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From the top student to the rough anchor, why does 3DM founder not play pirated games?

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Source: Hedgehog commune (ciweigongshe)

They are neither heroes nor sinners, but a footnote to history.

At eight o'clock in the evening, in Douyu TV's room number 610588, a large number of spectators poured in one after another.

A few minutes later, the background music started to sound familia


The voice of the usual cadence sounded a little feeble today, and the director looked at the screen and said it back.

In early December 2017, Director Liu Yan angrily commented on the opening of a fight fish, a brother of Lumou, in a live broadcast. He was banned by the fight fish authorities. The director said frankly that he had gambled on the future of his next life. Other anchors only dared to insinuate that he was better, and almost was sealed up for 18,000 hours.

Speaking without scolding, Liu Yan couldn't stop. He said that a group of people came to blackmail themselves for what they had done in the 3DM. They said they were chasing hot spots, publicizing the 3DM and coveting the position of a brother of the fighting fish.

The Superintendent felt that these people were really retarded and had a very low IQ. Did he still use them to recruit black people? in the past, he had never seen any scenes that he had never seen, and he had not been afraid of them. The accused went to court, and a bunch of real chivalrous men jumped out, all of them.

After that, the barrage exploded immediately, and all kinds of unpleasant words poured in. Liu Yan continued to say hello, scolded other anchors, scolded genuine chivalrous swordsmen, educated obstinate people, and was very happy. The atmosphere of the live broadcast is hot, and the ranking on the front page is loiter.

Suddenly, Liu Yan stopped talking, and Diao Min refreshed the page.

Yes, the director has been sealed again.

But the battlefield of micro-blog is really narrow.

Since 2018, Su Feifei and the director's microblog update frequency has been getting lower and lower. In the past nine months, there have been only two announcements, one is the live announcement of "Assassin's Creed: Odyssey" and the other is the lottery announcement. There is nothing exciting about it. He has not responded to the comments below.

I don't know if it's good news, but at least it makes the public opinion platform of the conflict burst out at this time on Weibo less gunpowder flavor, and also makes the couple more rare and pure.

Over the past few years, there have been hundreds of comments on each of the 240,000 accounts of this fan. Many people do not pay attention to Su Feifei and the director, but simply want to come and scold them. All kinds of ugly words and sand sculpture facial expression bags were piled up, which made people breathless.

Sometimes, Fei Fei and the chief executive sometimes return unkindly, or scold or scold words. However, we have not been able to tell clearly whether these angry micro-blog are in the last place. However, according to the performance of the director in the live broadcast of the fighting fish, it was decided that it was issued by the director.

After all, in the eyes of many people, in addition to infringing intellectual property rights and disseminating pornography, director Liu Yantou has another charge: vulgarity.


Who is the director?

Liu Yan,The forerunner of 3DM Game Network, the largest Integrated Game Portal in ChinaThe founder and predecessor of CEO, a top student from Tsinghua University, is a famous game anchor of fighting fish.

At first glance, one winner in life, but just over a decade ago, Liu Yan and his girlfriend Su Feifei were found out by the police for spreading obscenity and pornography on the Internet. They both went to prison and went to the legal program "Oriental 110" of Shanghai Oriental Television.

In the video, Liu Yan, then 27 years old, was wearing a red vest with a somewhat restrained look. Asked by the police, he explained how he had sold overseas pornographic games through Sinicization in the past few years.


At first, Liu Yan was not the founder of the website. In 2003, he visited pornographic websites on the Internet and met the founder of the website. Later, he bought the right to operate the website and upgraded the website as a whole. He renamed the website 3DM Game Forum and opened a couple's shop with his girlfriend Sufeifei.

