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How does the Ali local life section fit into the Tmall Double 11? Explain the word of mouth, hungry, how to play

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2018 Tmall double eleven main venue (with super red envelope)

Shangchao Food Double 11 and Double 12 play differently

The local life business has its own “home” event in the annual double 12, and all the major offline businesses will have a big 12-round big move, so in the past double 11 period, they only used the promotion position to “call a call”.

On October 12th, hungry and word of mouth announced the merger, the establishment of the new Ali "Local Life Service Company", at the same time announced the word of mouth, hungry, will be the first time in history to participate in this year's Tmall double 11 activities.

Does this mean that this year's Double 11 and Double 12, consumers can enjoy two large discounts in local food and beverage outlets?

According to the current official gameplay, the preferential measures and scope of local living in the double 11 are not exactly the same as those of the previous year.

First of all, not all merchants under the word of mouth will participate in both the Double 11 and the Double 12 events.Participating in this year's Tmall Double 11 has reached 150,000 word-of-mouth businesses, including restaurants, shopping malls, beauty salons, KTV, and entertainment.

In contrast, more than 1 million merchants registered for the year last year, including 600,000 restaurants, 40,000 convenience stores, 24,000 supermarkets, 13,000 hair salons, 4,900 foot massage shops, and 1,200 KTVs. And 1,000 shopping centers.

Second, the margins are not exactly the same.The word-of-mouth in Tmall Double 11 includes: Throughout November, consumers can enjoy discounts with Word of Mouth App orders. On the day of the double 11 day, the discount for the word-of-mouth app order is 10 yuan minus 10 yuan, and 20 yuan less than 5 yuan.

From November 1st to 11th, consumers can buy 50% off the drink and drink package in the word of mouth app, and another 100 million red envelopes. Newly registered users will have a $50 gift pack during this period.

In contrast, Word of Mouth 12 emphasizes the “five percent off” of most participating merchants. Last year's double 12 discount was more than in previous years. In addition to the highest 50% off or one-point and one-yuan explosions offered by the merchants, consumers can enjoy a 50% discount on the word-of-mouth app (25 yuan). The benefits of capping).

Also, the addition of hungry makes more small stores participate.The hungry double 11 carnival lasted from October 20th to November 18th. Among them are the “10 million red envelopes” in late October, the “Millions of Kings Meal” and the “11.11 yuan to eat big meals” in November.

Many merchants, such as supermarkets and conveniences, flowers and fruits, will be the new retail section, and they will participate in the Tmall Double 11 for the first time through hungry. At the same time, the hungry hummingbird distribution system will also serve Tmall, Taobao, Box Horse, RT-Mart, Ali Health and Retail. In particular, through the distribution ability given by the Hummingbird, it is also possible to participate in the Double 11 by joining the retailer's 1 million husband and wife shop and 1,000 “Tmall Shops”.

Local life section will not be counted in double 11 total revenue

In 2017, the Tmall double 11 final transaction was rated at 168.2 billion yuan, of which wireless accounted for 90%. Although Ali does not predict the transaction amount as usual, whether this double 11 will hit a new high this year will become the focus of attention.

Looking back at the double 11 command center last year, the experience of constantly refreshing various figures is heart-warming: 3 minutes and 01 seconds surpass 10 billion yuan, 40 minutes and 12 seconds to break through 50 billion yuan, 7 hours and 22 minutes to reach 91.2 billion in 2015. Yuan, 9 hours and 04 seconds exceeded 100 billion yuan, 13 hours, 09 minutes and 49 seconds reached the total of 120.7 billion yuan in 2016.


Tmall double 11 transaction amount over the years (finishing: e-commerce)

The main time period for breaking through various records is more and more concentrated in the hours after the 0 o'clock on the 11th, and alsoserver, customer service, logistics and other aspects caused a lot of pressure. If you can distribute consumption in different periods of the day, the sales growth throughout the day is bound to be healthier. Fundamentally, one way to make people no longer stay up all night is to count on store consumption.

At the same time, because the local life service group invested in the double 11 is the first time in the past years, many people are guessing whether the total sales of the double 11 this year will count the income of the local life sector. Liu Bo said thatThe turnover of local life this year will not be combined with the sales of the whole 11.

