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Xiaomi MIX 3 evaluation: sliding cover overall screen photo world top three, 3299 yuan worth buying?

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This is millet's second MIX model this year, with the name MIX 3. Interestingly, most brands upgrade their processors from MIX 2 to MIX 2S with core configuration as the provincial standard, but MIX is generally an enhanced version of a small modification, and MIX 3 continues to be adopted. After using Xiaolong 845, which is the same as MIX 2S, this figure has jumped to 3.

Obviously, MIX for millet is a relatively special category, neither a more fixed pace of upgrade, nor the traditional custom of upgrade according to configuration, so what is the basis for the upgrade of MIX 3?

More slender MIX 3, more gorgeous MIX 3

The data of millet MIX 3 were 157.89 mm x 74.69 mm x 8.46 mm and 215 g respectively, while the data of millet MIX 2S were 150.86 x 74.9 x 8.1 mm and 189 g respectively. In short, MIX 3 is bigger, thicker and heavier than MIX 2S.


The increase in fuselage length was mainly due to changes in screen proportions and sizes. The screen size of the millet MIX 3 increased to 6.39 inches, returning to the size of the first generation MIX. But if you look at the size, the MIX 3 screen is actually smaller than the first MIX, because the MIX 3 screen ratio is 19.5:9, and the original MIX 17:9, for MIX 2 and 2S is 18:9 screen.

Although the screen size is large and small, each generation of screens has become more slender than the previous generation, which also makes the overall MIX feel changed.

The screen of MIX 3 uses Samsung's AMOLED panel with a resolution of 2340 x 1080. In terms of parameters, there is actually nothing to say. Unfortunately, it still does not reach the 2K level. As for screen share, MIX 3 undoubtedly hit its own high of 93.4%, which is very close to Find X.


The FHD resolution, the 6.39-inch Samsung AMOLED screen, made me lose some of my concern about the fineness of the MIX 3. The PPI 404 was not very high, and the diamond alignment would have been a bit of a loss to the fineness. After careful comparison with Note 9 at 2K level, there is a gap in fineness, and a closer look at the edges of the font can feel the color pixels, which is, of course, a condition of "observation." I'm not sure most people are sensitive to such a gap, but the term "daily use gap is small" is not perfunctory to me.

In terms of brightness and color tendency, this millet MIX 3 is colder, and the overall tone is slightly greener than the red Millet 8 Exploratory Edition, but millet provides a more meticulous color temperature adjustment, users can adjust themselves to a more comfortable state. As for the brightness, it seems that there is not much difference between the naked eye and the millet 8 on the hand.


For the MIX series, this is the first time that AMOLED screens have been used, which is not good news for the "LCD Never Slave" party, but for millet it is a more advantageous choice than a disadvantage, because the lightness of OLED, allowing MIX 3 content space can be slightly narrowed, for thickness control is very advantageous. In particular, the sliding cover design is adopted in MIX 3, and the requirement for thickness is more urgent.

Now let's talk about the "bangs" and "jaws" on mobile screens. It's been more than two years since the early MIX concept brought full screen, but the market seems to have a certain gap with Millie's vision.


Today, MIX 3 is being launched, forehead, bangs and chin have become common adjectives in the front design of mobile phones, especially the special-shaped full screen design called "bang screen", which has changed from a ridiculous description to a conventional one, and has also given rise to small bangs, beauty tips, water drop screens and jewels. Ball screen and so on marketing vocabulary, even millet own millet 8 complete series product has used the bang screen design.


The MIX series is still not compromised. While the early MIX became the founder of the concept of full screen, it may also bring some "rules" for the series, such as sticking to the MIX full screen line and not being friends with the profiled full screen, but this is actually a good thing for consumers, because the "bangs" on the market are already too big. More than that, the insistence of MIX 3 brought us a few high-end products without bangs.

Otherwise, the MIX 3 still supports functions such as breath screens, sun screens, and eye screens, but it doesn't mention HDR video, which should be a standard for high-end machines even if there aren't many HDR videos available.


Fuselage width is the only reduction in data, so holding the MIX 3 in your hand makes the overall feel longer. But the weight of 215g still gives a heavy feel, heavier than the Galaxy Note 9 (201g) and the iPhone XS Max (208g).

