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Behind the chip implantation: "intelligence" depends on "hardware".

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This is a milestone day! In the future, more people will implant chips into their bodies in order to better understand themselves.

In fact, a year ago when Dutch biohacker Paumen came to China for an interview

From wearable to implantable, today we don't care about the story of Li Xueling's chip, but we have to pay attention to the story behind this topic.

(所说的) what is called

Don't worry, everything is vain, exploding, hot speculation must have a name, this may have the elements leading the trend of intelligent technology, but whether it is also a little crazy.

Do you use chips to monitor everyday health?


According to the clues provided by people in the circle, they came to a 5A office building in Qianhai in the name of consulting business cooperation, and found that there are many health management organizations, and most of them have three high-level businesses: health analysis, intelligent monitoring, reasonable fat reduction and regulation.

Within half an hour of communication, a number of agency members have come to test their health. There were some middle-aged men barefoot in one of them.

Consultant Li is very cautious when she wants to know the whole process of chip implantation and see if it is really safe and feasible. She said that the whole process of chip implantation involves R&D secrets and institutional intellectual property rights, which makes it inconvenient for customers (including senior members) to watch the operation process.

Understanding notes came to another health management organization. During the consultation business cooperation, a grey-haired man, under the guidance of the exclusive health consultant, took off a black bracelet on his hand and handed it to a tester present. After using the data line to connect the computer, an analysis report containing a large number of charts is released.

The body is the capital of revolution. With the gradual improvement of living standards, people want to use scientific and technological means to manage and improve their health. Whether it is wearable devices or implantable chips, users hope that with the help of professional intelligent instruments, they can understand their physical condition and prevent diseases in advance.

But are the instruments and equipment provided by health management agencies or sold by manufacturers as reliable as the product description?

How amazing is the technology of bluffing?


Three months ago, Mr Hu implanted a health analysis chip in a health management agency in Shenzhen. Now, he comes here every Saturday to get the equipment

Initially, he was attracted by the introduction of high-tech content from a sales consultant, but when he saw the organization operating with a device similar to a syringe, he was worried that he would break into his arm.

The health consultant's reading of the data made him more comfortable, because he was starting to feel the same way he was feeling it.

According to Mr. Hu, the scanner, which claims to generate a large amount of analytical data and charts, is very similar in shape to a normal tablet computer. I just can't see any trademark or Logo on the machine. The other side explains that it is a proprietary device developed by the organization.

To understand this, understand notes through the photos provided by Mr. Hu and other readers to further understand the information, found that these health management agencies claim foreign orders, o

Take the previous health consultant's highly recommended device, which looks like a flat-panel weight meter and claims to be able to connect App to view health reports, for example. Some professionals point out that this is actually a smart weight meter that can be replaced by a fake one.

If you search the ecommerce platform, you can find this

Nowadays, many intelligent weight meter products have BMI analysis. The principle is that after measuring the user's weight, the formula calculation is completed after the App login (users need to register and fill in their personal physical condition), and then the numerical value is interpreted literally, so that users can intuitively understand the body fat situation.

Another kind of analysis instrument that needs barefoot contact is Yang Qiaoya's speculation that it is a professional human body composition analyzer, which is commonly used in major rehabilitation centers, health centers and fitness centers. The price of the equipment varies from thousands of yuan to tens of thousands of yuan.

Coupled with some artificial analysis, color chart reports, so that many consumers do not understand but think this is very fierce. Although some instruments and devices can monitor the physical condition of users and assist in exercise, they are far less exaggerated than those advertised by merchants, nor are they the products of the so-called latest intelligent technology, much less can they be analyzed.

Perhaps some people think that the high-tech health consulting management fee, in fact, may only be a considerable IQ tax.

Spend money on a map


Li Tian, 48, who runs an electronics factory in Shenzhen, began to pay attention to his health after a serious illness last year. He said that when people are in sub-health state, they often feel tired and their resistance decreases. But in hospitals, it is difficult to find out the crux of sub-health, either to take care of the body in the Department of traditional Chinese medicine, or to strengthen exercise.

This organization is also

Therefore, in addition to the need to monitor their physical fitness with instruments and equipment, they also hope to have professional institutions or people to customize a set of exclusive health plans for them, in order to alleviate fatigue, eliminate stress and strengthen their bodies.

For the effectiveness of the instruments and equipment advertised by the organization, he has the mentality of having a try, including the recent recommendation of a health consultant that he should be able to monitor them 24 hours a day.

In his view, the consumption of health management institutions is just like the beauty of women in beauty salons. Perhaps everyone knows that a lot of skin care and whitening products have more or less moisture in the promotion of efficacy. However, after facial application and massage, it will cause female consumers to have a illusion of gradually becoming beautiful, and health management may be the same.

As some high-income people pay more and more attention to health issues, a large number of health management institutions and technology products with technology and smart banners are also emerging. In a sense, some technology products bring users a relatively reasonable exercise plan, lifestyle and inner comfort to a certain extent. But sometimes, these products and services also bring a kind of dependence, which causes some users to blindly believe in the instrument data and pin their health on these “black technology”.

From wearable to implantable, Blacktech is constantly refreshing our health management philosophy. What is your attitude towards these highly sophisticated wearable and implantable?

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