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The restaurant becomes a new battlefield for technology giants, and Google’s annual food expenses are 500 million.

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“In Silicon Valley, every company is participating in food competition and trying to beat opponents. ”

The British "Daily Mail" writes that in addition to the free staff canteen, people can also find burgers, rotisserie, frozen yogurt shops, and even hand-grinding coffee shops. In order to retain talents, high-quality free foods are only “all basics”, and they offer a variety of benefits.

To retain the heart of the employee, first keep his stomach. Ma Yun first discovered this truth. When the eighteen arhats were still crowded in the West Lake Villa, they ate instant noodles to spit. A certain recruitment, Ma Yun listened to the other party, can cook 18 kinds of flavors of instant noodles, on the spot, and recruit her to join. Later, these instant noodles, accompanied them through the worst 9 months.

Today, Chinese technology companies are no longer embarrassed. Ali's future canteen, brushing the face to pay the bill is absolutely no mistake. Jingdong has a five-storey canteen and 400 dishes. Netease's free food, after the smell of the factory, often cited the company next door to risotto. Huawei has a world-style style and is rich in cuisine. Some people even saw Ren Zhengfei queuing for dinner. After adding a day's class and tiredly shutting down the computer, there is no more comforting staff than the hot meals.

Looking at the world, the technology giants are also worried about the staff restaurants. According to the Financial Times, the chefs once thought that working in the company cafeteria was not good. High salaries and challenges have changed the restaurant industry, making technology companies a competitive high. In Dropbox, more than one chef has worked at the Michelin restaurant. “After the restaurant has been done, it is the best choice to come here. & rdquo; He told the media.

What kind of food is the technology company offering in order to win the staff? What is the style? We collected the dishes that were exposed: some cherished with you, 24 hours replenishment; some have a food cost of 72 million US dollars, thousands of people choose a kitchen; some cafeterias are difficult to eat in the forum怼 CEO, was threatened & ldquo; not allowed to leave the station & rdquo;. The canteens of various technology giants are the epitome of their corporate culture and family history.

Facebook: Free food is eaten by you, and employees bring people to simmer

Unlike people's stereotypes, Facebook places a lot of emphasis on employee life. In the construction of the new park, Zuckerberg discussed the park planning with the famous designer Frank · Gehry. The resulting park spans more than 22 acres and has more than half an acre of pedestrian zone and more than 400 columns of trees.

The most widely known, perhaps Facebook is planting trees and building restaurants on the roof.


Facebook has two main cafeterias, Epic Cafe and Livin' The Dream Cafe, all run by Facebook itself and free for internal staff. They all offer three meals a day, changing the theme every day, and guaranteeing that they will not be repeated for a long time.


In addition to the two main restaurants, Facebook also has a Sweet Stop, a BBQ Shack, a Burger Shack, a Burrito Bar and a pizza restaurant. It also has two paid restaurants, which are branches of famous restaurants in the Bay Area.

According to employees, the best thing about Facebook is that snack drinks are very busy and efficient. In comparison, Google replenishes it once a day, whoever grabs it. This is the food that employees have exposed on the Internet, and the style is simple and simple. The interior decoration of the restaurant is also a normal restaurant style.


In order to eat a free lunch, visit the park by the way. In 2015, there were employees who took privately out of the risotto and charged $20. Later, because he brought 10 people in a day, he was discovered by Facebook and then fired.

Apple: A table is seven thousand seven, and the food is as delicate as a mobile phone.

What does Apple pay most attention to? detail. At the recently established UFO headquarters in Apple Park, there is a 4,000-person restaurant. Each of these tables was designed by Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa and is priced at $2,500 (about $17,000). Some people describe that these tables are like moving from the Apple Experience Store.


As for food, it is as refined as Apple's products. However, the price is not free, probably the price of eating fast food outside. Among the largest canteens in the Infinite loop, it is said that the sushi chef was the one that Jobs dug from his favorite sushi restaurant. As for the dishes, there are everything you can find, including buffalo, ostrich meat, clams and so on. Some employees said that they ate a very ordinary hamburger. The beef patties inside were smashed out of the ground and fried.


