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Facebook and vibrating to compete for young people around the world

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Text / Zhao Yiying

Source: Zhixiangwang (passagegroup)

Facebook developed Lasso, entered the music video field, and swayed the teen market.

According to the report of the Zero2IPO Research Institute, the total amount of fundraising in China in the first half of 2018 was 380 billion yuan, a drop of 56% compared with 860 billion in the first half of 2017. The venture capital circle “cold winter”.

But even if the primary market is cold and cold, the good targets are still being chased by all the "rollers".

Today's headline parent company's byte-hopping Pre-IPO financing, which began in August, was completed in just two months, with a pre-investment valuation of $75 billion. Although it is not clear whether the final financing amount is $4 billion, after the financing is over,In the primary market, bytebeat has become the third largest Internet company after Ant Financial and Uber..

The high valuation of bytebeat is inseparable from the amazing performance of vibrato.


Two years ago, the valuation was only $500 million. It has always been advertised as the headline of a technology company. Now it has become a "Leviathan" for the world's giants to sleep. The rapid rise of bytebeats, especially the vibrato, has caused many Internet giants to be jealous and alert, and Facebook is one of them.

recently,Facebook’s youth market is very drained. According to Piper Jaffray's survey, only 5% of American teenagers now list Facebook as their favorite social platform. Since the spring of 2016, the number of people using it every month has dropped from 60% to 36%. Beyond Instagram and WhatsApp, Facebook does need a different approach to attracting young people.

Previously, Facebook had tried variants of stand-alone applications such as Poke, Slingshot, Bolt, Flash, and Snapchat, hoping to win back younger audiences, but ultimately they all came back.

Facebook then began to discover that US Internet giants such as Snap and YouTube ignored the tools available for video music creation. Facebook's choice is to attack the byte jump directly and develop a music video application.

Byte Beat has acquired Musical.ly for about $1 billion and integrated it into its TikTok App.. Musical.ly targets adolescents and children under the age of thirteen, with a monthly user base of 60 million. And Facebook is preparing to use its recently acquired music license for major record companies to develop a music video app called Lasso, and to shake the teen market.

Essentially like TikTok

According to Facebook's former employees and current employees, the app developed by Facebook allows users to record and share videos of their own pop-up or dance. The app is intended to be an independent competitor to Musical.ly, which was acquired by Bytes.

Combining previous attempts and self-awareness, Facebook believes thatCreating a brand new independent music app brand for matching teens and other features, perhaps better than plugging it into your own less popular main app.

“This product is essentially the same as TikTok or Musical.ly. It's full-screen, fun, enjoyable, and focused on creation, designed for teens,” a source said. “A lot of the things they do are meant to behave even cooler. ”

They believe that most people do not intend to behave in front of the camera, especially those who are dull. But with the proper soundtrack, a boring self-portrait video can get blessings, and it looks good —— or can be stupid and fascinating.

According to sources, the Facebook audio application team led by Facebook's chief product designer, Brady Voss, is developing the product.

Voss worked on Facebook's TV app and the recently closed standalone application Hello. In the 2016 Facebook hackathon he presented to Mark · Zuckerberg's project, Voss created a technology called "Montage" This technique combines still photos into one image to show the snowboarding process for snowboarders. Now he is starting to make lasso a simpler creative expression. According to sources, “Bridi is very good at using interesting new lenses and videos. ”

Earlier this year,Facebook has signed a secured licensing agreement with major record companies to revive its music business. In the beginning, it just let the user's video, including the Musical.ly-style synchronized lip clip, be removed for copyright infringement.


But soon it launched a music sticker on the ins, allowing users to add soundtracks to their stories. This feature is now also available on Facebook. It also began experimenting with the use of lip sync in live karaoke, and Facebook now opens the page for this and starts showing the lyrics of some songs on the screen. It also plans to quickly let users bind their favorite songs to their profile so that friends can listen to a clip, similar to Myspace music.


Algorithmic dispute

Zhang Yiming thought the most clearly, the strategy of going out. The founder of the well-known technology fan, advertised as “algorithm”, believes that technology has no boundaries. “China’s Internet population accounts for only one-fifth of the global Internet population. If resources are not allocated globally, the scale effect will be pursued. One-fifth of the products cannot compete with four-fifths, so going to sea is inevitable.

In June 2015, the bytebeat started the internationalization process. Through overseas expansion and self-development, the headlines have a corresponding layout in Japan, India, Southeast Asia, North America and Brazil.

In 2017, the byte jumped another move that followed the international trend.Is to strengthen the existing technical advantages. In an era when artificial intelligence is becoming more and more popular, the headlines that advertised machine learning and smart recommendation certainly cannot fall. “In the future, driven by the wave of artificial intelligence, we hope to become the infrastructure for global information distribution”, Zhang Yiming said.

According to App Annie's data, TikTok has climbed from the 32nd in the US Apple app three months ago to the current 5th. The momentum is not to be underestimated.


Since 2016, Facebook has been investigating in the field of teen music applications, and it was reported that the company set up a research project to evaluate Musical.ly. Some people think that Musical.ly may not be as popular as it is, and Facebook is relaxed and even missed an era.

But with the development and promotion of Lasso, Facebook entered the field of music video. The same as the target group of young people, the same algorithm as the core of the technology, the inevitable overlap and competition in the business, making Facebook and the headline destined to meet in the narrow road.

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