The main focus of local life service is the catering, supermarket, convenience store, beauty, KTV, etc. to the store consumption scene, some of which cover the three different consumption scenarios of hungry, word of mouth, and Tmall. For example, shops such as KFC and Starbucks, users can choose to shop, hungry, and buy membership cards, coupons, gift cards, coffee cups, etc. in Tmall.

However, in the past, this kind of local life format has both online and offline, and it is necessary to participate in the promotion activities organized by Tmall, word of mouth, and hungry. For example, in some large department stores in previous years, the clothes sold upstairs participated in the Double 11 activities through the Tmall system, while the underground supermarkets had to participate in the double 12 activities of word of mouth. The format of a building should be separated from the festival.

As Ma Yun repeatedly put forward, "There is no such thing as pure e-commerce in the future, nor pure line." When online and offline sales are no longer calculated separately in the future, there will be many kinds of things that have never been thought before. Situations, such as tit-for-tat "offline experience, online purchase" and "online order, to the store to pick up."

This will present a series of new problems and challenges to the statistics of online and offline advertising, the maintenance and integration of two online and offline CRM/ERP systems. Basically, the solution is to plan the promotion, it does not separate the online SKU, but to a large system to do.

As most of the big brands that participated in the double 11 started to connect with Ali's smart stores and rookie logistics systems last year, the double 11 completely opened up the online and offline, and the timing of realizing the “full scene” was mature. Liu Bo also mentioned that in the future, it will begin to consider the integration of offline life service products with the current physical goods sales.

About rural Taobao and "haitao"

This year's Tmall Double 11 started online warming up from October 20th, including vouchers, KOL promotion and other activities have started. For ordinary consumers, this year's various gameplay summed up:It’s really simpler, but it’s also killing time..

Specifically, all businesses under the Alibaba economy, including the free fish, Youku, Shrimp, UC, Feizhu, Gaode map, Alipay and other offline business stores, will open "energy" at different points in time. The accumulation of “values”, all the “energy values” accumulated by the App and offline can be exchanged in the same day before the double 11.

This setting can clearly see the similarity with the ant forest. In most apps, to get the "energy value" you have to change the H5 game embedded in the activity page. If you have enough energy and play a few games, you may be able to help you less. "剁" a few fingers. It is expected that the activity of each Ali App will inevitably rise during the event.

The double 11 gameplay that has already made the city people "aesthetic fatigue" may still be unheard of for some farmers. Every year, there will be problems in rural consumers who are not familiar with the gameplay or unfamiliarity. Ali once customized the “Rural Taobao” client for rural users, but it is now changing farmers’ friends to use a unified mobile client.

Talking about whether this double 11 will set up a special event page or supporting measures to facilitate farmers' friends to participate in the activities, Liu Bo told cnBeta,The activity page that rural Taobao users see during the Double 11 is not much different from the urban users, but the difference is the products displayed on the page.

Liu Bo said that Village Amoy should select the products that farmers can see and set up a separate investment team. Hand Amoy wants to make "transparent transmission" of unique goods for the villagers. The standard of the selection is: for the needs of the farmers, the service can be reached, and the after-sales is guaranteed. This year, there will be 30,000 rural Taobao Village and Tmall Excellent Service Stations, covering hundreds of millions of rural consumers in 800 counties of 29 provincial administrative regions.

Another focus of the Double 11 is the participation of overseas big names. Tmall International will provide global origin traceability upgrade services for nearly 100 million users in 388 cities. Based on Internet of Things technology, you can use mobile phone Taobao to trace source and solve consumption. People are worried about whether they are genuine overseas.

Many consumers will worry about whether the price of Haitao goods may increase this year, Liu Bo saidDouble 11 will definitely highlight the promotion of Haitao's products, and believe that consumers will be attracted by competitive offers..

The world's big-named doubles 11, coincided with the first China International Import Expo in November in Shanghai. Tmall president Jing Jie said, “This year’s ‘double 11’ rhythm will be seamlessly linked to the China International Import Expo.”

As the first partner of the first import fair, Tmall International has decided to invite more than 200 world-class brands such as Metro, MTG, etc., which is part of the double 11 online and offline traffic exposure plan. In addition, this year's Double 11 TV Gala ("Cat Night") will be held in Shanghai Mercedes-Benz Cultural Center as it was last year.

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