get More Awards" prompt.


At the bottom of the Growing World page, there are four options: Geocentric Adventure, Naughty Elves, Mid-Autumn Festival Partners Reunion, and Prosperity, all of which have time limits. Page screenshot

In the "primary school teacher" App, reporters did not see similar game entry.


Most parents are not familiar with App function network evaluation is polarized.

The opening of the two App shows the names of many primary schools. So how did parents and teachers react? The reporter conducted an investigation.

Ms. Chen, who lives in Jiangbei, sent her son to first grade in September and recently installed App for Primary School Students Together at the teacher's recommendation. In the reporter reminded, she found that her city level has been 2, should be the son played before the level, but she did not know at all.


In the "growing world", there is a ranking system almost everywhere, in addition to the class ranking, there are school, province ranking. Page screenshot

Ms. Xiao lives in Xinqiao street. Her daughter in grade four, Qi Qi, is doing homework with this App. After examination, the city level in Qi Qi's "growing world" is still 1. However, Ms Xiao found many students in the class boarded the city rankings.

Reporter interviews found that only one of the 10 parents who used App to do homework was familiar with the App function.

The reporter contacted Ms. Shanglin, a Chinese teacher who attended primary school. The Chinese teacher said she knew the App, but it was not practical for her. For the use of App in mathematics and English, she said "unclear".

Later, the reporter contacted another English teacher in primary school. She was using this App to arrange homework. She told reporters that when she first started using App, she experienced it as a student, remembering that there were no game pages at the time, and that the parents of her classmates had not told her about the game so far.

However, the English teacher provided a detail about the App, which has been updated many times since it was launched, and she suspected that it was "quietly" added to the game during the update process.


Some projects need to open designated products, designated products include language, mathematics, English, dubbing and so on, opening the basic language 365 days need 300 yuan. Page screenshot

As of October 7th,HUAWEIIn the app market, 2,049 people scored App for Primary School Students Together, with nearly 40 percent of the users giving one star. Among users of bad reviews, "krypton", "commercialization" and "advertisement" are more frequent words.


Developers deny that App has a game called "growing the world" and is an interesting learning product.

How can the company respond to the above situation? On September 29, the reporter, as a parent, called the developer of the series of Apps and the customer service telephone of Shanghai Hexu Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Customer service first denied the claim of "game". App's "Growing World" products are interesting learning products, which play a major incentive role, "If children only do questions, they may feel boring, so the development of these interesting products.

In response to a question that prompted "to open a designated product to be rewarded," the customer service responded that parents would buy some courses and give away some beans, growth values, grades, and virtual items, but mainly for the children to do the problem.

How does the platform verify the identity of the teacher? Customer service said that teachers to open "together with primary school teachers" App, teachers need to upload certificates and other certificates. But when the reporter had experienced it, he only asked to enter his cell phone number to register.

In addition, why does the homework end page jump out of the prompt "Go to the growing world for more rewards"? Does the company have a license for game management? Is the game filed? The customer service was not answered for these questions.

Subsequently, the reporter sorted out these issues, and through the official website published by the media contact email to the company sent an interview request. As of press time, no reply was received.


As of October 7, 2049 people in Huawei's application market had scored App for "primary school students together" in a polarized way. Page screenshot

According to the State Enterprise Credit Information Publication System, Shanghai Hexu Information Technology Co., Ltd. was established on December 3, 2012. The legal representative is Liu Chang, with a registered capital of 30 million RMB. The business scope includes technology development and technical consultation in the field of network technology.

The scope of business stipulates that the project which must be approved according to law may not be operated until it has been approved by the relevant departments. And in its administrative permission information, "network culture business license game products, works of art" business Internet cultural unit permission has expired on May 13 this year. As of press release, no new information on the licensing of game products has been found.

In addition, reporters also found that on May 25 this year, the company violated the "Advertising Law", using minors under the age of 10 as advertising spokesmen, was fined 100,000 yuan, ordered to stop publishing.

Reporters through the third partywebsiteInquiry network culture business license, game version number, game operation record, etc., did not inquire the relevant information of the enterprise.

State Education Commission

Schools will be asked to strengthen their choice of learning App management.

As for the situation found in the reporter's investigation, the person in charge of the relevant departments of Chongqing Education Commission said that the current use of learning App by students is a choice made by schools and teachers according to the situation and characteristics, and the Municipal Education Commission has not made a unified regulation.

The person in charge said that if parents have opinions about the game in App, they can communicate with the teacher directly. At the same time, the relevant departments will urge schools to do a more comprehensive evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of App, and strengthen supervision and management in the use of the process.

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