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Apple executives interpret iPhone XR: Let more people afford good products

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In fact, people's perceptions of the iPhone XR are very different. Some people think it is cheap or frustrating iPhone. But in the author's opinion, it is a fascinating iPhone. But it doesn't matter how you look at it, because Apple intends to provide the right iPhone for as many people as possible, regardless of their prospects.

To understand why iPhone XR looks so weird, we need to look at Apple's history. Since 2014, Apple has focused on the rhythm of launching two models each year. Subsequently, Apple deviated from this model, which launched a device such as the iPhone SE in 2016. iPhone SE is a cute mobile phone that puts the "viscera" of the iPhone 6S into the body of the iPhone 5S. This is a regular shift, but it is based on a large number of technological maturities. Last year, Apple released three iPhones, which shocked the entire mobile phone industry. Among them, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are natural iterative products for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. In November, the iPhone X went on sale, which changed the meaning of the iPhone.

Apple knew it before that, it needs to bring the iPhone X software and performance advancement to those who don't want to spend $1,000 on smartphones. When Schiller talked about the iPhone X, he said: "We have been developing this technology for many years and hope to build the future of the iPhone. It was introduced to the market last year and made great demands on the engineering team, but they finally did. We know If we can bring it to market and it will succeed soon after that, we need to expand our product line so that more people can use it."

So, you might imagine that after a year of redefining the iPhone, Apple's engineering team will release two new smartphones, the iPhone XS Max and the iPhone XR, and the pressure. Trying to implement the same functionality on the iPhone XR seems trickier because Apple needs to combine its cutting-edge technology with some degree of financial accessibility.

Schiller said: "If we want to break through the limits and make the best products through iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, how can we make more people affordable? How can we make the iPhone user base become Bigger? What choices can we make to let people who hold them say 'I have the best smartphones too?' Schiller said, these are all Apples.DevelopmentProblems encountered with iPhone XR.

The purpose of the iPhone XR is to provide the best performance, so the company is paired with the new A12 Bionic chip, which is for the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.processor. For Apple, offering the same performance at a much lower price than the flagship phone is a surprising new move, but it also makes the iPhone XR an attractive option for upgrading users and new users.

The iPhone is also one of the most widely used cameras in the world, so Apple ported the iPhone XS 12-megapixel wide-angle camera to the body of the iPhone XR and enhanced it through machine learning for better dynamic range and portrait capture. Since there is no space for the fingerprint sensor in front of the phone, there is a Face ID sensor array at the top of the device. It's exactly the same as the Face ID setting on the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, which is another way to blur the boundaries between all Apple phones. In fact, the iPhone XR has many features that are not shared with other similar products but are worth noting: there is no second telephoto camera on the screen, and there is no pressure sensitive 3D Touch technology.

However, before that, you will notice the new body of the iPhone XR. It's bigger than the iPhone XS, you can't find any stainless steel here - only glass, aviation grade aluminum and many colors. The colors on display (black, white, blue, yellow, coral, and red) are beautiful, but the physical dimensions of the iPhone XR itself are a bit unusual.

Many people say that the iPhone XS 5.8-inch screen feels a bit small, and the iPhone XS Max 6.5-inch large screen is just like a disaster for people with smaller hands. But Schiller said that with the iPhone XR, the engineering team found the best balance and created the "iPhone that can attract the most users."

The iPhone's screen is probably the most important component. After all, it's like a window leading to the network of your choice and every corner of the world. Apple's decision to use LCD screens is largely a practical practice because the production costs of these screens are usually lower, but this is not an ordinary LCD screen. It covers almost the entire front of the iPhone XR, and the panel senses and tracks your touch at 120Hz refresh rate. In other words, its response is fast.

Devices like the iPhone X, iPhone XS, and all of the good Android phones this year have screens with resolutions of 1080p or higher, but the iPhone XR's screens don't have that high resolution, and some people are dissatisfied.

Schiller lacks this evaluation unfairly. He said: "I think the only way to judge whether the screen is good or bad is to look at it carefully. Apple calls these screens a 'retina display' because your eyes can't distinguish a single pixel unless you put your face on the glass. If you can't see it Pixels, at some point, these numbers don't make sense." When asked if the interleaved release of the iPhone XR should be attributed to the screen, Schiller simply said: "When it's ready, it will be released."

Last month, in the demo hall filled with people outside the Apple Steve Jobs Theater, after experiencing the iPhone XR, the reporter said that he could not find anything to complain about.

There are countless smartphone manufacturers on the market today who are innovating and improving technology and hope that consumers can help them verify their efforts. In the past few years, we have seenHuaweiAnd big companies such as Xiaomi, as well as newcomers such as OnePlus, offer high-end performance and similar features at a very competitive price. These phones are the best phones in Android, but the price is only around $500, which is significantly lower than the starting price of $749 for the iPhone XR.

Offering more features at a lower price is not unique to Apple, and it's hard not to consider the iPhone XR as part of this larger trend. To some extent, thanks to the work done by these companies, it is now the best time to buy cheap smartphones. Even so, Schiller said that he "does not think too much about competition" and insists that Apple does not emphasize the development of products for specific groups of people. He said: "We don't think about the category. We think the iPhone X's technology and experience are great. We want to let as many people use it and do it in a way that makes it the best phone."

As for whether the iPhone XR is the "best mobile phone" described by Schiller, it is still inconclusive, but it is easy to see the value of such devices. You just have to go out. The streets of New York City are full of people from all walks of life. They are clinging to their iPhone 6s, iPhone 7s and iPhone SE. Some phones are old and even the screens are broken, but they are still being used.

In the half-hour subway ride to the meeting with Schiller, the reporter counted, at least 10 iPhones seem to have been more than a year old, but they are still used to read, text or listen to music. These devices won't last forever, and with the iPhone XR, Apple has given fruit powder a new option, buying highly polished, modern performances and design tastes that are no longer worth $999.

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