Su Feifei, who graduated from the Foreign Affairs College, does not know the game, but it is very beautiful. She and Liu Yan are both in front and behind the scenes. Liu Yan is in charge of technical work such as website development, maintenance, and Chinese-style games, while Suffifei serves as sales, finance, and customer service. On the Internet, there's a

They have sinicized more than 40 foreign pornographic games and put them on the website for download. These games are priced by virtual points and can be converted into RMB in a certain proportion. At that time, there was no online payment method, and the recharge needed to be repaid through the post office. In this way, two people earn about one hundred thousand.

Before they were caught, they all smelled danger and began to prepare for transformation. Domestic identification of selling pornographic games is illegal, but cracking and sinicizing single-player games is not within the scope of supervision at that time. As a result, before being washed, the two men were caught by the police and finally went to jail.

Liu Yan recalled that he overheard a song in his office at that time, which had been circulating all the time. After two days, he was caught. The song was called "If I were DJ".

What Sister Bird and Director didn't expect was that besides the prison disaster, their transformation path was full of other dangerous traps. Even in the end, the couple were forced to break away from the 3DM and could only make a living by live broadcasting.


After six months in prison, Sister Bird came out, and the director took most of the responsibility. It was not until two years later that she quietly returned to the 3DM.

After regaining her freedom, Sufeifei adjusted her mentality and immediately began to legalize the content of the website. In the process, she also encountered many difficulties, which gave her some thoughts.

After half a year's squatting, Sufeifei, whose career was almost destroyed, felt wronged and treated unfairly. She wrote in her Sina blog questioning why Baidu Post Bar turned a blind eye to the theme of foreign pornographic games, why Sina Film and Video Channel can also introduce and comment on the three-tier films of Europe, America, Japan and South Korea without fear, and why these websites, which are hundreds of times more influential than 3DM, have not been officially rectified.

She was also indignant about copyright infringement. A university teacher wrote a program based on Tencent QQ, modified the interface according to his usage habits, and then, unable to withstand the temptation of advertisers to make a little money, was reported by Tencent and jailed. At the same time, Xunlei search downloads copyright movies traffic and Baidu MP3 provides copyright music when accompanied by advertising, these companies make a big profit.

Even knowing that Sinicization was a copyright risk, Suffifei went on hard. At the time, the information security officer in charge of her case had a lot of conversations with her on MSN and asked her:

Suffifei said:

By the end of 2007, the 3DM forum was reopened after half a year's gap. During this period, he often recalled some people and things in prison.

She missed a mute girl named Xiao Yuan, who had not seen any real suffering before she met her. There are a lot of deaf and dumb people like little circles, who are, at a very young age, a little bit of a deaf mute.

Under the law, the 16-year-old is already criminally liable, and even if something goes wrong, the organizers will not increase the penalty for abetting minors, and the natural advantage of the deaf will prevent them from confessing to the rest of the gang. Their division of labor is clear, some people are responsible for training, food, most people go out pickpocketing, according to their work, but in fact can only guarantee food and clothing, most of the income will fall into

In the four years since he arrived in and out of Beijing, Xiao Yuan has spent more than half of his time in the detention center and never returned to his hometown. Or she had no home. When she was three years old, she was ill and her parents gave birth to a younger brother. Later, her father died of alcoholism, her mother remarried with her brother, and she was taken care of by her aunt for several years, and then she was taken care of by her aunt

When Suffifei first arrived, she only listened to the small circle called mute by the chaperones and the inmates. However, Xiao Yuan liked to chat very much with people, and she often drew others to write in the palm of their hands. She wrote a few words when she first talked to Suffifei. She wrote it several times before he realized it.

When reconstructing 3DM, whenever he felt uncomfortable, Suffifei wrote it several times in the palm of her hand.

A lot of people come out of prison.


In 2008, 3DM finally got on the right track and developed rapidly, and the number of visits to the forum increased steadily. More and more members are discussing the strategies, playing methods and plots of single-player games in the forum, and a large number of foreign high-quality cracking games have been moved to the forum after being sinicized.

But Sufeifei did not solve the hidden danger of intellectual copyright, and it did not need to be solved at that time, because the pressure of supervision was not great, the ban on video games issued ten years ago has not been lifted, there will be no copyright disputes, as long as it does not touch the red line of politics and pornography, other issues are not a problem.

