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New IPX8 waterproof design Amazon Kindle Paperwhite evaluation

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In this year's launch of the new generation of Kindle Paperwhite, Amazon is to restore the paper-like reading experience to the fullest, even if I am a mobile phone novel party after getting the product will love it. Let's take a closer look at what's going on with this new Kindle Paperwhite.

Configuration parameter

Appearance Gallery

The new Kindle Paperwhite still uses a 6-inch electronic ink screen, which mainly takes into account the reader's reading habits and grip, and maximizes the reading experience of paper books. The screen resolution is the same as the exclusive version of Oasis - 300ppi, which almost reaches the limit of retina recognition, and the text content is clear and realistic. This generation of Kindle Paperwhite is still in pure black design, with a low-profile appearance, and the highly recognizable Kindle product LOGO is located at the bottom of the screen.

The shell of the new generation Kindle Paperwhite released this time is still made of durable plastic material. Although there is no metal texture Oasis smoothness, the surface skin treatment makes the whole product very delicate and feels very good. Not bad. The “anazon” logo on the back is embedded in the fuselage in a recessed engraving style.

In terms of body weight, Kindle Paperwhite is only 182g, which is 10% smaller than the previous generation (it's really light, the first time I thought it was a mold). Nowadays, the emphasis is on thinning, and Kindle Paperwhite is no exception. It has changed the embarrassing situation of the concave screen before, and adopted a flat screen. Not only reduces the limit of sliding when the user flips the page, but also reduces the thickness of the body to 8.2mm. It can be said that this is the thinnest Kindle product so far.

At the edge of the fuselage, Kindle Paperwhite does not retain the raised design of the bottom interface part of the previous generation. Instead, it uses a design that is tilted toward the center, which is more suitable for comfort. It is not blocked by the previous generation. sense. At the bottom, there is a boot light button, a power indicator and a traditional Micro USB port.

In terms of charging wire, the Kindle still only comes with a Micro USB cable, which can be fully charged after 3 hours of charging.

In addition to the e-reader, this Kindle Paperwhite is also available in color.AccessoriesIncludes a protective material for textiles and a leather case. In this new product evaluation, I was fortunate to have a leather case, so let's briefly introduce it here.

The surface of the leather protective cover is irregular in texture, which is very touchy and has a strong business atmosphere. The holster can completely wrap Kindle Paperwhite.

The inner side is a magnetic cover and the other side is a half-pack. Embed Kindle Paperwhite in it and support smart screens.

As Amazon produced, there is a product logo on the lower right side of the protective cover, but it is not obvious with the overall texture.

Use experience

IPX8 waterproof design

Among the previous Kindle products, only the exclusive version of Oasis supports waterproof function, and the new Kindle Paperwhite product also includes IPX8 waterproof design, which represents the highest level of certification on the waterproof level Kindle Paperwhite. . Imagine lying in a comfortable bathtub, a small glass of wine, a song from a song, a few pages of novels, and so happy life is finally no barrier, is it really yearning? Ok, return to the topic, the idea is still working hard to achieve... (slightly awkward), we first preset to slide the Kindle Paperwhite into the water for waterproof testing when washing at home.

It’s still a little scary before the test, but the Kindle quality assurance still makes me determined to carry on the test. The final result is also surprisingly good. It doesn’t have much impact in the water. The page displays the content normally and supports reading. However, the official does not recommend using it underwater.) It is very easy to clean the surface water stains after taking out. It is foreseeable that in daily practical use, whether it is accidental soup splashing during the meal or more water-related environment will not become a mission to hinder Kindle Paperwhite's normal reading.

Reading test

In the actual reading process, if the user is the first time, the user will be slightly unaccustomed. After all, the mobile phone we use every day does not have such a wide screen. After reading a few times, I will be completely accustomed to this reading method. With a weight of only 182g, each reader can hardly feel any weight and can easily hold and turn pages. The 6-inch screen is just enough to satisfy the amount of text that is enough to read and read in the actual reading.

During the reading process, Kindle Paperwhite supports two progress adjustment methods, all displaying chapter thumbnails, and some file formats support tile display.

Kindle Paperwhite's quick setup is very simple, only the flight mode, sync Kindle, all settings and reading light adjustment four options, users can adjust the brightness of their own light through the actual lighting conditions, this Kindle Paperwhite added more than the previous generation A reading light has been increased from four to five, and the light is more uniform and brighter.

For different reading needs of different users, in the reading interface of Kindle Paperwhite, users can set their own functions including font, page setting, reading (reading display), theme and so on. In these functions, the user can not only adjust the font and size of the reading text, but also set the line spacing, page spacing, text direction, etc. of the text, so that different users can experience reading at different angles.

In addition to the traditional features, Kindle Paperwhite's new black and white flip function can turn the background into black, the font is turned white, convenient for night reading, and more solutions for users in the reading experience.

People who read often will inevitably encounter unfamiliar words and how to read them. What is often confusing many readers, especially in key plots. Although individual words in literature do not affect the general meaning of the whole sentence, there are always some readers who like it. To find out, Kindle Paperwhite's uncommon word analysis can be translated according to the modern Chinese dictionary when the reader encounters a word that is not understood (based on the premise of long press selection).

Kindle Paperwhite supports on-site translation technology, and users only need to select words or sentences. It contains the main languages ​​of international countries and the translation speed is fast.

For those who study regularly, especially some academic masterpieces, it is common to take notes to leave their own opinions. Kindle Paperwhite supports real-time note-taking, and the input text is fast and can be used to associate words and phrases. The user quickly thinks about the whole and leaves his own notes.

If it is not cleaned after use, there will be a slight fingerprint on the screen grip, which is slightly regrettable.

Summary: the preferred choice for heavy readers

In this new generation of Kindle Paperwhite, we see Amazon's efforts to focus on a paper-like reading experience. In terms of design, whether it is a lighter and more convenient Kindle Paperwhite body or abandoning the traditional concave screen, the user's actual experience is more comfortable. In terms of internal configuration, the enhanced screen resolution and lighting, while introducing the IPX8 waterproof capability that only the exclusive version of Oasis is equipped with. Both inside and outside, creating a more comfortable paper-like reading environment for readers.

As a mid-range standard version of Kindle Paperwhite, after adding so many new features, the price has always been the focus of users. The conscience is that the new Kindle has been on Amazon and started pre-sale: starting at 998 yuan, only 40 yuan more expensive than the previous generation. Compared with the exclusive version of Oasis, the screen quality is more consistent, and the body is lighter and thinner. The price is even lower than one thousand yuan. If the previous generation Kindle Paperwhite is popular because of the Kindle's pragmatic performance and price, then the new A generation of Kindle Paperwhite will be the most cost-effective ink screen e-reader in today's e-readers, ideal for entry-level heavy readers.

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