Considering sliding design, 8.46mm is acceptable. Observing the side of the MIX 3, we can see that the MIX 3 with the sliding cover has obvious layers. The upper part of the sliding cover is treated with matte black, which is in sharp contrast to the polished metal of the lower part.

New Jewel blue color matching, but gold line design is simplified.

In terms of color, millet added a new gemstone blue color this time, and emerald color, this gemstone blue is also mentioned. According to millet officials, they were inspired by the collection of national treasures at the Palace Museum. The gem blue color, also known as "indigo", refers to the color of the sunny sky after rain. In traditional ceramic technology, gem blue glaze is regarded as the top grade because of its complexity, and is also called the color of national treasure. Of course, emerald green color also continues to provide, like Aifan this time to get the emerald version of the millet MIX 3.


In the previous generation of millet MIX 2S jadeite art, the frame used grinding aluminum alloy, and in MIX 3 replaced with a harder 7075-T651 super-strength aluminum alloy, of course, this strength can not be intuitively felt, but aluminum alloy frame processing changes can be seen at a glance.


Yes, the rim of the millet MIX3 has changed from grinding to polishing, but the same remains green and looks very close to the stainless steel shine of the iPhone X. This Mingsuo feel, though a detail, has become a very attractive little design, even the color of the gray antenna break on the MIX2S this time. It has also been painted green.


This time there were some details on MIX 3, and the slogan "MIX ESIGNED BY XIAO MI" was reduced to "MIX BY XIAO MI". The long English slogans used to be not only MIX series identification, but also design elements to balance the back cover vision, but on MIX 3 this rule was broken. The MIX series slogans were not only simplified, but also further reduced the size of "BY XIAO MI" to highlight only the three letters of "MIX".

Overall, the original MIX line sense has been drastically reduced, including cameras and fingerprint recognition of the Golden Line Edge, and now you can't find it on MIX 3. On the other hand, after both black and white colors have been played by MIX, MIX is moving in a more colorful direction, such as emerald green, and this time the new addition of gemstone blue.


I personally suspect that there are two reasons for this change. The first is that the gold edge and the black and white color are very harmonious. With the appearance of emerald green and gemstone blue, the gold color is not necessarily harmonious in more colors. In order to reduce the possible color conflicts, the gold edge is removed.

On the other hand, we can see whether it is emerald green or gemstone blue, MIX is a kind of warm gemstone, color is not bright, but calm and warm. Especially in this way of thinking, the pure sense of integration is very important, and too many lines will weaken this feeling.

Sliding covers are effective solutions, but they are not perfect solutions.

The biggest change in design is the sliding part. I put it at the end of the appearance. For this slide design, I think this is a viable solution in the pursuit of screen proportion, but it is far from an efficient solution, let alone a perfect solution.


Feasible means that it's a solution to the original goal of further increasing the screen share, and that it's not efficient enough to mean that the slider will change the user experience, and that the user experience isn't going to be significantly better.

To put it simply, this is to increase the screen share ratio by splitting user habits and increasing the possibility of false touch. For example, if you accidentally hold down the icon on the screen during a slide, the application will open, which is actually a typical mistake scenario.

On the bright side, the sliding cover is still quite magical, the feeling of sliding is very crisp, millet officials laughed that MIX 3 has the potential to become a new generation of "decompression artifacts". Of course, the joke is a joke, millet on the design of the sliding cover back still spent a lot of thought, using the design of magnetic power slides. The sliding cover life of MIX 3 is theoretically longer and can reach 300,000 times by applying a vertical force on the NdFeB permanent magnet.


The MIX 3 that Avon gets has been upgraded to MIUI 10 and Android Pie since it was shipped. The system version is fairly new, but it also encounters some BUGs, such as a white screen when it comes to settings. As for the features, MIX 3 adds a feature option to the system to customize the relevant parts of the slider settings, including what default actions can be set after the slider. The default is to turn on the front camera. Of course, you can switch to start a specific application, or open the tools drawer and so on. This tool drawer contains commonly used shortcuts, such as countdown, weather, calculator, note, WeChat and Alipay sweep and payment code. At present, this shortcut drawer is fixed and cannot be increased or reduced.