In the millennium, the Ministry of culture and other 7 departments issued a red paper.Opinions on the special management of electronic game business premisesIt prohibits the production and sale of all electronic game equipment and its accessories for the domestic market. It directly keeps Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo out of the country. At the same time, it also keeps many foreign high-quality games relying on the host platform out of the players'sight.

Chinese players have only one option left: PC games.

To a certain extent, the life of Su Fei and Liu Yan is also changed by this paper ban.


When video games started, they didn't.

China's first generation of gamers who came into contact with video games, except for a small number of very advantageous families, can buy home hosts, most of them are in the Internet Cafe computer, complete the game enlightenment.

The first to catch fire was LAN games, red alert, CS, interstellar, then the Legend of World of Warcraft, which paid for the cards, and then a groundbreaking concept was created.

Today's players basically know what the essence of the so-called free game is, but first to attract a large number of free players, and then through the provision of value-added services to allow players to voluntarily pay for the purchase. This revolutionary initiative has changed the pattern of the world game market. In 2017, relying on free games, four domestic game manufacturers ranked among the top 25 global game manufacturers in revenue, Tencent ranked first, leaving Ubisoft, Blizzard and Disney behind.

Who has a free game to play, and who is willing to play single paid games? After all, hundreds of billions of single player games can't be borne by most players at that time.

The ban on game consoles was meant to prevent teenagers from indulging, and now there are free games to play. In the words of Wang Shuo,


Prior to the appearance of online payment, single-player games mostly used CD as the carrier, but the money for a genuine CD can buy almost a dozen pirated discs. From Internet cafes to their home computers, there are almost no genuine single-player games installed. The audiovisual stores at the school entrance and the underpass stalls around the overpass are often overcrowded.

Foreign manufacturers also know what the domestic environment is, can not make money into the host, PC is all piracy, want to come in and there are various censorship procedures, products are often castrated, so slowly abandoned the Chinese market. In the past, they would also seek the domestic manufacturers to distribute the products on behalf of their agents and make the official Sinicization. Later, even this step was saved.

Fourteen years of ban on consoles have wiped out foreign stand-alone computers, leaving a badly deformed market and a group of poor players who don't know what to do for a good game.

The crack games and Chinese patches on the forum are just like the warm torches in the ice and snow. Many people called "Fei Fei" a bird sister. After many years, they were very grateful to 3DM.

However, these are not the barriers of Sufeifei and Liu Yan, which can not resist the anger of players and the hostility of industry practitioners after the general awakening of legitimate consciousness.


In May 2016, the Japanese game company, honorable special courtroom, filed a 3DM petition to the court.

In fact, since 2012, Glorious began sending warning letters to 3DM and demanding that pirated games such as "Three Kingdoms 13" be removed from the shelves. 3DM had time to avoid such results, but Sufifei always thought that she knew too much about the domestic game environment and thought nothing would happen.

She gave an example to Weibo:

But glorious still won. More than a year after filing the case, the Beijing Intellectual Property Court sentenced 3DM to lose the lawsuit and compensated for economic losses totaling 1.3 million yuan. This case opened a precedent for overseas game companies to sue domestic pirated content publishing websites.

He knows that this day will come sooner or later. However, in the face of abuse from various media and legitimate players, Sophie insists that she has done nothing wrong. She feels that she is a communicator, seeder and great. She should be as famous as Nuwa and Virgin Mary, and be respected and loved by the world.

But others don't think so. In the eyes of legitimate players, 3DM is a spoiler of the game industry, hurting their interests, especially some extreme host players.

In three different ways, bird sister was called to the net security brigade to drink tea. On one occasion, more than 60 people named Liu Ruizhe, 15 Wang Sicong, 1 Jobs, and 1 Monkey King reported that 3D M affected world peace, endangered public health and disrupted social order. Su Feifei and the case handlers explained half a day before they made it clear. The online security people warned that they could report a case according to false accusation.

