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Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan: There is a bubble in the AI ​​field, but the pearl is left behind.

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On the afternoon of November 8, the 5th World Internet Conference was held in Wuzhen, Zhejiang from November 7th to 9th. This conference will create a network of destiny and sympathy with the digital world & mdash;— & rdquo; for the theme. Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan accepted an interview with Sina Technology and other media at the conference.

Sogou and Xinhua News Agency jointly released the AI ​​synthesis anchor on the 7th, designing sound synthesis, expression synthesis, and lip synthesis. However, Wang Xiaochuan does not think that the machine can replace the host. He said that in the direction of cognitive technology, the processing of the machine in terms of reasoning, knowledge, thinking, etc. can be limited. “For the high-level activities of human beings, now the machine replaces people without drama” .

"Dodger will soon push new hardware for individual users to seize the entrance, is expected to be launched in the first half of next year", Wang Xiaochuan said, "Sogou rely on hardware to make big money, we hope niche products with brand, mass products with The amount of users, from this aspect, the input and output. ”

At the same time, Wang Xiaochuan also denied that he would enter the smart speaker market. In his view, the current smart speaker market is not technology-driven, “burning money has nothing to do with intelligence”.

For the artificial intelligence bubble, Wang Xiaochuan believes that there is indeed a big bubble in the Internet AI field, but after the bubble is left is the pearl, "The timing is actually the best, because now the speculative people are gone, People who want to continue to start a business are the ones who really want to do things. & rdquo;(泽宇)

The following is an excerpt from the interview:

ask:In the earnings conference, CFO said that medical advertisements account for the bulk of search advertising. How do you view medical care?

Wang Xiaochuan:At two levels, the user side has to make authoritative content, making the information real, and even let the doctor participate in the creation of the content in the middle. We give the content first, then the advertisement, and now the medical user query of Sogou has accounted for more than 9.5%. Our client is working harder and commercialization is even less. I hope to make a difference. In medical terms, users need a content or guide to an authoritative hospital. Now, the ceiling of this model is very low. Our ultimate goal is that users prefer to search with Sogou, making the entire traffic bigger, users getting bigger, and increasing revenue.

ask:Why do you want to do the Sogou number, why should you intervene in this market?

Wang Xiaochuan:Because today is a platform, like a headline or like a vibrato, a user is spending inside, and a producer is a cooperative relationship. This kind of cooperation is not a contract with a light contract. It can really be a platform and put it in, but The search engine is not, the search mode is caught, the headline number or the Sogou number like this is very willing to increase the proportion of cooperation in the content, it is more standardized, such as how much advertising you do here, there is a certain

The big part of our search for the dog is for search services, not just for information flow. Second, some things don't change, like games, we don't do it. For us, from our hobbies and experiences, it's not games, games, satisfying you, indulging in it, always getting virtual world, too illusory To express such a concept, people need it, but how to guide it, we do not have the ability to create guidance in this area, we are willing to put our advantages in the place we are good at, we make information expression easier, we do translation, we Do the question and answer technique in the middle.

ask:Has Sogou considered software or research or hardware related to diversification or more AI?

Wang Xiaochuan:I don't think about it, I think we are already very open. At the core of the information civilization era is the understanding of knowledge or language. Do AI. I think I have to meet a few. Today, AI is a big company, and a big company. The first one has scenes and data, so you do AI. If you don't have a scene, no data, just technology, this is very difficult. Our data and scenes are in user expression and information acquisition. Input and search, so we do this around the scene. Second, the middle is the need to have continuous investment in this, investing in many startups or companies without business models. It is like this today. If the market does not open any day, then this thing may fall, we are enough Funds go for investment, but I also hope to match the visible business value. We have not considered business for translation. We are already expanding. We have recently supported 500 simultaneous interpretations. When we have tried to expand, we are not considering business. The problem is still around our mission, which is to make it easier to express and access information, and to let the machine partially replace or provide services in the future.

ask:Is it possible to replace the person with the same problem?

Wang Xiaochuan: No, I can't do it. If you use good people, the machine can't catch up, but there are many places because you don't have good simultaneous interpretation or you can't give a person a person to travel abroad. In this case, the machine can go to work, and the translation is simple. Repetitive work, but really good translation is knowledge, thinking, what you let him think, the machine is no strong, open thinking, if only the chessboard closed thinking, the machine can play, but can do, but In an open environment, machines are not enough.

ask:How long does it take to get to the real AI personal assistant, and what else to break through?

Wang Xiaochuan:In the past 20 years, we called it the information age. Every era has its starting point. Just like the earliest wheel invention, with the agricultural era, the wheel was invented, and it was possible to push the car to plant the land. This is the original coming. Later, there were steam engines, entering the industrial age, and later with computers and the Internet, we entered the information age. The great feature of the information age is the ability to transmit information across regions, time, time and space. Like e—mail or IM, you can communicate remotely with everyone, or put information online, and then you search with search. In this case, input method, search engine and communication software are the core of the new era. Application, the question you just asked is a very important thing for the AI ​​Personal Assistant for the next 20 years.

ask:When Sogou opens a new business, what do you want to do depending on whether the business is going to open or not? What is the biggest thinking dimension?

Wang Xiaochuan:First, we know what the future trend is. This has to be known, this is a source. But why is the second thing we do, when we are doing this, with our values, with our ability, with our current state, and what kind of relationship. Why is it, this is a very serious matter. This matter is best to have a global mission. If this is in the trend, in your mission, you will

ask:There is also a very important question. This year, many new listed companies will have some decline in valuation. Is it that the new economy and the Internet economy have been too hot in the past few years? Is it now that the valuation is returning to rationality or its value is not imagined? So big, there are all kinds of sayings in the market. How do you think about this kind of problem?

Wang Xiaochuan:I think that the two parts, on the one hand, are in the secondary market, and everyone has fallen a bit, so that their hearts are balanced and the pressure will be smaller. On the other hand, the bubble in the primary market is more serious and needs to be restored to greater rationality.

At least the bubble in the Internet AI space is big. But the bubble is left with pearls, and the timing is actually the best, because now the speculative people are gone, and those who want to continue their business are the ones who really want to do things.

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