Well, to make it more interesting, Millet also made a sound design for the MIX 3 slider, which defaults to a slightly cyberpunk "tech" sound. Others included the sound of the sword sheathing and the sound of the lighter turning over, and so on. After trying it out, I thought it was a little too middle two, but I silently turned it off.


But the MIX 3 still uses a post-fingerprint design, which is a bit uncomfortable, because the earlier release of Millet 8 has two models with screen fingerprints, the Transparent Exploration version and the Screen Fingerprint version, and the later and more advanced MIX 3 does not. I think Millet will explain to the public after that.

There are also two small upgrades to the MIX 3 experience: there are times when the volume is not enough at the top of the volume. By pressing the volume again, the super volume mode is turned on and the maximum volume is increased by 27%. Another feature is the addition of encrypted access card simulation, of course, this function requires the property to brush in encrypted information.


The release of MIX 3 is only seven months away from MIX 2S, MIX 2S launched in China in March 845, only seven months has not ended its life cycle for the 845, so MIX 3 also continues to use the Lung processor, so in this part of the performance, MIX 3 will not give me. They bring surprises.

The CellCell-845 processor, the 10nm process, the Adreno 630 GPU, Spectra 280 ISP and the Hexagon 685 DSP and the X20 LTE baseband are all things that have been chewed over the past six months. The only surprise is that the MIX 3 has prepared a version of the 10GB runtime memory this time, but the first 10GB memory model was intercepted by Helo, the black shark game phone, two days ago, so the MIX 3 did not get the first version, only the first 10GB model. And also similar to black sharks, limited The Imperial Palace special version of this configuration. The general version of MIX 3 has only 6 G 128 GB / 8 GB / 8G 256GB.


MIX 3 is the smallest battery in the millet MIX family, with 4,400 mAh for the first MIX, 3,400 mAh for the MIX 2 and MIX 2S, and 3,200 mAh for the MIX 3.

From the actual experience, MIX 3 is a "one-day" level, more quantitatively, with 100% brightness and 1/3 volume, a set of B station's "JOJO" animation (with a bullet screen) consumption of 6%, after three episodes of the power consumption dropped from 100% to 83%. MIX 3 is not a stunning model of life. It's an ordinary and sufficient way to evaluate its endurance.

Almost forgotten, the full version of MIX 3 comes with a 10W wireless fast charging base, which was previously only included with the MIX 2S Premium.

Super nightscape is actually super HDR.

For most mobile phones, taking pictures is still an unavoidable experience. The demand for social networking has spawned a huge demand for pictures, and possibly 99% of the pictures come from the mobile side. So the priority of taking pictures on mobile phones is increasing. Whether it's Apple or Google, taking pictures is a full-time event. Draw the key points.


In terms of camera hardware, the MIX 3 doesn't actually change from the Xiaomi 8, from the Sony IMX 363's main camera to Samsung's S5K3M3 accessory, the same hardware. Fr.1.8 aperture. The only thing that can change in these months is the soft power of the algorithm. In fact, Xiaomi has also shown a further improvement in its algorithm. The quantitative performance is that the total score of the DxO has risen from 99 to 103, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is in a unified segment. But the 108th score was higher than the Note 9 (10 7) and U12 (10 6).

As for the front, the Sony IMX 576 viewfinder, with 24 million pixels 2 million depth of field lens, supports all of Xiaomi's previous beauty features.

In the case of sufficient environmental light, in fact, MIX 3 and millet 8 can not pull any gap, after all, are the same type of double-shot. The color and HDR intensity are also very close, and the MIX 3 performs better on the edge of the screen than Millet 8, and the light and white balance are more stable when taking pictures.



The picture is millet 8, and the picture below is MIX 3.

In terms of resolution, there's not much difference between the 12-megapixel IMX 363 family, but Millet 8's image is a bit more fleshy and the MIX 3's look is sharper, though not as sharp as Samsung's. Samsung's image definition is higher in most cases, but Samsung often appears in 100% of the screenshots. The situation is sharpening.

Handheld Super Nightscape is a new addition to MIX 3 and the main shooting feature. Handheld Super Nightscape solves the irreconcilable contradiction between long exposure and filming rate, not just millet, but the Night Sight feature that Huawei and Google just launched in Pixel 3 early this month. The same Super Nightscape is the same.First songThe principle.