Apple's dishes are simple and healthy, and there are no “hard dishes” that make you panting. Ordering is done with the app inside Apple, or by using the iPad point in the cafeteria. However, employees do not appreciate this. After all, the process is still too cumbersome compared to the Chinese scanning of the QR code.

Like other giants, Apple's headquarters also has a number of canteens in different styles. Some exquisite and luxurious, some simple and comfortable. For example, an open-air forest restaurant consists entirely of plastic round tables and folding stools. Surrounded by lush trees, you can dine in the shackles of the floor lamp.

Google: A year's food costs $72 million, thousands of people choose a kitchen

More famous in the Bay Area than Google, it may be Google's canteen. Employees rarely go out to eat, and even watch out for outsiders to pretend to eat. Because Google's three meals are all free, they can also be taken away.

This benefited from the chef of the Google canteen, Charlie · Ayers. He won the trust of Larry · Page and Sergey · Brin, earning a large budget to purchase the best ingredients. In 2007, it was reported that Google spent $72 million a year on free food expenses for US employees. Because of the cost of the work, the taste of the dishes is far from comparable to that of ordinary restaurants. For a time, inside Google, Charlie · Ayers is famous and has a large number of fans.

In 2007, Charlie · after the departure of Ames, Google set up a “Food Tasting Committee” to publicly select the next chef. In the end, the dishes of the four candidate chefs should be let the employees try them themselves. “They need to play an important role in managing the growing appetite of Googlers. & rdquo; This is what Sergey · Brin personally said. Google is definitely the first to pay attention to the diversity of eating.


Throughout the Bay Area, Google has about 50 restaurants, large and small, all around the office building. Their dishes are different in style and opening hours.

Being a chef at Google is definitely a proud thing. Even in Google China, this humble chef has successfully entered Google China after killing thousands of candidates.


Yahoo: Suckling ducks have everything, and the cakes are constantly on the holidays.

Different from the exquisite upstarts of Apple and Facebook, Yahoo's biggest canteen is called the URL, which shows the old-school style of the Internet ancestor.

As far as the food itself is concerned, Yahoo's food is authentic and hard: Japanese ramen, Beijing roast duck, and even roast suckling pigs. Others photographed the red dried dates of China with steamers.


In Zhou Hongyi’s memoirs, Yahoo’s headquarters is a large company with a strong bureaucracy and slow redundancy. This style changed again after Marisa · Mayer became the new CEO in 2012. Many employees who are planning to leave have decided to wait. How did they see it? Because Meyer gave them a meal in the cafeteria!

Some employees said that they used to admire Facebook, and Zuckerberg had dinner with ordinary employees and used the same work. Meyer showed up in the restaurant and made them feel that Yahoo is becoming a part of Silicon Valley. Sure enough, the culture on the table is the most obvious company.

In the memory of employees, Yahoo's various commemorative cakes and gifts are a place where corporate culture is very strong. For example, this is a memorial cake photographed by employees, and everyone has a share.


In addition, employees most miss the sashimi on Friday, but since Yahoo was acquired by American telecommunications company Verizon in 2016, sashimi is gone. The changes in the entire Internet are reflected in the bit of change, which is embarrassing.

Airbnb: The dining room is furnished like a kitchen, and the world dishes are like locals.

The earliest meaning of Airbnb is Air Bed & Breakfast, which is “Air mattress and breakfast hostel”. As a platform for a warm experience, its staff canteen is also full of home style.

In 2017, the Food Team at the Airbnb headquarters was merged into Bon Appétit outsourcing company. The latter provides outsourcing services to a range of companies, including Google, Uber, and Twitter. This is also the first time the mainstream media has reported on the changes in the canteen of a technology company. The status of the canteen in Airbnb is evident.