A few years ago, she was still loved by everyone. She was very kind to countless players. Now she is like a rat crossing the street. Everyone shouts and beats. She complained bitterness on micro-blog and felt very angry and grieved.

3DM really didn't have a choice. That's right now. At the beginning of 16 years, the company held internal meetings. From the beginning of the new year, 3DM will not crack any single-player games. If patches from abroad are sent to forums, it will actively deal with them, but Sinicization will continue to do so. Meanwhile, it will divert its energy to genuine games and strive to transform to genuine sales platform.

This is not easy for Liu Yan and 3DM. There's Tencent TGP inside, now Wegame, and Steam outside. Everyone wants to eat such a big piece of cake, but it's always notorious, but it's hard to get involved with the 3D M which has a bad relationship with domestic and foreign manufacturers. In the process of transformation financing, Liu Yan and he were kicked out and lost control of 3DM.


It was also 16 years ago that Su Feifei and Liu Yan wrote an article to discuss their views on the controversy over genuine piracy from three perspectives: morality, jurisprudence and people's hearts.

He felt that when this country developed, it was very difficult to find a person who did not contact piracy at all, who did not use piracy, including systems, software, music, movies, and web writing. But gradually everyone would turn to the use of genuine editions. This is a historical advance. It is also a historical necessity. But this progress is not achieved overnight, the first to use the original version of the people can stand on the high ground of morality on the contempt of others, or even scolding others?

From the legal point of view, he knows that the dissemination of free games is an infringement, but 3DM has a bottom line, do not break the domestic copyright games, but also to help domestic manufacturers to promote; However, foreign games are originally illegal in China. These games have no distribution rights, and the Steam platform, which plays a role in distribution, has not obtained the "Network Culture Business license", which has been in violation of the provisions of the "measures for the Administration of Internet Information Services".

He summed it up with one sentence:


However, many people can not be objective, they tirelessly liquidate the 3D M, all kinds of crimes have been added to the head of Sufeifei and Liu Yan, they are to make money and destroy the originator of Chinese games, it is difficult to vent their anger without killing.

Suffifei once said:

She didn't know what to do without being scolded. Maybe she had to wait until 3DM was really successful. In her opinion, Youku, Tudou, IQY, Tencent, Sohu, VeryCD, Renren's Film and Television, and Sagittarius all started out by infringement and established their reputation, gathering a large number of users. Why did some survive to become the industry benchmark, the Internet banner, praised by everyone, while others died under suppression? This is immoral. How big a relationship is to become a defeated king, since ancient times.

However, after all, Suffifei and Liu Yan did not survive the rough days of the Chinese Internet, even though they had experienced prison life worse than pigs and dogs, experienced bad development, blocked their websites, resigned collectively, and were fined to ruin their homes. State of mind to maintain a good, but also unable to change the momentum of the authentic trend, can only retreat from the stage of the Chinese game.

This is a bit cruel for director Liu Yan, who spent the whole day in the live air, vulgar, self-mockery is a joke, entertaining the optimistic crowd to muddle food. Many people can feel that he despises the job of anchor from the bottom of his heart, and does not want to conform to the hidden rules of live broadcasting circle.

Liu Yan probably no longer has the patience and energy to write codes like he used to do when he was a big player in the game circle, a boss who withheld employees'salaries, and a worker who was anxious about his live broadcast time, salary gifts and irregular deductions.

What he has done, like pirated games, will eventually be eliminated and forgotten.

At that time, people on the Internet would not continue to be divided into two groups with a clear attitude, one side scolding the other.

They are neither heroes nor sinners, but a footnote to history.

(Hedgehog Commune is a vertical information platform focusing on the content industry, focusing on the future content development directions of paper and digital publishing, Internet information and social platforms, video and audio platforms, film and television entertainment, content entrepreneurship and self-media, secondary elements, VR/AR and artificial intelligence.)

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