Millet's official interpretation of the super night scene, hand-held super night scene is the first use of AI intelligent photometry, AI automatic shake calibration, hardware multi-dimensional multi-frame noise reduction, multi-long exposure and other eight processing to create similar to the long exposure of the night scene photography. After pressing the shutter of millet MIX 3, the light and jitter information in the scene are detected by AI intelligent photometry, and then the most accurate exposure area in each frame is determined to ensure that the dark part of the picture has details and the bright part is not exposed. Finally, 100 key feature points are selected intelligently by AI anti-shake in each frame for identification and comparison. And compensate for the jitter in the correction picture.


In the current version of the system, Super Nightscape is taken out as part of the first-level navigation, juxtaposed with photography, video, slow motion, and so on, with the entrance to the first-level navigation indicating that millet wants users to use the Super Nightscape frequently. But this function is called night view in the photo interface, and there are no other flower heads.

I'd say it's a super HDR feature, and in fact it's still multi-frame composition, but now the algorithm "smarter" interferes more, and in fact it's not just about the brightness of the picture. Of course, super night scenes can dramatically improve the brightness of the overall picture when it is too dark, but the night light is actually very complex and cannot be generalized as a single scene.

The following same view sheets are second shots taken from super night view.



As you can see from this picture, HDR has been enabled in automatic scenes, but the effect of automatic HDR on night tolerance is utterly chatty rather than empty, and the overall picture is very bleak. After using the night view mode, the overall picture brightness soared, and the color loss of trees has been greatly improved.



As you can see in this set of photos, the overall picture is brighter and more tolerant, including the night-time high light ratio scene caused by light from all directions, the MIX 3 maintains excellent high light pressure, and better dark detail.



But not all LCD images will have such an excellent performance, in fact, because of its multi-frame synthesis nature, super night scene is more suitable for the scene light source is complex and the overall picture brightness is insufficient, or the automatic HDR force does not capture the situation, super is a stronger performance. But in the case of automatic HDR capabilities, it is difficult to open the gap between super night scenes and it will expose the shortcomings of excessive sharpening.



Occasionally, the HDR of super night scene is too hard, but it will appear the overall dark situation.

Outdoor environment photos:




Indoor dark light photographs:




Portrait mode photos:




Also worth mentioning is the 960 FPS slow motion photography, in the common 240 FPS on the basis of the re-expansion of four times the normal speed of 1/32, enough to record the drop of the moment. Some brands have functioned before, and the addition of MIX 3 is good, but more like a complement to high-end positioning.


It's also worth mentioning that Millet added AI soundtrack to the 960fps slow motion. Specifically, AI recognizes that when a raindrop falls, it's accompanied by music that contains the sound effects of the raindrop. Unfortunately, I only take the default soundtrack for the night drops.

For the MIX series, we can not simply say that the high-end flagship.

In the evaluation of MIX 2, Arfan once said that the MIX series, after breaking away from the original conceptual machine and becoming an independent series, undertook the task of upgrading the millet brand. After the function and performance were handed over to the red rice and millet digital series, the MIX series actually represented the realization of millet's higher demand for technology and design. From the MIX slogan "One side art, one side science and technology", we can see that millet embodies the concept of technological design to the ancient developed crafts in China, such as ceramic crafts and jade culture, are a detailed embodiment of this.


The pursuit of this process design is to create a unique MIX series of identification and temperament. So from time to time, Millet also launched some special editions of the British Museum to consolidate the brand line. But at present, this concept has not formed a very clear understanding among consumers, referring to the MIX series will think of millet high-end series, but behind this high-end is the process design this point, millet will need to continue to work hard to instill in the public.


MIX 3 continues to follow its previous route, but the worry is that some "high-end features" such as a lack of screen fingerprints will do some damage to the series, but once the mass consumer's perception of the series has changed from "different" to "no" it will take ten times as much effort to recover.

Some people have said before that they do not understand why millet would choose the Palace Museum so difficult to approve of the release of MIX 3, quite a bit of a hard feeling. But for now, millet may be trying to tell you that MIX is a series that goes all the way in process design, not as hard as we think.

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