It is understood that Airbnb has two main canteens, as well as Ramen Bar and Sandwich Bar, to meet the needs of employees for their 24-hour DIY service. Into the Airbnb canteen, you will first think of entering the dining room of the shared apartment: a common long table bar, a casual style seat. Compared to the restaurant that Apple and Facebook have created, it is more like a corner where employees can relax and enjoy food.


It is understood that Aribnb moved to 888 Brannan in 2013, so its canteen is called ate ate ate (eat and eat). This is in line with the association of the canteen, but also the homonym of 8.

As for food, Aribnb has no big fish and meat, but a canteen style at home. According to legend, this is related to Airbnb's founder Joe Gebbia. His design philosophy is "Simplify". At the end of Airbnb's canteen salad bar, there is a separate area called Simplify, which means “simply simple”.


Although the food is not obvious, Airbnb's canteen design has a lot of thoughts. In the early days, Airbnb's canteen menus combined daily events or specific cultural themes. The menu that this employee keeps is the Simpson theme.


Airbnb has a worldwide presence in 190 countries. Its recipes also promote multiculturalism. Its daily cuisine will be in a country where Airbnb is stationed, with a listing, especially a link to the kitchen. When you eat a dish with a great local flavor, it seems that you are really in the kitchen of the local rental. For example, the Peruvian mansion with the listing number 12701946 corresponds to the Peruvian cuisine of the day.

In addition to dinner, Airbnb also values ​​casual eating, such as breakfast, coffee, salad bar and ramen. Everything is homemade, no packaged food, no disposable tableware. After all, you won't use disposable chopsticks at home. It can be said that if one sentence can summarize Airbnb's canteen, it is "to feel like eating out of home".

Uber: It’s hard to eat with the CEO, it’s too time for employees to go to the cafeteria.

There is a company cafeteria that is as warm as home, and naturally there is “dark cuisine”. This is the case with Uber. Some employees have posted in the company forum, complaining that the cafeteria is too unpalatable. At the time, CEO Karanic immediately said, “You may not be suitable for Uber” because people who come here want to make a career instead of eating a meal.

It is rumored that this is because the founder Karanic himself is a person who has no life or even no one. When he was hungry, he tore a piece of potato chips and chewed a few mouthfuls, then continued to bury his computer. He himself is like this, and he thinks that employees and drivers should be like this: this is a strong world, no one has the time to stop and eat slowly.

Uber's canteen policy is also quite cruel: a free dinner starts at 8:15 every night, and 15 minutes in advance on Friday. In the United States, each employee also has a Uber account, which can be free of charge before 7am and after 10pm, but must start from the company —— this represents Karanick's expected employee work lunch. If you want to eat a canteen or take a taxi outside the specified time, you must use overtime to change.


“There is no free lunch in the world. If there is a bad taste, this is the culture of the Uber canteen. Repeatedly, employees said that they can't eat the chicken meat provided by the canteen. "What is the cooking method?" Others said that the most delicious meal the company ate was the day when the canteen was broken and the takeaway.

This culture once led Karaik to abdicate. In March 2017, he and a Uber driver broke out in a fierce argument: the driver blamed him, constantly oppressing the revision of the policy, causing him to go bankrupt and lost nearly $100,000. Karanick replied: Do you know that many people always make their own mess and then expect others to wipe their ass. Later the video was posted online, sparking a big discussion about Uber oppression. In June 2017, he himself had to resign as CEO.

However, Uber's restaurant culture continues. Gaby Camacho, the food project manager at his headquarters, said that it would take at least an hour for employees to leave the desk and go to the cafeteria to eat. But if they only eat in the office, it only takes 5 minutes. Therefore, he is committed to providing small cakes, cookies and sandwiches that can be brought into the office.


As for the role of the canteen, he said that many teams can conduct team building and work meetings during lunch time. Therefore, “strengthening cooperation” is the goal of our food program. “You can have lunch with your team, this is a working lunch. ”

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